Fortress Investment Group reputation on the rise

The Fortress Investment Group has been serving customers in the United States and other regions of the world since the year 2008. The organization is famed for being one of the leaders in the provision of financial advisory services to the companies in private and public department. Fortress Investment Group prides itself on being able to capture the attention of consumers, regardless of their location in the world. The financial company has leaders who are ready to take on challenges in the complicated market. These executives have worked during some of the toughest financial times in the world, and they have all the expertise required to lead the company.Fortress Investment Group has a very interesting story. The organization was not founded by several influential people who had a strong urge for changing the lives of American investors. Wes Edens was the first person to bring up the idea of starting the respectable finance organization.

Wes Edens did this with the help of Peter Briger and Randal Nardone. All of these personalities were much respected in the finance world, and this is why customers knew that they were getting services from the best company. Wes Edens and the other co-founders of the investment company have worked with the company for a very long time, and they have done their part in safeguarding the reputation of the company. Fortress Investment Group has always understood the benefits of safeguarding the needs of the employees who serve in the company. Over the years, the finance company has enjoyed success because of the commitment and hard work the company employees have been showing.

These personalities are selected from the best platforms, and they are offered a lot of training before they can join the company. This training helps them to serve the customers from many parts of the globe in the perfect way. Most clients say that they always leave the company happy after getting high quality services. Apart from the expertise acquired by the many employees working in this company, Fortress Investment Company has always known the benefits of offering its employees excellent payment rates. The individuals in this company are happy with the compensation and employee benefits they get from their employer, and this explains why the work hard and deliver nothing but the best. There are numerous benefits to be enjoyed, especially for the people who have acquired permanent positions in the large finance company.

Academy of Art University’s and Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War was not only one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2018, but of the decade. The Marvel movie has more than a dozen interweaving and connecting storylines, bringing in viewers from different fandoms. It was not taken lightly by the creators, and clearly not by the fans since it made over $640 million dollars at the worldwide box office.


The Academy of Art University applauds its own alum Jan Philip Cramer, who is the head of animation at Digital Domain. Cramer supervised the animation in Avengers: Infinity War. In an interview with the Academy, Cramer admits, “These are moments you dream of.”


Cramer has been involved in several films; Avatar, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Deadpool, Independence Day:Resurgence, and Spider-Man: Homecoming. His career in VFX and animation made all this possible for Cramer. And still to come, Cramer has projects like Ant-Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel lined up.


In 2004, Cramer earned his BFA from the School of Animation and Visual Effects at the Academy. Since then, he has also received Academy of Art University’s Emerging Artist Alumni Award (2011) and became a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (2017).


Cramer is grateful for his time at the Academy saying it gave him a “well-rounded perspective on art, not just visual effects”. He also praises his mentors at Academy of Art University and credits them. Cramer notes that they helped shape his career path and offered him advice and guidance.



Academy alumni are no strangers to the film and production industry as they often take part on such projects. In 2017, over 50 alumni were involved in creating and producing films that received Golden Globes and Oscar nominations. The alumni were actually recognized for their leadership roles in these projects.


The School of Animation & Visual Effects and Motion Pictures & Television prepared students at Academy fore roles like Lead Graphic Designer and Supervising Animator, among many others. The Academy of Arts University sees many of its alumni work on nominated films.

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The Chainsmokers Are New And Improved Taking On A Completely Different Style Of Music

The Chainsmokers have been breaking records and smashing it at the top of the music billboards for the last couple of years since they made it to the big time. Alex and Andrew, the duo responsible for one of the hottest DJ production teams in the country today, have taken a new direction to their music as of late. Typically, everyone knows of the Chainsmokers for the upbeat vibes and party music that is centered on electronic beats and smooth melody. At the beginning of this year, the two DJ’s released a song that is nothing like anything their fans have heard thus far.

Complete with deep rock sounds and a dark tone, The Chainsmokers latest hit single “Sick Boy”, is something new altogether for them. According to their latest interviews, Alex and Andrew decide to go in a new direction for several different reasons, though it was mainly to grow as artists. Since they first became famous, all they have produced is the same party music that is meant to be fun and speak to a specific generation. However, they want to speak to their audience in a way they never have before and connect with them on a deeper level.

Their new song “Sick Boy” takes a deeper look into the lives that we as people live today, centered around social media and technology. In an attempt to let their fans and their critics know they are more than just celebrities making tons of money and living the good life. They are aware of the issues going on in the world, and they want to reflect on those issues in their music to speak to their audience.

Since first going public, “Sick Boy” has been received quite well for the Chainsmokers, especially over in Europe and the Midwest where darker music is much more popular. According to the Chainsmokers, there is much more to come in the future, along with many collaborations with great artists as they have done in the past.

NewsWatch TV – 2,939% Above Expected Crowdfunding – Review

Avanca came to NewsWatch to ascertain critical coverage of their Ockel Sirius B pocket PC and meet their crowdfunding goal. They were optimistic, as well they should have been. NewsWatch delivered! According to a spokesperson for Avanca, “We worked with NewsWatch and it was one of the main reasons why the crowdfunding project was successful.” Not only did Avanca meet their goal, with NewsWatch TV they exceeded it by over $440,000!

NewsWatch TV Reviews were seen in over 96 million households making the success inevitable. Due to the massive success, Avanca continues to work with NewsWatch Tv and the future looks bright for both companies.

NewsWatch TV is a thirty minute television program featuring celebrity guests and covering a plethora of topics for the general public. Their consumer product reviews have made NewsWatch TV a household name.

NewsWatch TV offers both paid and editorial segments in their show appealing to a vast audience. Their AppWatch feature is a consumer favorite as they flesh out the good and bad of Android, IOS, and Window devices.

NewsWatch has won many coveted awards for their programming as well as videography. Over the past 25 years NewsWatch TV has reached over 700 million people. With their up to the minute reviews on all that is the latest and greatest in apps and technology, NewsWatch is the show to watch. And if that were not enough, the impressive reviews of new and upcoming products for home and office will keep you coming back for more. From the perfect corn on the cob butter knife to a beach towel that couples as a tote, they have it all. Thirty minutes a day, a lifetime of new and interesting topics and ideas. Try it once, you will be hooked. NewsWatch TV leads the way in innovative and informative television programming.


Igor Cornelsen Is An Experienced Investor

Igor Cornelsen is an extremely knowledgeable financial investor. His experience is very diverse. Igor has been called upon to guide many investors through making long-term business decisions. He is adamant about advising people not to invest in damaged companies. Igor believes that investors should instead invest in damage stocks. Damaged stock opportunities can be purchased at a very cheap price and they are guaranteed to make money for its investors over the long haul.

Igor Cornelsen spent time at Bainbridge Inc as a proprietor early in his career. He served in many high-ranking positions in the banking industry of Brazil. Igor eventually retired from the bank 2010 and moved to South Florida. He continues to invest and counsel others in their investments as a hobby.

Experts are needed to lead investors whether they are in the business of commodities or foreign exchange. Igor has specialized in this area for many years and he chose Bainbridge Group Inc as the organization to display his talent.

Investing is a serious endeavor for those who are not familiar with the process. It is a very difficult evolution to conduct correctly and there is also a great deal of risk. Beginners should know the rules and make themselves knowledgeable on how a specific investment vehicle operates. Risk is always a factor when investing money no matter how secure the venture seems. There is always a potential to lose money no matter what the nature of the transaction is. However, risk can be greatly reduced with research and intelligent decision making skills. Any investment that is costing the investor money should be canceled immediately according to Igor Cornelsen. The basic rule for investing is to never lose money. Instead the idea should always be making money at all cost.

Diversity of the portfolio is another critical aspect to investing. Diversity greatly minimizes risk and opens up opportunity to earn revenue from several different sources. This is why experienced investors mix sound investments with risky investments.

An experienced advisor is essential for new investors. The advisor is there to shed light on many of the issues that the inexperienced investor may not be aware of. These obstacles could cause them unnecessary losses. Soon the investor will gain a solid understanding of the industry and may feel confident enough to make decisions on their own.

Igor believes in developing financial security by investing very early in life. Young people realize that it is important to make money. However, they often overlook the importance of saving and investing for trying times. Young people in the workforce should learn how to make income generate revenue as soon as possible.

Malcolm CasSelle Is Committed To Transform Cryptocurrency With WAX

The world is becoming more advanced with the introduction of technology and it has become the foundation of every innovation and development. Virtual assets are also set to change the world of cryptocurrency powered by OPSkins where Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO. OPSkins has basically become a choice of many in terms of payments despite offering a centralized technology. In order to avoid this limitation, the OPSkins has stepped in to launch a brandy P2P marketplace platform basically for trading using decentralized smart contracts as its foundation. The new platform is Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX).

Now virtual assets users can buy or sell their virtual goods without clicking off their own game. With WAX, the greatest problems that have been a thorn in virtual assets trading have been trampled on. Fragmentation problem has been solved because the platform is uniting a fragmented market of the virtual assets. The other problem combated by WAX is fraud and all issues related to security.

One of the major issues with the OPSkins was the use of fragmented market that was divided based on the language, security issues and even the payment systems used in various regional marketplaces. This restricted people specifically to their own regions and countries. Nevertheless, with WAX Token every user anywhere can tokenize their own gaming virtual assets and sell or buy other assets from another user without any frictions.

WAX Token will actually be the common currency that will be used by all gamers and this means issues that come with FOREX. The platform is powered by DPOS which is one of the fastest, efficient, decentralized and very flexible models on the face of the earth. Malcolm is the current President of Wax. He has served at Tribute Publishing; he is an Advisor to Sensay, VOTOCAST, DirecTech Labs, Bringhub, PrettyQuick, WeRecover etc. He is the founder of PCCW and a Board Member at TLL.

Most the users of centralized platform suffered from incomplete receipts and delivery problems but with WAX all the transactional middlemen are eliminated. No more third parties anymore. With the decentralized Blockchain technology used by WAX will be of great help to various virtual asset traders. Malcolm CasSelle Studied Computer Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University.


Bruno Fagali and Compliance Matters

     The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of famed automotive manufacturer Ford has just been let go. This was in response to an exhaustive investigation that related to compliance matters. Raj Nair is a man who is in his early fifties. He used to serve as North America’s Ford President. He had that job starting in the winter of 2017. He was a seasoned executive who began his vocation in the eighties as an engineer. It didn’t take Nair long to land a higher position as a Chief Technical Officer after that. He even managed to secure a job as the Global Product Development leader. A nameless grievance managed to change everything for Nair, however. The company’s communications division received a suggestion that brought on the need for a comprehensive investigation. Its compliance division took on all investigative duties. The information they discovered brought on his termination as an employee.

Bruno Fagali is a prominent lawyer who is located in São Paulo in Brazil. His legal areas of expertise are regulatory law, urban law, administrative law, ethics and, last but certainly not least, compliance. Bruno Fagali was one of the individuals who was behind the introduction of Fagali Advocacy to Brazil and to the rest of the planet. He has yet another job as well. This job is with an advertising firm by the name of Nova. He’s the firm’s corporate integrity supervisor at the moment. Bruno Fagali is a trusted legal specialist who is an alumnus of the esteemed University of São Paulo in the city of its naming.

People cannot say that Fagali is a lawyer who isn’t passionate. He’s the epitome of enthusiastic and eager. He knows about all types of laws that pertain to fighting corruption and all of its negative effects. He even possesses significant constitutional law insight.

Bruno Fagali said farewell to law school back in 2009. He went to São Paulo’s Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo for his legal education. He became fascinated with the world of administrative law merely one short year later. Fagali is a professional who knows a lot about medical care compliance.

Sujit Choudhry’s Recent Book Chapter

Most people are familiar with the most prestigious, sought-after, honorable jobs in the United States. How many times have you heard phrases like, “doctors, lawyers, teachers” when politicians or public speakers are referring to people that work hard or should be proud of their positions?

Probably more times than you can count, whether you realize it or not.

Sujit Choudhry is both a lawyer and a teacher. As a matter of fact, he’s not just a teacher; Mr. Sujit Choudhry is proudly a full professor of law at the Berkeley Law School at the University of California, Berkeley, check He is such a well-renowned figure in the world of law that he holds the distinction of I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law, the only such seat across the U.C. Berkeley law department that has such a distinction named after a past faculty member that’s noteworthy.

A Distinguished Author

Mr. Choudhry is also an author, in addition to his two aforementioned posts, and has published nearly 100 works throughout his career ( One of his most recent publications is a chapter in a book authored by an ensemble cast of writers. The chapter is titled Constitutional Democracies in Crisis? and focuses on, believe it or not, a tweet.

Eric Holder, a former Attorney General that served as recently as January 2017 under the Barack Obama administration, criticized the potential firing of Robert Mueller, the United States Special Counsel, a position that serves under the Department of Justice.

Mueller has long investigated potential collusion between Donald Trump, the 2016 presidential election campaign of Trump, and other figures that are closely tied to the current United States President.

Trump has fired many people he’s appointed to office, including those he publicly considered the closest to his executive branch decision-making circle of advisors, including the FBI’s James Comey.

Mr. Sujit Choudhry believes that the tweet is based on an imaginary boundary between what the people of the United States will tolerate and what they won’t. Further, Sujit Choudhry leaves the ultimate approval of the potential firing up to the American people, and wants the citizenry to be politically active – whatever their point of view. For more of Sujit’s view, click on

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Dealing with Binary Options With the Help of Netpicks

When it comes to the market, one of the new markets that are growing quickly is binary options. One of the reasons that binary options is one of the fastest growing markets is that it is a very simple market. One thing the person has to do is place a bet on which way the price is going to go in the next period of time. If the price goes in that direction in that amount of time, then the person is going to win a certain percentage of the amount he has bet plus his principle bet. It does not depend on how far in that direction the price goes. The person gains a set amount.

Netpicks has a lot of content that deals with binary options. Among the topics that are covered with Netpicks is the strategy. As with other markets, people need the right strategy in order to make profits from binary options. If people manage to find the right strategy, then they are going to profit a lot (  As with other markets, binary options requires mastery of self and patience in order to be profited from. Also, binary options requires a bit of practice for the trader.

Netpicks offers people strategies and education on the market which makes it very easy to learn. One thing that Netpicks does is give people information without resulting to drowning them with jargon. This is one of the reasons that people who study the markets find it easier to learn how to profit from them. When people gain information that is simple, then they are going to have an easier time learning. For one thing, they do not have to look up information about the topic that they are learning in order to find out the definitions of certain words. Read reviews, click

Alex Pall and His Partner Plans in Transforming the Music Industry

Alex pall grew up as a DJ, which was a hobby during his teenage. He was passionate about DJing and more often would go around New York City doing that he initially thought was a part-time activity. During an interview with Rosenzweig, he reviewed that it was frightening being in the city pursuing what he considered a hobby rather than a job, but eventually, he became an art gallery at that time. The “closer” music singer recognized that dance music was occupying part of his life hence felt the urge to give it a good shot. After he was introduced to Drew by the same manager he is working with, he left his job and started concentrating on his music career.

It was easier for the Chainsmokers duo to work together since each knew what they were bringing on the table. Passion, being ambitious and how badly they wanted to succeed in the career made them work together. Moreover, they were very observant of how those who had been in the industry for long were performing and what worked out for them and what did not. It was just trying to find their voice in the industry. The different backgrounds make them work together so that they could have similar values. This meant that they had to work harder and learn a lot to cover significant ground. He says that it has been a journey of self-actualization and discovery, pushing themselves harder to become better artists.

Alex Pall feels that being in the electronic genre and at the same time a DJ either makes it hard or more comfortable to build stronger indent as an artist. In every style, people often produce stuff that at some time sound similar although the songs are popular. It’s all about finding one’s voice and standing out among millions of individuals competing to be that person. A DJ or producer has to develop their skills to the point that they can produce something that is naturally theirs.

Pall says that the live show and its visuals are forever changing as the number of their audience increases. They have performed global tours around the world, and they make it their responsibility to bring a lively and exciting show. The song “closer” will drastically change the way their play is performed since they will also feature a performance element and Drew sing.

The Chainsmokers type of music is starting to develop a firm connection with its fans. People from all walk of lives have started having a strong sense of their music. Everyone is finding an emotional connection to the music. One of these fans sent them a message saying that her six years old son is even singing the song which makes the duo excited.