OSI Food Solutions Dominates the Environmental Business

OSI Food Solutions, founded by Otto Kolschowski in 1909, specializes in meat processing. In their early years, the company supplied McDonald’s with the meat patties for hamburgers which, in turn, made the company thrive and grow. Currently the company makes sausage, bacon, and food products for other food retailers such as Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks, and Subway. OSI Group has built their reputation on supplying the highest quality on products and services.

OSI Food Solutions UK has earned one of the most prestigious awards in the environmental business. They were presented with the Globe of Honour Award for 2016 from the British Safety Council for demonstrating excellent health and safety procedures, establishing operations to be more sustainable, and implementing a unified approach in leadership. Not only did the company receive this exemplary award in 2016, but also in 2013 and 2015. Staying compliant has helped the company achieve their goals and inspire their employees.

The company has proven itself and is considered to be among the top 100 companies in America. OSI Food Solutions focuses on offering career advancement and employment opportunities, especially since the Flagship Europe, BAHO, and Tyson Food Plant purchases. This also helped expand the company into foreign markets. The company has locations in 17 countries throughout the world. Their annual sales reach $6.1 billion.

In Spain, the demand for chicken increased tremendously, so the plant invested in a high-capacity production line for processed chicken products. This has increased and doubled the production capacity and added new jobs as well. Expanding has allowed for a new production hall, rooms for waste container storage that are refrigerated, oil service areas, and also an area for employees. As a bonus, operations have been more energy efficient with electricity consumption which has decreased by 20% due to the new equipment. Also, it allows OSI Food Solutions to focus on their customers and add new products that are in demand.

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Shervin Pishevar: The Importance of Diversity in the Cryptocurrency Market

One of the reasons why the U.S. is so successful is because of diverse markets. Shervin Pishevar discusses fundamental principles of the free enterprise system which encourages diversity. New problems become easier to solve with the input of varied interests. The growing diversity in the cryptocurrency market indicates a more mature market. This is one of the reasons that Shervin Pishevar predicts a steady recovery for Bitcoin, the coin with the largest share of the new market.

Almost synonymous with diversity is liquidity. Fewer players in a market make it harder to move trades instantly and at any time. This was one of the greatest obstacles that the Bitcoin led cryptocurrency market rallies faced in 2014 and again at the end of 2017. However, in just half a year, investors have witnessed that there are other viable projects besides the big players Bitcoin and Ethereum. Litecoin has demonstrated endurance on the back of Bitcoin’s design. Neo and Ripple continue to draw a following. Steem authors become more numerous each day. Bitcoin Cash has proven that it can keep pace with its claim as the real blockchain. New projects, like EOS, prepare to usher in the next generation of cryptocurrencies. Taken together, all of these projects attract new and varied investments.

More investors from various industries helps the cryptocurrency market become more independent of conventional markets. It still responds strongly to major market price moves, but much less so than it used to. Both rallies, in 2014 and at the end of 2017, were in response to fundamental changes in cryptocurrency technology. Beyond these price moves, Bitcoin demonstrates a consistent annual return. This is what Shervin Pishevar was hoping the masses would understand.

The technology is proven sound. The market is a bit more mature. Now with the support of a strong investor base, blockchain technology can be seriously considered as a solution for large scale world problems. When conventional markets fall, the idea of them disappearing is inconceivable because goods and services are needed for daily life. Shervin Pishevar believes existing monopolies threaten this dynamic. Blockchains offer the solution.



The Entertainment Industry in Association with Clay Hutson

The entertainment industry is a great world. For an artist to be successful, they have to be able to maintain the hype. The successful pop stars are given a lot of support during their tours when they are introducing new hits. For this reason, they can’t afford to disappoint their audience. They have to give them what they are expecting or more. This means excellent equipment and a great tour manager. This is why Halsey is excited to have Clay Hutson in his Australia trip.
Clay Hutson is a music producer. He is very passionate about his job because it is what he always wanted to do in his life. Hutson is highly experienced in the field because he has been working in the field for a very long time. He has worked in different units of the music industry. Unfortunately, his employer was adversely affected by the financial crisis. This, however, turned out to be a great thing for Clay Hutson. He stopped looking for employment and began his business.
Clay Hutson has been able to stay in business because he ensures that he considers what his clients feel and incorporates it with his professional knowledge to produce the songs. Clay Hutson is currently working as the stage manager of Kid Rock.
Clay Hutson says that he ensures that he gets to the stage before anyone. This helps in ensuring that everything is in order before the show commences. He says that he is a very great planner. He expounds saying that he is the kind that will measure the size of the doors to know whether the equipment will fit. During the show, he is busy planning what each of the crew members will do to avoid waste of time after the show.
Clay Hutson says that he is cautious in his delivery. He explains that it is the small things that seem not to count that causes big messes. He also says that he understands that one simple mistake could end up tarnishing his hard earned reputation.
Clay Hutson has faced some challenges in his career. The greatest one was when he had to part with his hard-earned $150000 as a fine. This resulted from a firm he was subcontracting a client for sued him after the client discontinued their services but continued to work with Clay Hutson. He says that the most important thing is that he was able to overcome the issue and move on. Learn more: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm8799240/?ref_=nv_sr_1

The Many Classic Productions of Lawrence Bender

Many film producers never gain recognition for what they do in Hollywood. Lawrence Bender is different. He has cemented himself forever in Hollywood due to the long list of classic films produced by Bender. Just a few of the incredible films produced by Lawrence Bender are Good Will Hunting, Pulp Fiction.

Bender didn’t always have the intention of becoming a film producer. His parents were both teachers, but Lawrence Bender decided to learn from his grandfather and become a civil engineer. He even obtained a degree in civil engineering from the University of Maine, but, finding a passion for dance in college, he would never put his degree to use.

Before becoming involved in the film industry, Bender was a professional dance before facing a career ending injury.

Bender’s official entry into the film industry came in the early 80s, as he worked on the set of Tales from the Darkside. The first film produced by Bender was a typical slasher film called Intruder, but, in 1992, with the release of Reservoir Dogs, Lawrence Bender finally became a force to be reckoned with. Partnered with Quentin Tarantino, who directed Reservoir Dogs, Lawrence Bender created many classic movies in American film.

One such classic movie is Pulp Fiction. Like a lot of Tarantino’s work, Pulp Fiction is played out of order. The chronological order of events may be mixed up, but the movie is very easy to follow. Due to the way the movie is shown, a major character is able to be killed off without taking him out of the narrative completely.

Pulp Fiction is centered around several individuals from different walks of life. A boxer, the wife of a criminal, and two hit-men make up the ensemble of characters in the movie.


Stream Energy: the Mother Teresa of Dallas

Stream Energy began operating in 2005 as a retail electricity company and has now become among the largest companies in the world dealing in direct energy sales. It has for more than twelve years committed itself to assisting in charitable and philanthropic efforts. It has recently launched Stream Cares in furtherance of its philanthropic culture. The stream will formalise the company’s efforts in giving back to society. It will facilitate the establishment of long-lasting relationships with clients and build a good reputation with the public at large.

In 2017, when Hurricane Harvey destroyed the greater Houston causing displacement of thousands of residents and destruction totalling to hundreds of millions, Stream Energy responded immediately. It helped rebuild the affected areas, and to its clients, it extended payment deadlines of recent invoices. The company also gave the American Red Cross a contribution of $25,000 and assisted the organisation in receiving donations from well-wishers.

Even though the number of homeless people is always on the rise, Stream Energy’s steadfastly resolves to donate whatever it has to the homeless and brighten their lives. It collaborates with Hope Supply Co. to sponsor Splash for Hope, a simple annual program that gives the homeless children a fun experience. The event accords necessary supplies and monetary assistance, and for fun, they take children to local water parks. The stream has worked with the charitable organisation for over four years.

For families that have lost their businesses or homes in catastrophes or who are less privileged, Stream Energy helps to raise money for hem by partnering with Salvation Army. Such a case is when the North Texas area was hit by numerous tornadoes in 2016. Though it occurred a day after Christmas, Stream Energy came to their aid and donated double the amount needed for recovery.

The business model for Stream is simple. It pays associates to deliver a wide range of goods and services such as mobile phone plans and fixed-rate energy. Associates are also paid, through direct energy sales, to create a network of loyal customers. Through the corporate generosity and associate passion, Stream’s generous nature will continue.


NewsWatch TV Helps Businesses Succeed

Early Monday mornings, on national cable and local television, NewsWatch TV’s television show airs. Anyone interested in news about celebrities, technology, politics, and more can watch interesting segments on the show. NewsWatch TV’s production staff and crew do more than providing informational content via a news program. NewsWatch TV also delves into promotional and marketing strategies for private clients.

The promotional side of NewsWatch TV can assist companies with reaching consumers. Several clients report positive reviews for affiliating with NewsWatch TV. The positive reviews derive from, not surprisingly, from business achievements.

Look at the example of Contour. Contour produced an ergonomic workstation capable of improving office environments. Creating the “ultimate workstation” isn’t enough. Solid sales figures must follow the development. Contour worked with NewsWatch TV to promote the super workstation. Sales spiked in the aftermath of the effective promotional strategy. In addition to delivering television reports to 200 U.S. markets, a massive online campaign drew in significant impressions. Nearly 698,000 online impressions drew attention to the Contour workstation.

Contour isn’t alone in its positive results from working with NewsWatch TV. Avanca came up with the idea for the Ockel Sirius B pocket PC. An idea for a technological device stays an idea until it moves into the production phase. Avanca wanted to launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise $10,000 through IndieGoGo. NewsWatch TV worked with Avanca to raise the funds. At the end of the 30 days, the Indiegogo campaign closed out with more than $456,000 in money raised. Avanca certainly was pleased with earning around 2,939% more than originally sought.

NewsWatch TV keeps the public up to date on tech, apps, tradeshows, and more. NewsWatch TV reaches an incredible number of households. The figure rises upwards of 90 million households. Such figures reveal why other businesses wish to work with NewsWatch TV.


Dr. Mark Mckenna is a Medical Maverick

Dr. Mark Mckenna is ready to improve the self confidence of Buckhead residents. Buckhead is an upscale suburb in the city of Atlanta. Many consider the area to be the jewel of the city. Dr. Marks’ new medical aesthetic company OVME will provide residents with a new medical experience and change their outlook on their bodies. OVME is a mobile application that connects both members of the opposite sex to skilled health care providers. Its unique and innovative direct to consumer approach is revolutionizing the medical aesthetic experience. OVME plans to meet the evolved needs of consumers, which span beyond the industry landscape.

OVME is regarded as one of Dr. Mark Mckenna’s best creations. For Dr, Mark Mckenna everything happens for a reason and he is more than excited about his new product. He believes it is his greatest because of the culmination of all his research on combining medical aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. It provides minimally invasive cosmetic services at a high quality. The technology it uses has the potential to redefine elective healthcare.

Dr.Mark Mckenna is a beloved figure in his community. His patients trust him because of his near flawless track record and reputable status as a doctor. He advocates for his patients like few doctors in his field. He is also strongly committed to safety. He makes sure to do things the right way and not cut corners.

With OVME Dr. Mark Mckenna proves he will continue to improve elective healthcare procedures. This was a major reason investors invested in his product. OVME will expose patients to new technology and individualized procedures. Dr. Mark Mckenna couldn’t be more proud of his own creation.


Neurocore Trains Brains to Boost Performance

Neurocore was founded in 2004 by Timothy Royer. The company is focused in providing data-driven assessments and training programs for children and adults alike to help improve concentration, have better sleep patterns, and manage stress in healthier ways. They have grown quickly since their beginning and now have nine neuroscience performance centers in Michigan and Florida. Visit manta.com to know more about Neurocore.

In an article written by Ask Reporter, the question of why one feels good in one moment and bad the next was asked to the Neurocore doctors. We understand that the brain responds to positive and negative results, but what causes us to feel one emotion in a moment, and suddenly switch for no apparent reason? Though Neurocore primarily helps people struggling with attention-deficit disorders, concentration trouble, and sleep disorders, Dr. Royer and his team treat all needs that deal with mental health. Dr. Royer explains that we feel different things because of thoughts going on in our subconscious, and by training our subconscious we have more power over our thoughts, focus, and emotions. By learning how to relax the conscious mind, and allowing the subconscious mind and muscle memory to take over in a relaxed state, we gain the ability to take our brains out of overdrive, thereby reducing stress levels, and halting adrenaline production in the body. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

By learning what it feels like to be overworked and over-stimulated, we can learn to focus our brains, and relax our beings thereby not feeling as though we have constant mood swings for no apparent reason. Aside from causing us to be happy one minute and upset the next, an overworked, over-stimulated, never resting brain can make us feel constantly distracted. If one feels that they cannot focus on one task at a time it is due to too much adrenaline being produced in the brain all the time. To learn to focus, one must learn to calm the conscious and subconscious thoughts. By learning techniques and practicing to adjust the subconscious levels of the brain, one can learn to be in an ideal state of mind; allowing for more stable moods and focused thoughts.

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Focus on Eliminating One of the World’s Oldest Diseases

Are you aware that one of the oldest eye diseases in the world is known as trachoma? Recently, Caroline Harper, the CEO of Sightsavers spoke in a TED talk in Vancouver to discuss what causes blindness. Ms. Harper suggested that we could be just years away from accomplishing this. Why her drive to learn more about whether or not this could be prevented? Trachoma is an infection, and it causes scar tissue to form under the eyelid. This impedes vision as well as causes blindness as it continues to form. This ultimately leads the individual with no option for a cure.


The blindness occurs not because of the scar tissue itself, but because it does form, it can cause the eyelashes to invert. As the lashes rub over the cornea continuously, this is what can cause blindness. There really is no option for relief for those who have this disease, other than to keep tweezers close by to remove the eyelashes. Currently, girls in Africa wear tweezers around their neck to ensure that they always have them close by to remove eyelashes when ready.


Trachoma has been around for many years, dating back to ancient Egypt. Although it has been problematic, visionaries and doctors focused on innovative technology in eye health are seeing positive change. They feel it is time to find ways to prevent or slow down the process by which trachoma occurs. Furthermore, once it occurs, there has to be a better way to treat it. It was in 2012 that the country of Oman was the first to determine how to eliminate trachoma as a public health issue. Undoubtedly, with technology and a collaboration of doctors and eye specialists seeking answers, the problem of trachoma is coming to a close.


Around the world, there are groups known as “ministries” that are focused on health. They know that the battle against trachoma has been long, and a difficult war at that to fight. Working together with the World Health Organization is making a tremendous impact on those who are working to treat this infectious eye disease and find ways to prevent it.

Kamil Idris Applauds Trump’s Strategy Of Protecting America’s Intellectual Property

Kamil Idris, a Sudanese national who has vied for the Sudanese presidential seat as an independent candidate once, is a vocal intellectual property rights activist. In a recent article on Medium, he has talked about the United States and China’s Feud over IP rights. The professor expatiates about how the US under Trump administration has slapped China with very high tariffs as a punishment for their unfair technology acquisitions.


China’s intolerant procuring of US intellectual property in the form of stealing trade secrets, counterfeiting goods by US manufacturers and exerting so much pressure on them to share their technologies to access the Chinese markets has been a blow to the States and Trump had to address the issue. The US manufacturers are being forced out of the markets worldwide because China is selling their counterfeit products at distressingly low prices as compared to the originals. Because of all these, President Trump who has the power to inflict and authorize trade permits according to section 301, has announced new customs duties and most US allies are dissatisfied. According to Kamil, this could cause a trade war between the trade giants because these tariffs raise chances of slower economic growth.


Professor Kamil Idris explains that anything that is developed or created by the mind is intellectual property and needs to be protected by using trademarks, patents and copyrights. He adds that this is the only way the original creators of something will earn the kind of recognition they deserve and get commercial benefits for their creations. Kamil argues that if the USA had protected their foreign products a hundred years ago, their manufacturers wouldn’t be frustrated with no markets for their original production.


The Scholar is a law graduate from the University of Khartoum and holds a master’s in international law from the University of Geneva in Switzerland. He has other doctorate degrees from 19 different universities and has served in the United Nations office, Sudanese branch. Kamil Idris’ interest in intellectual property rights activism has built up all the while he has worked as the director general for the World Intellectual property organization (WIPO) and had to moderate WIPO’s attempts to protect intellectual property.