The influence of good leadership by Clay Siegall in medical breakthroughs

If you personally know anyone that has dealt with cancer in this lifetime, you understand that the disease drains one completely, and that beating it needs a lot of care with the best quality medical solutions. Well, one person that has a dream to deal with this menace in completeness is Clay Siegall and his company, Seattle Genetics. The recent success that has been enjoyed by the clinical stage company is enough evidence that he might just single handedly make a breakthrough in the field.

Seattle Genetics was started in 1997. When he was starting out, Clay did not have many resources. The dream to treat most if not all of the cancer types affecting modern humanity was the main goal for him. Well, currently, the company already has a drug that has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of several types of lymphomas, and there are about 12 other drugs that are in the testing stage. The company is doing so well that they are already listed on NASDAQ as SGEN. The shares trade fairly well and have been in fact improving over the past couple of years.

In a bid to expand the company even further, Clay has embarked on a recruitment drive. They are hoping to get at least 100 more employees to assist them with their new drugs testing processes. They have reported that one of the drugs they are testing is doing really well and it is hoped that it will be approved within the year. The drug is also being tested for use to treat different types of lymphomas.

The company’s sales have also been really good. In the previous financial year, they made sales of more than a quarter million dollars from their distributors all over the world. In Canada, they are assisted by Takeda Pharmaceuticals in distributing the drug. The drug has also been approved for sale in 60 other countries besides the US and Canada. Clay Siegall says that he has reached this level of success because he never gave up on his vision, and that he hopes that he will indeed be part of the team that will cure cancer once and for all.


EOS Offers a Variety of Natural Lip Balm Flavors

If you’ve been to your local superstore or grocery store lately, you’ve probably seen a few varieties of EOS lip balm at the checkout counter. EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, is a relatively new company, and its founders got their “big break” after convincing a buyer for Walgreens to feature the lip balm spheres in a store. The rest, as they say, is history. Today, EOS lip balm products are being sold at the shelves of Target, Walmart, online retail stores like Amazon and eBay have them too. Celebrities, including Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian, have even been spotted using EOS lip balm.

Lip balm flavors include Vanilla Bean, which has a classic scent and soothing ingredients that protect the lips against the harsh winter weather. Strawberry Sorbet is another popular EOS lip balm flavor, and it’s made from organic ingredients like jojoba oil and shea butter to keep lips soft and smooth. The balm is also gluten free. EOS also offers Honeysuckle Honeydew in its organic lip balm line, which has vitamin E and is free of parabens and petrolatum. Pomegranate raspberry variety of EOS lip balm is also a customer favorite.

EOS also has a line of sheer lip balms with a shimmer that is subtle but appealing. The balm contains oils that condition the lips and are available in sheer pink and pearl tones.

In addition to quality lip balms, EOS also offers a variety of hand and body lotions and shaving creams. For more information, visit


JeanMarie Guenot: A Career Effort that Brings Success


JeanmMarie Guenot, found here on Facebook, is a pharmaceutical business executive who has an impressive 20 years of experience in the industry. She has worked with companies in all stages of their progress, big or small. She excels in corporate and commercial development, business development, project and alliance management, and venture capital activities.

Guenot also has expertise in building and rebuilding companies from scratch. Also excelling in major therapeutic areas such as in her most recent position as the key operating officer at SKS Ocular where she works in ophthalmology. She has an outstanding employment track record working with various companies. The companies in the likes are SKS Ocular LLC which she founded and was the first employee of, Guenot LLC where she was a managing partner, and PDL BioPharma where she served as Vice President of corporate and business development.

The Astounding track record doesn’t stop there as she has also worked at Atlas Venture as an associate in life sciences and at Hoffman-La Roche where she held the coveted position of team leader and principal scientist. JeanMarie Guenot also received a superb education at the University of Pennsylvania, the Wharton School where she received her MBA. Effectively preparing her for all of the business ventures she went on to pursue. As if that isn’t impressive enough, she received her PhD from the University of California in San Francisco in 1993.

Guenot is currently serving at Amphivena Therapeutics where she holds the position of President and CEO. Amphivena Theraputics has taken matters into their own hands developing innovative bi-functional antibody therapies for hematologic malignancies. Their research and development has led to therapies that address blood cancer indications that have unmet medical needs. It is safe to say JeanMarie Guenot is one of the most hard working CEO’s and business executives out there. Her list of LinkedIn credits continue to grow, making Jeanmarie one of the most sought after medical professionals.

What Happens To Your Body While Freezing To Death


To experience freezing to death is something that a person will never want to have happen to them in their lifetime. There is nothing creepier than a body becoming hypothermic and then freezing to death.


This is what happens in order: First thing that happens is the blood flow inside of a person begins to constrict. In other words, it seems to get thicker, almost like a jello. It is because the body’s blood is made to keep the organs warm and when the temperature goes down, the capillaries are so close to the skin, the blood works the organs harder, making a person feel colder by the minute.

Then the heart rate begins to pump faster and blood pressure rises. The body begins to shiver because it is trying its best to keep warm. Slowly the skin begins to lose its color, turning the skin a shade of white. It is the start of frostbite. Then peeing is the next feeling that overcomes a person in the beginning stages of hypothermia. Why? Because the blood flow has moved away from the skin into the vital organs to protect them. Later on, it may be impossible to stop the flow because a person may have lost all control.


As the cold seeps through the muscles, it starts to become difficult to move. After so long, the body can’t move and brain fog sets in. Next the arms and legs begin to turn blue, the heart rate decreases as it pumps less blood and the mind begins to hallucinate from lack of oxygen. The end result: death.

New Looks And Sexy Bodies With Jennifer Waldens Help

Cosmetic surgery is the specialty of one Jennifer Walden. She lives in Austin Texas with her two sons. Jennifer Walden is the daughter of a dentist father and a surgical nurse mother. He made her decision to pursue a medical career when she was in the eighth grade. She completed high school and went on to college in Texas. After receiving her medical degree she took a job in New York working for a physician that specialized in surgeries of the eyes, ears, and throat. After working with this surgeon for a few years she made the decision to become pregnant and move back to Texas.


Jennifer spends a lot of time with her family but she also spends a lot of time giving talks on ABC and other programs. She loves to give advice on skin care. She is a beautiful young woman that understands the ways to reduce the signs of aging. She explains that sunscreen and face cleansing will help keep the wrinkles at bay. Jennifer has won several awards throughout her life. One of the awards is American Society Of plastic surgery award and the American Women’s Association award. She also has an old award from high school soccer. Jennifer is currently listed among some of the best beauty surgeons in America.


Liposuction is one of the treatments that Jennifer performs. This procedure is done to remove excess fat from areas of the body. The procedure is hard on the body and does produce bruising. Liposuction and tummy tucks give anyone the flat tummy and sexy body that they desire. This procedure is rarely paid for by insurance and will usually be the sole responsibility of the person receiving the procedure. Jennifer Walden is an expert at providing surgeries such as this. She does a wonderful job at providing patients with a new look safely.

Livio Bisterzo, Creator of Hippeas

Why did the founder of Hippeas and the CEO of Green Park Brands. Livio Bisterzo, choose chickpeas instead of maybe lentils for his new snack? He said that the trend towards products based on plants and the fact that chickpeas are one of the hottest industry trends led them to focus on chickpeas as the “hero ingredient”. It took countless rounds of product development to get to the bite, crunch, taste, shape, and texture that they wanted.

Hippeas organic chickpea puff snack is vegan, gluten-free, kosher, has only 100 calories to a pack, has three grams of protein, is a good source of fiber, is low in fat, and comes in flavors including Pepper Power, Sweet & Smokin’, Herbs We Trust, and Far Out Fajita. These organic chickpea puffs are healthy and flavorful as well as being addictively delicious.

Launched on June 13, 2016, the original retail partners included Starbucks, Holland and Barrett, and Boots. Hippeas became the newest product in Starbucks’ grab-and-go snacks with the Vegan White Cheddar and the Far Out Fajita being available in over 7,500 Starbucks locations across the United States. The merchandising lead for Starbucks Retail Branded Partnerships, Carolyn Chinn, said that they are constantly seeking new food items that are enjoyable and which also cater to dietary needs.

The identity of Hippeas is geared toward a modern ‘hippie’ and millennial generation and also a partnering with Farm Africa on a joint initiative ‘Food for Good’ that gives back by supporting eastern African chickpea farmers.

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The packaging, visual identity, tone of voice, and personality were created by Jkr, a food innovation company. Stephen McDavid, Jkr design director, said that the aim was to strike a balance between irreverent humor and being socially-conscious. The personality took inspiration from the smiling face of the original hippie era but is updated for today’s modern audience. The charismatic visual identity is a bold yellow face with a different colored tongue for each of the flavors in order to make the snacks stand out on the shelves, online and in the minds of consumers.

Livio Bisterzo, now 35, originated from Italy, attended the University of the Arts in London, and built businesses ranging from consumer goods to hospitality. In 2015, Livio Bisterzo combined years of experience with natural foods with a passion for living a healthy lifestyle. That led to creating Green Park Brands with a goal to manufacture healthy products and also create positive social impact.

With the game-changing Hippeas, chickpeas have been thrust into a spotlight and are on the way to becoming one of the United States’ fastest growing snack brands.

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Fight off aging and dark spots with Makari

Maintaining human skin is very important to stay healthy and look pure over the long run. There are several life hacks to keep skin clean and clear as well as beauty products to try out. There are so many products to test out that it is hard to identify which one is the best or most effective. Self-confidence is directly related to how we feel we look compared to others. Why not try out Makari products and get a boost above everyone else.

Makari is constantly producing some of the best skin whitening cream products on the market. The best part about this product is that is works well for everyone. No specific race or skin color will look better than the others when using this product. Their products are create to provide the smooth, radiant skin.

Makari brings out the unique beauty in everyone. Makari does mean “beautiful” in Swahili. Over the course of the last decade their products have been changing lives. All products are made in Switzerland and are then shipped to many other countries all around the world.

Makari comes highly recommended by its users and continues to build upon their quality products. The ultimate goal for customers is to get that radiant skin.

There products also reduce any and all dark spots without using hydroquinone. Makari helps get rid of those painful acne scars with quality ingredients. People using their products look younger after sampling. The tested formula is proven to help achieve a lighter skin tone. Check out for the full product list.


Former Hawks Owner Takes on Insurance Company

The New Hampshire Insurance Company is soon to be in some trouble if the Atlanta Hawks owners have their way.

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, the group that once owned the NBA franchise, has decided to file a lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance Company over a breach of contract that involved a settlement of claims. This former group happens to include Bruce Levenson, a controlling partner although the lawsuit itself doesn’t make any mention of Tony Ressler, the group’s current principal owner. Only in June of 2015 did former general manager Danny Ferry reach a buyout agreement with the Hawks ownership, which according to an EPSN report ended a relationship that was originally supposed to be for six years and worth $18 million. The lawsuit claims that AIG, who was named in it, failed and refused to pay for the covered losses made in employee terminations in bad faith. All despite the fact that AIG was obligated to pay for them all.

A major figure involved with the Atlanta Hawks LLC franchise is former owner Bruce Levenson. Levenson is a native of Chevy Chase, Maryland but was born in Washington, D.C. He attended Washington University in St. Louis and then got a law degree from American University, using that to increase his overall business acumen. His first step was to found his own company called the United Communications Group (UCG) based out of Gaithersburg, and was mainly used for analyzing statistics involving oil prices, communication and technology. This came to a peak when he and his business partner Ed Peskowitz became majority owning partners of the Atlanta Hawks LLC in 2004, which is a group of businessmen who own the basketball team and Phillips Arena.


A Brief Overview of Fabletics and How It’s Taking on Amazon

Fabletics is a company that has dedicated itself to offering a high-quality gym, athletics and yoga wears for women. The company, which was co-founded Kate Hudson, has a goal of making women sexy. When it comes to high quality, most of the athletic wears are pricey, and many people cannot afford them. Fabletics products are of quality, but they have strived to offer them at affordable rates and in a convenient online shop. They offer a broad range of goods such as hoodies, tees, tops, sports bras and many others. The company has achieved a competitive advantage over competitors because of their twenty-four-hour customer service through an online shopping platform which is secure and friendly.


Getting Started With Fabletics


There is a short quiz that is offered at their platform to new users on lifestyles, and it just takes a few minutes. The aim of the question is to help the company’s stylists who are dedicated to knowing your taste on various items so that they can choose items for you based on how you answered the questions. Once you create an account, you can pick the items of your interest every month and complete the purchase effortlessly. However, you can also skip this when you do not feel like buying anything that month. Another option of becoming a VIP member is whereby you will be receiving the items on a monthly basis, but you will be offered a discount. Signing up on their website is free, and so it is easy to get started.


Fabletics Taking on Amazon


Amazon controls 20% of the online market in the fashion niche making it difficult for new entrants to penetrate. However, Kate Hudson has gone against the odds achieving a business growth of $250 million in just a period of three years. Fabletics has established a large online customer base within a short period using a subscription mechanism and selling their products directly to the customers. The trick perhaps is that Fabletics provides products that motivate their customers thus pushing them a little further than their limits. Another powerful tool is the convenience of online shopping coupled with a membership plan making them unique and reliable.


In the past, many brands which were of high quality were pricey. Today, for a new company to carve a niche in the competitive market and hard economic times it has to come up with a different strategy so as to achieve success. Some of the factors that a brand should look into are customer experience, fashionable design, and brand recognition among others so that they can cater for the current clients.


The company is expanding rapidly and has plans of establishing itself in various locations and opening more stores apart from the ones in California, Florida, Illinois and Hawaii. This shows that their strategy is working and paying as well. Fabletics believes their dedication towards making their customers happy and getting what they what is what has made them successful in a business that is highly competitive.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Capital Group Board Elects Timothy Armour as Chairman

The new Board of Directors at Capital Group recently announced that it had appointed Timothy Armour to become the chairman of the organization. Capital Group is known to many as the home of American Funds and is currently one of the leading investment management agencies in the world. Tim Armour will now be serving the company as the chairman of the management committee.

According to a recent press release from the successful company, Tim is expected to work together with the top members of the institution’s s management committee to bring the much-needed change. Some of these members include Robert Lovelace, the president of the company and Phil Toledo, the serving president of Capital Group. The new team will be expected to set, implement and also communicate the overall business strategies in the company. Team will also be responsible for overseeing the operations in the organizations

The new change in leadership of the firm reflects the succession plan that was put in place several years ago. The program was recently formalized after Jim Rothenberg, the former chairman, passed away.

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Timothy said that the whole team at the Capital Group were deeply mourning the loss of Jim who was a close colleague and friends. Tim also stated that Jim was a purposeful leader who had proved himself to the world by possessing unique talents. Jim was good in making decisions that were beneficial to the associates, clients, and investors in the long-term.

In a statement, Timothy said that Capital Group had proved to the world over the years that its strength did not lie in an individual but in the talents of its associates who had been working hard to make the mission of the organization come true. Although the former chairman has passed away, the new team will continue to deliver its legacy.

Timothy Armour is known to many as the chairman of the renowned Capital Group Companies.

Timothy is also currently the chairman and chief executive officer of the Capital Research and Management Company, which is also part of the Capital Group. Timothy has been in the investment world for more than thirty-two years, and he has all the knowledge needed to take the organization into better and higher levels. Before getting this position, Timothy was working as the Equity investment analyst at Capital Group. The hedge fund manager is looking forward to working with his colleagues to make the dreams of the company come true.

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