Eric Lefkofksy And Wife Liz Promote Educational Opportunities For Chicago Area Children

Eric Lefkofksy is a successful Entrepreneur with a long list of successful business ventures under his belt. His current project, Tempus, is a company that supports the efforts of physicians treating cancer patients by collecting, organizing, and analyzing patient data to allow for a more personalized treatment protocol. Tempus has only needed three years to become Chicago’s latest unicorn, a moniker applied to companies that are privately owned and worth $1 billion or more.Lefkofksky prepared for his career at the University of Michican where he both earned a bachelor’s degree and attended law school. He has now taken on the challenge of educating others and is an adjunct professor at Chicago University and a published author of the book Accelerated Disruption.

Just as important to Eric Lefkofksky as his business interests are the desire he shares with wife Liz to give back to his community. Together, the couple launched the Lefkofsky Family Foundation and support a number of initiatives in the Chicago area and beyond. A major focus of the LFF is making quality education accessible to all students. The foundation views this issue as a matter of basic human rights and one way they accomplish this goal is providing funds to organizations working to support middle school students make the important transition to high school.

Another educational initiative that benefits from the philanthropy of Eric Lefkofsky and the LFF is ‘High School Bound,’ a website that streamlines the process for students searching for the right high school for them to attend. Eric Lefkofksy has also given generously to his alma mater the University of Michigan as well as colleges near Chicago like Northwestern and Purdue. After School Matters’ is another favorite of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This organization allows students attending high school in Chicago quality out of school experiences to help them explore interests and talents. The organization also helps these students to develop skills that will be critical to their success in higher education, work careers, and beyond.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin expose Arpaio

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have voiced their concern about the pardon of the former sheriff of Maricopa County named Joe Arpaio.

The news about the pardon of the sheriff by President Trump angered them as they knew the man so well and were certain that he did not deserve to be pardoned, the crimes he committed were too many and of great magnitude that they needed to be dealt with in the right manner which was sentencing.

Larkin and Lacey have now decided to voice their concerns to the people about the pardon. They have opposed it and will continue opposing it. The former sheriff committed crimes which deserve to be punished, and they can only sit pretty once they know the sheriff is in custody. Although the pardon by President Trump is final, they still think that there are opportunities for the sheriff to be taken back to the courts.

Lacey and Larkin have voiced their concerns of the immigrant’s community living in the country who were being discriminated by rogue officials such as Joe Arpaio. They maintain that the immigrants have a right to live in the county without being asked by anyone.

The law allows any human being to live in the country without being harassed. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey will continue asking the government to obey the rights of the immigrants. They deserve to live the same life as other people in the country.

The pardon by President Trump was seen as unusual as presidents do not make controversial pardons at the beginning of their terms. President Trump has the controversial pardon less than a year after he took office.

It looked like it was a pre-planned affair since the two had already worked together in promoting the birther movement which was behind the demand for Former President Barack Obama to show his birth certificate. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Other presidents preferred to make such decisions towards the end of their terms but not for Trump, who in any case is not new to controversy. His term in office has been full of drama and first-time actions. Arpaio and Trump believe that the country should tighten the immigration laws since they feel that immigrant are the cause of all the problems facing the country.

They are concerned that if the country continues allowing immigrants to be entering the country with ease, there will be repercussions which will not be good. They have recommended discriminating and torturing the immigrants as the solution to stopping immigration.

Lacey and Larkin who have suffered in the hands of the former sheriff are concerned that the country is slowly sliding into a situation where there is an almost total shutdown of immigration. President Trump is making it hard for anyone in the country to enjoy life as long as they know they are from his preferred race.

He has shown clearly that he is a racist who will treat the people depending on their color. His sentiments regarding the Latinos and building of the wall are indicators of intolerance.

Bradesco Bank’s Success is owed to its Outgoing President– Luiz Carlos Trabucco Cappi

     Bradesco Banking Corporation is currently rated among the Brazilian’s best performing banks. It has succeeded in several business operations and as such is warranted being at the top. To Bradesco, providing quality services is more than simply operating the capacitances and the working modules. The company has engaged in solving various financial challenges to business and individual clients in the country. Because of this, the bank remains one of the significant banks in the financial sector of Brazil. This tremendous success is, however, owed to Luiz Carlos Trabucco Cappi, the outgoing president of Bradesco who has remained active in the public arena.


The achievements he has brought to the company

Luiz Carlos Trabucco Cappi has managed to transform Bradesco Bank to greater heights because of his commitment and leadership style. Since he was elected the company president, it is obvious that the leader has been making significant decisions which are witnessed by the progress made in the company values. For instance, in 2011, the company recorded an increase in its total assets as well as loan assets of 56% and 58% respectively. Furthermore, the company’s shareholder equity and deposits also rose by 448% and 446%. These numbers were witnessed since the Luiz Carlos TrabuccoCappi‘s occupation of the presidential seat in 2009.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi also values the progress of the employees as well as consumer satisfaction. As such, he introduced several programs during his presidential tenure including microfinance, financial education, and mobility which could benefit both the employees and the bank’s consumers. Because of Bradesco’s environmental credentials, the bank has been able to remain constituent of Dow Jones and BM & FBOVESPA’s corporate sustainability index for almost a decade. All these progress are owed to the exemplary leader.

But who is this man, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi?

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is an entrepreneur and an executive leader in Brazil. He has always been determined to explore the banking sector since he was a teenager and has been involved in influencing the country’s economic pillar. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi holds several awards because of his quality leadership as well as his experience in the banking sector. He is a holder of Philosophy degree and a political science postgraduate degree. For more than three decades, he has managed to lead different executive positions at Bradesco which has made the bank realize several advancements.


Freedom Checks: The Unique Investment From Guru Matt Badiali

The main problem facing Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks is the fact that most people do not know what they are. In the wake of their uncertainty they automatically label freedom checks a fraud. It also does not help that Badiali’s infomercals have all the trademarks of a get rich quick scheme. However, if they take a closer look at the man holding the check they might just take a different look at the whole enterprise itself. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

Matt Badiali is an expert investor and geology expert. He uses his extensive knowledge of geology to study natural resource investments. He is the editor of a popular newsletter for Banyan Hill Publishing, and is member of their exclusive panel of financial experts. He takes a lot of time to examine the gathering, mining, and drilling operations of natural resource companies to determine whether they are worth the investment. His knowledge of the system in its entirety is unparalleled. This is why he is aware of freedom checks.

What Badiali calls freedom checks are actually investments in natural resource companies. What people are actually buying are MLPs, which stand for Master Limited Partnerships. These are business partnerships, publicly traded limited entities that grant the parent company tax benefits. Natural resource companies use MLPs to gain tax exemption, but their use requires such companies to dispence 90% of their revenue to their stakeholders. Individuals who have purchased MLPs fall under that category. This is how they get a part of the $34.6 million dollar payout Badiali talks about.

MLPs can be acquired cheaply, with some as low as $10. Ultimately it is up the investor on how much they want to put out. Investor being the key word. Because Freedom Checks are an investment. This is not some scam, but a legitimate investment in a gas/oil company that deals in natural resources. According to Badilai the investment is a good one, and due to his expertise it is a valid endorsement, but it could still fall through. If it pans out though it is free money deliver monthly or quarterly. Check:


OSI Group: Assessing the Foundational Growth Factors that Sparked International Expansion

When it comes to honoring some of the world’s leading fast-food franchises with the recognition and credibility of having exceptional consistency in premier customer service, it is generally the case that consumers remain inattentive to the numerous subordinate companies that have contributed to the overwhelming success of these franchises. Nevertheless, as a result of neither promoting nor emphasizing the business details that underlie franchise development, companies like the OSI Group have been able to achieve substantial growth and manifest international establishments without even capturing the attention of the public eye. Certainly, for several decades McDonald’s has reigned as the number one fast-food franchise in the world and has upheld its title by remaining to be a generational constituent via consumer loyalty to the brand from childhood into adulthood. However, what very few people know is that for many years, OSI has serviced in having the notable responsibility of being the company’s chief supplier of ground beef.

Indeed, the OSI Group’s decision to set aside their personal business endeavors in order to commit to a long-term partnership with McDonalds prior to the franchise’s global triumph was a choice that not only allowed McDonald’s to profit and thrive, but one that yielded mutual benefits that enabled OSI to become one of the world’s largest food providers. Yet, just like any other entity that strives to become affluent, success didn’t come for either company overnight. Rather, it was achieved through dedication and invested time. According to an article posted on, there is a backstory that details how each company came to dominate the food industry. Before OSI became known for whom they are today, they were formerly known as Otto & Sons. Otto & Sons was initially established in the city of Chicago in 1928 by a German-immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. Otto Kolschowsky’s small retail meat market was such a staple to the community after World War II that it continued to prosper as a local business. Moreover, it was also during this time that Ray Kroc (CEO of McDonald’s Corporation) met with Otto Kolschowsky’s sons (Arthur and Harry) to make an agreement on Otto & Sons being McDonald’s main supplier of beef. Following the agreement, McDonald’s business boomed and Kroc was able to then buy out the franchise. Over the course of 20 years, the grand-scale business that generated out of the alliance with McDonald’s pushed Otto & Sons to transition to a global corporation known as OSI Group.

Furthermore, using the latest technological development during that time, OSI began incorporating cryogenic food processing (flash freezing with liquid nitrogen) into their mass manufacturing operations into order to preserve food for shipment and fulfill the global demands of consumers. Nonetheless, with so much incoming business, OSI began to set up several manufacturing plants that were solely dedicated to servicing McDonald’s. In addition to this, the company also began to take on other food franchise clients including Starbucks, Burger King, Subway and several others. Subsequent to establishing new clients, OSI Group also began to expand internationally in India, Australia, China, Europe, and Japan to provide fresh produce, poultry, and beef.

As related by, OSI has achieved such a magnitude of success that the company now manages operations out of a total of 65 facilities that are dispersed over a combination of 17 countries. The Chronicle article further mentions how OSI is committed to food safety in its food plant processing of poultry, beef, pork, and sous vide and how the company’s ingredients supply leading restaurant chains. As of today, OSI stands to be one of the largest private companies in the U.S. that has earned an estimate of $6.1 billion in sales and continues to give back to the community in working with food-associated charities like the Ronald McDonald House Charities and The Northern Illinois Food Bank.


OSI Group Continues Its Global Expansion

When Otto Kolschowsky opened up a small retail meat market and butcher shop on Chicago’s West Side in 1909, he could have never guessed that more than a hundred years later, his company would be a world-wide food provider with more than 10,000 employees across the world. And yet you can still see reminders of that original business in its current incarnation, the OSI Group.

Within two years of opening his initial business, Kolschowsky expanded into the meat wholesaling business and within a decade it had expanded again and the company was renamed Otto & Sons. And it was Otto’s sons who negotiated the deal that launched the company into a national business. Just as Ray Kroc was beginning to build the McDonald’s restaurant chain, he and Otto’s two sons made a deal to supply regional McDonald’s with burgers. Over the next two decades that relationship expanded until Otto & Sons became one of McDonald’s four core suppliers. In 1975, the two Kolschowsky sons were ready to retire and as an outside CEO was brought in for the first time, the company reflected the move by changing its name to OSI Group.

In the decades since, the company has continued to expand and is now a truly global food provider. By the beginning of the 21st Century the company operated a global network of processing plants. And as OSI Group has increased its attention in recent years on Europe and China, it’s also moved into value-added protein products ranging from sausages to pizzas.

OSI Global’s most recent move has been in Australia, where it merged its Australian unit with Australian poultry farming and processing company Turi Foods. The 50/50 merger expands the OSI Group reach in the Australian market, which is one of the company’s fastest-growing markets. Otto Kolschowsky would no doubt be shocked by the reach of the company he founded more than 100 years ago. But he would recognize the company culture, which continues to focus on quality and innovation and more

Anil Chaturvedi Shares Tips on Expanding of European Companies Operations in India

Many bankers have contributed immensely to the banking world in the past few decades, and one of these personalities is Anil Chaturvedi. With the experience of over 40 years in the banking world, Anil Chaturvedi is one of the most experienced bankers today globally and also one of the most sought-after. He has had the opportunity to work for some of the biggest names in the banking world and has ensured that no matter where he is working, he contributes to the organizations’ growth. Anil Chaturvedi has worked at Merrill Lynch for nearly seventeen years where he was not only responsible for corporate advisory, but also for helping the high net worth individuals with expert investment strategies. He has assisted many companies to expand their businesses into a new country.

Anil Chaturvedi started his career by working for the State Bank of India and worked there for four years. During this period, Anil Chaturvedi helped the bank to get business from the local community as well as the NRIs spread across the United States of over $500 million. While working at State Bank of India, Anil Chaturvedi was even named the Man of the Year for his generous contribution to the growth of the revenue of the bank. Anil Chaturvedi later joined ANZ Grindlays Bank, where he worked for a couple of years before joining Merrill Lynch, where he spent eighteen years working as its Managing Direction of US and International operations. Under his leadership, the organization was able to get many new accounts of high net worth individuals and was able to improve its overall revenue significantly.


Anil Chaturvedi is  the current MD of Hinduja Bank in Switzerland and has helped the private bank to become to the go-to bank for any kind of domestic and international banking services. The primary focus of Anil Chaturvedi at Hinduja Bank is cross-border transactions and attracting the European businesses to expand their business operations in India. He has been talking about the benefits of investing in India at many international events and has led the path for companies to make investments in the growing economy of India.

Wes Edens’ Career Journey Defined by Real Zeal

Wes Edens has proved to be quite an asset in the corporate world. All his success has been attributed to his resilience and expertise in financial matters. Among the many companies he owns, Fortress Investment Group appears at the top of the list. Wes Edens is among the five principal partners who founded and molded the firm to what it is currently. The wall street journal defined Edens’ style of investment as one rooted creative financing and a flair for establishing corporations from ventures. As an organization, Fortress became the first amongst many other organizations to go public via its preliminary public offering. All this has been through the able chairperson, Wes Edens, and the other partners. At the time, Fortress was able to sell 8 percent of their shares to the public at an average price of $600 million by the year 2009.

Wes Eden is the head of the Nationstar Mortgage which acts as a subprime mortgage lender. Earlier on, it operated as an independent corporation before Fortress acquired it under the leadership of Wes Edens. Fortress obtained the company at the cost of $575 million. It is then clear that Wes Edens is a legend when it comes to investments. When an opportunity arises, he seizes it by venturing into the market thus more returns.Due to his selflessness and the zeal to make an impact in the society, Wes Edens sort to offer financial advice especially to those afflicted by the finance management wrangles that have seen some salvaged from the jaws of bankruptcy due to poor decisions regarding money allocation. When Wes Edens and his colleague acquired the Basketball team at a value of $550 million, they swore to make the team a shining star by financing every bit of any activity they undertook.

Moreover, Wes Edens decided to train the team members on how to financially plan and manage the hefty salary they earn. Talking from experience, Wes Edens claimed that earlier on in his life, he had made poor decisions that cost him a great deal. Wes Edens wished for others not to go through the same problem.Well, having been taught a valuable lesson, Wes Edens choose to offer to counsel to the young talented individuals on how to manage their money thus securing a bright future for them and their families upon retirement. Many, especially the young people have felt Wes Edens’ impact. His character and self-driven personality augur well with the corporate world making him more successful in all his undertakings.

Michael Hagele on Making your Presence Known in Business

Michael Hagele has established his career as an investor and a corporate counsel. He is currently serving as an outside general counsel of several companies in the tech sector, working in defense, aerospace, internet and the biotech industries.

Oher than providing his advisory services, Michael Hagele is also a regular investor in several early-stage tech businesses. He is also the founder of a few companies working in hospitality and a couple of restaurants.

Over the course of his career, this investor and company founder has amassed tears of experience in the spheres of negotiating, licensing distribution, drafting and closing tech contracts, and much more. Before he took on his current career direction, Micheal Michael Hagele used to manage the legal affairs of a handful of companies working in Internet. His work included taking care of legal matters such as intellectual property, employment issues, corporate governance, acquisition activity, stock options, strategy, and more. Visit at to learn more

According to Micheal Hagele, his direction in business today has stemmed from his experience in outside and in-house counseling. That has shown him that smaller firms, as well as sole practitioners, can often provide a higher quality of service that is also a lot more cost-effective. Hagele also says that bringing ideas to life in his line of work depends mostly on precisely those types of clients that have a fresher approach and are focused on providing quality for their own costumes.

One of the things that have allowed Hagele to grow his business was social media. As a corporate counsel, he believes that a social media presence that is memorable and offers something unique is one of the most straightforward ways of assessing an audience and potential clients that will keep up with your business seamlessly.

Hagele also believes that with the rise of artificial intelligence, business and potential clients will find each other a lot more easily in the future. Social media platforms and other means of marketing will be utilizing that advancement in order to help both businesses and consumers find what they are looking for. That is one of the trends in the industry that excites Hagele about the future. View:


What To Know About Freedom Checks

The media introduced something new recently, something that was not there before and they are calling it freedom checks. for those who listen to the radios, then they must be known because it has been talked about. This started as an ad where Mr. Matt Badiali was there holding a check and it looked like the government tax refund. When people came across the ad, they concluded that this was a scam or a scheme where you get rich quickly. The freedom check scheme could only work for few people that will try to gain the benefit from the program. It also brought some excitements with the concepts. People kept wondering the way the government could write checks for its individual citizens with no reason at all. That doesn’t look like a possible thing to happen.

The confusing was rising as people were not understanding what was happening. The first thing most people didn’t know was who Matt Badiali was. The other question was, what could have made him become the qualified person for the opportunity? The other thing bringing confusion was how could a normal person have an idea about freedom checks legitimate? Watch this video at Youtube.

If we have to discuss who the man, Matt Badiali is, then we are discussing a financial analyst. He is a man who has a geological background and that makes him more advantaged that rest of the people. Having attained a bachelor of science in Earth Sciences from the University of Penn State and master of science with Geology specialization from Florida Atlantic University, gave him a chance to work in many countries. He has been dealing with mining sector for different countries. He has also visited Singapore, Turkey, Switzerland, Iraq, and many others.

The reason making freedom checks become categorized from the other kinds of scam is that it has been talking about doing investments. Even if freedom checks was being introduced to the people, it was published in an investment newsletter. The promise they have been telling the nation is that everyone has his or her chance of getting big money just from something that they will require to sell for you. This means that there is no free money that is given out. Matt has experience in investing because sometime back in 2008 when the stock market crashed, he embarked in investing with ambitious. He had purchased a stock that was costing &0.06 in 2008 and later sold it at $2.64. that gave him a lot of profit. Visit: