Facts About Skout’s Fuse Acquisition

Skout is a social application that has made it possible for over 500 million people from many different countries of the world to be connected. The company has recently also bought Fuse, an application that uses the phone address book to create friends. Fuse has an easy interface that is easy to navigate and it gives users better and much simpler tools to create their social networks from the contacts on either the mobile phone or tablet. The app is mostly liked by people on the go, and they can easily create a ‘fuse’ that makes photos and messages posted automatically dissapear in a few minutes. The same feature can make the same messages and photos disappear forever.

Fuse uses initials to identify people by their cell numbers. An interesting thing about the app is the fact that it has very interesting social dynamics. For instance, if one wants to join a group, an invite from another member makes it possible. However, when one joins, there is no defriending. In the event that one wants to leave the group, the opting out feature makes it possible. When a message is shared in the group, members receive a notification and when time expires, the content disappears from view. When sharing content, users can choose to use their initials or use the Ghost Mode feature.

Founded in 2007, Skout has been on techcrunch and is able to employ more than 150 employees, and seventy-five are based at its San Francisco headquarters. The company describes itself as the largest global platform that allows people from different parts of the world meet and improve their social circles. The best thing about the app is the fact that it is also available in fourteen different languages therefore not locking out users who do not neccesarily speak English.

Just like Skout, Fuse is also free and available in Google Play Store as well as iTunes App Store. Skout uses a cellphone’s GPS to help users easily find other like minded people within the nearest radius. Users who sign up for the application create profiles that have photographs and then communicate with people who are within their radius. When the communication progresses, they can extend it and slot for a meeting later.

Initially formed as a travel app, the app has slowly turned itself to a social and dating app that has attracted a lot of users from different. Among its recent developments is the ban on users uploading bathroom selfies and nudes. After a careful assessment, the company was able to prove that such photos added no value to any user’s profile and if anything they destroy the reputation. This move was aimed at improving overall user experience and filtering content that is not appropriate for youngsters keeping in mind that the platform has users who demand respect. Skout has and will continue being on the front line when matters related to offering the best in terms of social networking are concerned.

Susan McGalla Leads Example of Business Success for Women

It’s an amazing thing that still occurs in this day and age, but it’s a fact that still merits attention. Women are still struggling in the business world to receive the same compensation and acclamation as their male counterparts. Although the subject of women’s rights and equality has been legally addressed, women still receive the short end of the stick that comes to being recognized and compensated in the workplace.

In many cases, women still received significantly less pay than men. According to stats, women received only 75% of the pay amount that men do in a similar position. Even when women are equally qualified and have the same skill set and experience, they still receive significantly less in pay.

But women are not taking this inequality lying down. Instead of accepting the status quo, many women have decided to take matters into their own hands and go into the business world for themselves with the skills and talents that they possess. Rather than accept inferior positions and accept the reality of little chance of advancement or personal satisfaction, many women have decided to embark on the entrepreneurial route and blaze their own trail in business.

Although there is much talk about the advancement of women in the corporate world, the very statistics regarding the advances of women paint a different scenario. At this time, according to statistics, only 3% of women in American business hold the title of chief operating officer. An even more telling statistic states that 85% of the corporate boardrooms of America don’t have a woman in their midst. However, when the effectiveness of women are taken into consideration, an incredible statistic is revealed. It is shown that more businesses survive that have a women in its corporate ranks than those that don’t. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as there are many women serving in the corporate ranks that have taken the reins of large corporate entities, and let them throughout years of corporate growth.

Top executives such as Susan McGalla has years of experience under her belt. She first served with the Joseph Horn Company in one of their major marketing positions. After finding success there, she was promoted to a CEO position with American Eagle Outfitters. After her successful stint there, she acted as the CEO for Wet Seal, a clothing and accessory line company. She currently occupies the office of Director of Strategic Planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

McGalla has shown her ability in a variety of different situations and corporate settings over her long career. She is a prime example of the abilities of women in the workplace, and shows that women are worth every penny that a man is, and are worthy of the compensation and recognition that their male counterparts are.

Many women have reached the upper echelons of business, but there is still room for many more to make the journey.

The Epic Rise in NBA Team’s Value

In economic analysis, it is common to hear words like demand causes a rise in price. It is a proven concept in that when a lot of people want something within the same period; the owners will certainly increase the price. It is despite the fact that many people would think that it is a natural phenomenon. The success of a team and the increase in value is attributed to many factors. A single factor cannot entirely explain why a team is selling for a few hundred million years ago can now be valued at one billion dollars. There are cases where a team doubles in value between seasons. Such cases are attributed to a new sponsors, new players having been signed and continued winnings. The rise in value of a club is attributed to three key points;

The Owners Earn More
The value of an NBA club is estimated by how much the club is earning. It translates to how much the owners are getting from the club as revenues. Over the past few years, the revenues have skyrocketed due to the rights and promotions. By having opportunities to cash in, the club owners are less willing to give away that opportunity to earn. Therefore, as a measure to make huge profits at a single period, the billionaire owners always price the clubs highly.

The shocking part is that however much the price is, there is always a winning buyer. It is an indication that rarely does an investor get losses by purchasing an NBA team. In fact, 2014 saw the NBA grow its revenue by $4.6 billion. It is an indication of how the owners subsequently cash in from such sports. The case was recently seen when Bruce Levenson according to wikipedia sold out the Atlanta Hawks for a value of $730 million.

Star Power
Star players are common in every sport. There is always an individual that seems extremely talented and scores with ease. The persons have a large following due to the style of game or simply the ability to score and guarantee the fans a win. Players of such status are in high demand in the NBA. Such people change teams more often, and it costs a team highly to keep him. They will need to pay him higher, and maintain him with utmost care. Therefore, having star players will certainly guarantee team success, and prosper team ranking in the NBA. It is the desire of various teams to improve their success and have key players so that companies can come to them with endorsements.

Demand and Supply
NBA teams are in high demand, for the huge funds they make. On the same note, when many people are willing and able to buy a team, and the supply is constant, the price will increase. The NBA teams are having an increased price tag by the day because, a majority is doing well, and the buyers are many.


How To Make Advertising In Brazil Pay Off

Owning a business in any country is a dream come true. There is a certain expectation when you own a business and as a business owner you must do everything you can to meet your goals. One of the goals of every business in Brazil is to make your advertising in Brazil pay off. Your advertisements must help people to do a number of things, first an foremost, you must tell people that you have what they need. The item they need does not have to be a physical item, it can be a product or service. The job of your advertisement is to get people to understand where they can get what you are offering an to tell them to do business with you.

In Brazil, people do business with people they know, like and trust. As a business owner you must give people the opportunity to get to know you. Once they start to know you, they will come to like you and your product or service. Because they like your product or the services you offer, they will trust you and you will get a reputation that will be a good one. Soon you will be known as the business they can go to and tell their friends about. All of these things start with your advertisements. An advertisement is part of your marketing efforts and everything you do reflects on your business and your reputation. Perhaps this is why so many Brazilian business owners have come to trust Cláudio Loureiro and his advertising company Heads Propaganda with their marketing and advertising efforts.

Cláudio Loureiro and the staff of Heads Propaganda are masters at the art of sales copy creation and effective advertising. Their service can be used to get your business to the next level. Once you select them as you marketing company, they will show you how to make advertising in Brazil pay off by using carefully planned out marketing campaigns that will attract clients, customers and business neighbors to your business like ants on candy.

When you put your trust in Heads Propaganda they will do their very best to get your marketing message to the people who are in need of what you are offering. That’s what marketing is, getting the right message to the right people at the right time. That is what Heads Propaganda does best. So, when you are looking to get the most out of your advertisements and want to see high quality results, you should call on the service of the staff at Heads

Success of Eucatex as a Result of Environment Conservation Program

Eucatex is a Brazilian company that commenced its operations in 1951. The company deals with the production of laminates, paints, varnishes, hard boards, doors, and partitions. During the conception of the business, the original idea was to produce environmentally friendly products. Eucatex started to produce products using Eucalyptus as the primary raw material. This can be considered a milestone, because, this was the same period when capitalism was rife, and most companies were not very keen on producing environmentally safe products.

Due to rapid expansion, come 1965, Eucatex had offices throughout Brazil and Argentina, before later on venturing into the lucrative European Market.

Even though Eucatex is globally recognized due to its sustainable development efforts, the company also prides itself on sound corporate governance programs. Eucatex management emphasizes on ethics, and the company has widely opened up its doors to people who want to report negative actions negatively implicating the company’s image. This involves any wastage of company resources or overpricing. The rationale behind such an initiative is to make it easier for people to report issues while improving the company’s image.

When ethical issues are reported to the company, investigations are commenced immediately. This provides a better working environment for employees, business partners, and customers at large who feel they are being heard and have a voice for reason.

Today, Eucatex is abiding with their internal philosophy by focusing more on environmental conservation. As a matter of fact, the company has enacted a critical internal recycling program. Bloomberg shows that this particular initiative utilizes residue from wood products to generate biomass that is a renewable form of energy. The company is against discarding filtrates into landfills, but, instead they are engaging in environmental conservation programs. Eucatex has commissioned two plants comprising of over 10,000 hectares of seedlings inside a nursery bed to replace the trees cut that they are using to produce some of their products.

As a result, Eucatex is utilizing natural resources to generate highly productive and renewable products. With the above Corporate Social Responsibilities in place, Eucatex has been able to consolidate their dominant market position in Brazil and has even further extend their market reach by globally exporting products to 40 different countries. Most of this success is attributed to Flavio Maluf, who is also the acting president.

Mr. Maluf is an entrepreneur with a background in Mechanical Engineering from FAAP Institute in Brazil. He began working for the family business way back in 1987. In 1997, there was a family agreement in place so that Mr. Maluf could take over as the president.