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Julia Jackson: Leading Woman in Wine Business

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson is a daughter of the winemaking family Jackson Family Wines. Born in San Fransisco in 1988, Julia had a passion for the wine business from a very young age. She worked alongside her father at their grape farms picking and sorting the grapes. Her father is a great inspiration to her hardworking and efficient approach to life. She even went abroad to Bordeaux France where she finessed her skills in the production and winery aspects of the business. She fell in love with the culture there and says it has inspired her success to date.She joined Cambria Estate winery where she serves as a spokesperson. The nonprofit organization seeks to empower and celebrate exceptional women in society. The group has contributed one hundred thousand dollars annually towards this cause. At a tender age, Julia became friends with a French daughter of one of the employees at her family’s business. She started learning French and at one time enrolled as a French teacher in College.

Julia JacksonThough men dominate the wine business, Julia continues to be enthusiastic and has succeeded in various undertakings. She encourages women to believe in themselves and work hard to be authentic. Julia obtained a bachelors degree in Studia arts from Scripps College and later got a certificate in general management from Stanford graduate school of business.Julia Jackson is a role model to women across the world. She has gained immeasurable success in business and philanthropy. The young Julia motivates women from all spheres of the social domain to work hard and be passionate at what they do. A product of the Cambria Estate Winery, Pinot Noir was named the wine of the year in 2010 by wine lovers. Julia insists there is a synergy relation between culinary arts and wine. Education into wine and food should be encouraged throughout America.

Doe Deere, “Queen of Unicorns,” Dares to Dream

Lime Crime is Doe Deere’s baby and she has made it what it is today through her creative, clever, and original dream to enter the makeup industry, which was a passionate outgrowth of her affiliation with music, fairy tales and fashion design. Her departure from gigs to the realm of makeup, armed with fashion savvy and color intensity, resulted in the founding of her company, Lime Crime. By the way, Doe credits the namesake, Lime Crime, with doing things her way and being able to get away with it.

Doe’s initial step towards realizing her dreams of becoming a makeup entrepreneur were an extension of her original musical and fashion design expertise coupled with acquired business, career and marketing talents, which were eventually intertwined with her ability to transition from music and fashion to makeup.

Music and songwriting trumped makeup fascination for awhile, though as a young teenager, Doe had a small business in which she sold temporary tattoos to her schoolmates with the thought in the back of her mind that maybe someday those novel tattoos might join the ranks of future decorative body decor.

Russian born and educated, Doe emigrated from Russia to the United States at 17 and lived in New York City and Brooklyn where she pursued and honed her band and songwriting career with her future husband. She currently resides in Los Angeles where she operates and manages her second biggest dream, the Lime Crime makeup empire.

Lime Crime’s leading feature is color, and the brighter, deeper and more unusual the color, the better. Doe has centered her Lime Crime line around girls and boys who want to express themselves in an open and colorful fashion, and anyone can certainly advance freedom of expression with the color combinations that Doe has created.

In 2008, Doe envisioned outbursts of color, but they weren’t exactly easy to access as the makeup industry at the time was leaning towards the natural look with beiges, nudes and other neutral combinations. The color trends were not inspiring to Doe, particularly since she was unable to coordinate them with the clothing items she was making and selling on eBay. Her love of fairy tales and bringing fantasy to life were at a standstill.

Since the Queen of Unicorns (who sports personalized hair colors from lavender to blue and beyond) was unable to find the bright colors she loved, she started making them herself. By 2009, she launched her Unicorn lipsticks, which were not only innovative and Vegan but cruelty free. The Velvetines line followed in 2012, which introduced the liquid to matte trend in lipsticks. Her entire line is centered around deep, rich and luxuriously textured lipsticks that are highlighted by metallic duos, trios, grunginess combinations, lip glosses, Perlees, matte lipsticks (in every color imaginable) as well as other products that include liquid eyeliners and grunge eye shadow palettes.

Doe and Lime Crime are inspirational to those who visualize connecting all their talents into one dream business or company, and she has proven that very image to those in the beauty community and beyond. Her encouragement to others dreaming along the same lines has been enlightening, and her avant-garde ideas have given budding, young entrepreneurs enough reason to launch out into the depths of creativity and probable success.

Doe’s amazing love of color wrapped around fantasy has launched a very successful company that has gained consistent popularity and profit. She, Lime Crime and her unforgettable hair colors are a rainbow of pure fun and free expression all tightly bundled into one colorful enterprise.

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Doe Deere Builds Her Own Foundation for Lime Crime

Doe Deere has often been described by many of her fans as a free spirit. She has the ability to charm her way into the hearts of millions of girls that are looking for an alternative style of dress and cosmetics. She has basically presented herself as one of those people that represents their brand by wearing it. People do not have to wonder what these products will look like because Doe Deere will usually put on the new colors that she is trying to sell to customers.

Doe Deere has to ability to present her products in a unique way because she started from the ground up. She is an entrepreneur that started her business, and she had to work diligently to promote the brand herself. Lime Crime started as a small company and continued to grow. It was not an organization where Doe Deere would be pushed into an executive role after someone else had already did the groundwork. To the contrary, Doe Deere was the one that was laying the foundation for her own success, and she still believes in staying connected with customers now that she has reached a powerful executive position.

Doe Deere has gained most of her exposure in the cosmetics world by promoting her brand through social media. She has managed to acquire more than 1 million followers on Instagram. Doe Deere has also become the focus of many blogs and forums where her personality and her lively Lime Crime brand of cosmetics are discussed in great detail. Some people will try to throw shade on her name and the path that she has taken to promoting the brand, but Doe Deere takes all of this in stride. She stays positive about anything that may be spoken about her on the web because she knows that all publicity is essentially something that makes people curious about her brand and who she is.

Her branding skills are incredible. People that have had the chance to see what she is doing are amazed by all the different types of cosmetics that this company is producing. It has become one of the best brands for people that want something that is a little bit edgier than the make up and lipgloss that they have been using in the past. Many of the colors are very bright, and there are a plethora of women that take to social media with these different shades on. Women that wear the shades of lipstick give customers a glimpse of how the shades look.

Doe Deere is very likable, and she depends on this aspect of her personality to engage customers. Many women that buy her products are going to provide comments about the product and inform others about this brand. This is free marketing for Doe Deere and Lime Crime. Learn more:

Her ability to attract customers that promote the brand helps her save money. There is no need to pay for television ads when social media is all that she needs.

Breaking the Rules Is Second Nature for Doe Deere

Some people might tell you that every rule that one encounters in life must be followed to the letter while others will tell you that rules only exist to be broken. It seems like there are rules for everything. Even when the rules are not hard and fast laws or some other type of written regulation, there is still an entire culture that is filled with rules that people are expected to follow or face the consequences. These rules even exist when it comes to fashion, beauty and other issues that really should be personal decisions. It is a real shame that the majority of the public is not capable of allowing people to express themselves the way they choose to as opposed to expecting them to follow some set of unwritten rules they are somehow supposed to be familiar with, often without the help of anyone to guide them through the process or explain to them why these rules are so important in the first place.

Over the years, there have been a few brave souls who attempted to do their own thing. Unfortunately, many of them have been met with a great deal of criticism and some of them have even been singled out, largely so they could be picked on by everyone else. When it comes to the rules of fashion, some people practically pass out if a person wears white pants at the wrong time of the year or chooses to wear a jacket that is made with a plaid pattern while wearing striped pants. The truth is, there are relatively few individuals that have had both the courage to buck these trends and the success that may or may not come with doing so. However, there are a select number of individuals that seem to specialize in not only thinking outside the box when it comes to matters of beauty, but leading others down the same path as well. One such individual that has been very successful at doing both of these things is Doe Deere, the creator of Lime Crime.

In order to understand the importance of her accomplishments, it is important to understand a little about who she is. She is an individual that never understood why beauty and fashion had to have all of these rules, not to mention why everyone was expected to follow them whether they chose to or not. Because of her personal feelings, she made a decision early on that she was not going to follow any of these rules unless she wanted to. As a result, she created unique looks with her fashion choices and then expanded those ideas into creating an entirely new line of makeup that became synonymous with enjoying the process of being an individual.

Eventually, she made the decision to create her company, Lime Crime, so that others could also enjoy the same level of freedom that she had. She knew that there had to be a fairly large number of individuals out there that were tired of following these ridiculous rules of fashion and wanted something better. For the most part, she also knew that people really needed a role model to look up to and she served that purpose very well. Today, Doe Deere continues to be a role model for those who want to express their individuality through their fashion choices. That is what makes her such a unique individual.

How Doe Deere Captures a Niche Market

When it comes to the cosmetic industry there are a few heavy hitters in the industry that are hard to compete with. Doe Deere was aware of this before she entered the makeup industry, but it did not stop her from pursuing her dream of starting a cosmetics company. Learn more:

It has been a challenge for Doe Deere to pursue this, but her marketing savvy has allowed her to enter this industry and become a dominant player. There are a lot of young teens that have become fans of this brand of makeup. It has become something of major success for someone that does not have the same amount of clout that big a corporations like Mary today and Cover Girl possess.

Doe Deere created Lime Crime. It is special a lot of consumers because it stands out. It is unlike the rest of the typical make up brands that have similar colors. When people get involved with Doe Deere they know that they are buying into something that is completely different from anything else that they have experienced before. This is what has allowed her to captivate the industry and move to higher ground. It is her Internet savvy and social networking ability that has given her access to a wide range of consumers in the United States and beyond. She has become a huge hit in a lot of different areas because she has carefully orchestrated a plan to reach customers that relate to her style.

What Doe Deere had ultimately done is go up against cosmetic leaders. She knows that everyone is not going to be into her product. That is why developed a niche market that is prime for a younger audience that wears lip gloss, eyeliner, and bodacious make up colors. She has developed this market well, and she has developed the right marketing channel to reach the niche market that she has laid claim to. Doe Deere realized that the best opportunity would be available in developing a unique brand. Currently, she has become something of a lightning rod for media controversy, but it’s really all just seems to be part of her grand marketing technique. People discuss her blog and her identity. It is with these conversations that people are also being introduced to her website and all of the products that she is currently marketing. This has made it rather easy for her to take on the role of a CEO and push her products forward without a big budget. She has a fan base that is unparalleled to any of the other new companies in the cosmetic world. All of this success links back to her dedication to stay connected with fans and the mystery that surrounds the cosmetic CEO that is simply known as Doe Deere to those that admire and patronize here cosmetic products.