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Securus Technologies Leads the Way in Customer Service Provision for Corrections Facilities Technology Solutions

Securus Technologies provides technology solutions aimed at modernizing the incarceration experience and improving public safety. Founded in 1986, Securus Technologies serves over 2,000 correctional facilities in the USA and Canada. The firm has revolutionized the civil and criminal justice systems using secure, simple and powerful technology solutions. Consequently, many are praising products and services the company has to offer. One facility reports it has witnessed a decrease in inmate-on-inmate crimes using Securus technology while another reports it was able to recover millions of illegal assets, cash money and drugs. Others say Securus has helped them arrest corrupt staff dealing in contraband such as drugs, access to cellular devices, and suspicious money transfer. Other facilities also say the firm provides the best reporting solutions in the industry which has eased the process of crime prevention. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Securus Technologies is not only changing the lives of inmates, it is also having an impact on the safety of the general public while ensuring the civil and criminal justice systems work effectively and efficiently.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company exists to serve and to make the world safe through connection. It provides technology solutions that help family and a friend communicate with their loved ones who are incarcerated and also offers public safety solutions. The public safety solutions it offers include incident management, emergency response, and public information solutions. The firm also provides investigative solutions centered around data analytics, biometric analysis and location based services. For correctional facilities, it offers monitoring solutions, communication, inmate self-service, information management, and ancillary solutions.


BBB Accreditation


In 2016, Securus Technologies received Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ rating and accreditation thanks to the firm’s commitment to providing quality customer service. To improve its customer service for BBB accreditation, the firm set up the largest in-house domestic call center in the industry with a capacity of 220 seats. To receive this accreditation, the company had to meet standards such as building trust, being transparent, advertising honestly, safeguarding privacy, and embodying integrity, among others.


Why Securus Technologies Call System are Invaluable in Prison

As a corrections officer in a dangerous and crowded jail, I welcome any resources that can help to make my time inside the jail safer. We already have many scanning devices we use to check inmates and visitors for contraband, as well as drug-sniffing dogs we take to our surprise cell inspections. Any time we can take contraband out of the hands of these inmates is a good day.


Even with those daily efforts, we still discover things that should not be inside the jail. Adding more officers does not solve the problem, so my superiors ordered Securus Technologies to install a call monitoring system we could use to listen to the inmates making calls more intently. We had a dated system that was effective, we had no idea how much different the new call monitoring system would be.


Currently, this LBS software system is installed in over two thousand prison systems, and it has been effective at making those facilities safer. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, says his team of employees are dedicated to the single objective of making the world safe. That is exactly why we partnered with this company, to make our prison one of the safest for inmates, officers, and visitors.


Once my team understood all the complexities of the LBS software, we began to pick up chatter on day one that revealed a side of the jail we were not seeing. One call revealed how an inmate planned on hiding his drugs in the yard to avoid having it be connected to him. We discovered where one inmate was hiding weapons he was making from things he took from the cafeteria. One call even helped us to locate an inmate selling his mother’s prescription drugs so he could raise money to use inside of the commissary.


A Range Of Monitoring Solutions From Securus Technologies

I went through the wide range of monitoring solutions from Securus Technologies. These are providing comprehensive systems that are based on GPS as well as RF. Hence they help in monitoring the inmates making the Facility a much safer place.


In addition, Securus Technologies is providing various support programs along with several reporting services. This helps to supervise as well as locate the movement of adults and juveniles while they are in the community. This helps to monitor their movement too. This way the public is kept safe.


I consider it to be a technological innovation from Securus Technologies. After all, the authorities cannot be at all places all the time. Hence such kind of monitoring systems are an amazing way to know what all is happening around.


Besides, I feel that once the inmates or the offenders are aware that they are being tracked, it becomes difficult for them to commit further crimes. Hence Securus Technologies has been able to make the facilities as well as public spaces safer this way.


There is a wide range of Public Safety Solutions being provided by Securus Technologies. These are designed in order to help towns and cities as well as law enforcement agencies. I have seen them collect information in real time this way. Hence this provides immediate access to all kinds of emergency requirements. This information is consolidated and visualized. Next, it is stored in a format that will help to access it as and when required. Hence it has to be stored in a proper format. This information will have to be distributed in real time in order to support all the needs of providing immediate access to information that can be truly critical.


These kinds of solutions are helpful for mobile law enforcement as well as public safety.

Securus Hits New Milestone In Its Rise To Prominence

You wouldn’t know it unless I told you — there is a lot of money to be made in the criminal justice system. One of the ways companies make money off of prisoners is through telephone calls. Every telephone inside of a prison has to be serviced by a third-party company and that third-party company likely has an exclusive government contracts to service that individual prison. This means that prisoners and their families have no choice but to use that particular telephone company.


This puts these telecommunications companies into a position of power and leverage. They could choose to jack up the rates on each and every phone call in order to make a killing for their investors. Or they could treat the situation with respect and treat everybody involved like a human being. That is exactly what a company called Securus is doing.


Securus has recently achieved an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for its treatment of prisoners and their families. They run a fair business, charging a reasonable price for telecommunication services and even providing prisoners with video chat services.They have recently acquired a company called JPay to make their business run even smoother for everybody involved. JPay allows prisoners and their families to pay for telecommunication services easily and quickly.


The company has even gone out of its way to do a voluntary accreditation from the BBB. The Better Business Bureau applies an eight point checklist in order to accredit companies. The checklist involves building trust, advertising honestly, telling the truth, holding a high standard of transparency, ensure the honoring of promises, to be responsive, to protect the privacy of everybody involved, and to embody integrity. Securus is proud to say that it has met the Better Business Bureau’s eight point checklist and has received accreditation.


The New and Innovative Technologies Coming From Securus Technologies

The best source for getting the up-to-date information on what is going on in today’s world, PRNewswire, just released an article on Securus Technologies, one of the biggest companies around to provide technology for public safety, monitoring, investigation and also corrections. The reason for this article was to comment on Securus Technologies new release of Investigator Pro 4.0. With companies like Securus Technologies, prisons and other agencies have been able to keep their facilities up and running, while still not spending too much money. The decision that Securus Technologies made to release the Investigator Pro 4.0 was a great one indeed, with its feature of searchable voice. The searchable voice feature has actually made it possible for the investigators using the 4.0 version to look at one of the samples of voices that they have on file for an inmate or for someone who was making an in going call to one of their inmates, and use that sample to search within the system being used for any voices that are a match to the sample voice.


As far as investigators are concerned, this newest piece of technology will go along way in helping them in terms of finding out the much needed information on criminal activity that is going on in facilities and also outside of facilities. Not only are the people that choose to use the Investigator Pro 4.0 able to go off of telephone numbers or PIN/IDs, but now they are able to break through that barrier and go off of the voices. This will in the end, help to clean up the systems, and it will also help investigators not have to spend so much time on the work that they do right now, leaving them more time to get other things done that are just as important.


Securus Technologies


The company that goes by the name of Securus Technologies, has been able to over the past years help many different agencies with finding the right type of technology for their agency at the right price. In fact, Securus Technologies has helped more than 3,450 agencies, which is a lot and it makes them proud to have helped out so many individuals. To learn more on the technology company known as Securus Technologies, click here.


Securus Technologies App Puts Them On the Map

Securus Technologies is a wonderful company, and I believe that my cousin who in incarcerated would totally agree with what I am saying. He is directly benefiting from this patented technology and I believe that more prisoners will get a glimmer of hope because of Securus. 

This is a the company that has present prison video visitation in a bold new way. I remember when there was a time when I had to grab my keys, get in my car and travel. The travel for the prison was something that I could not imagine doing now that I have access to a mobile app that allows me to do video visitation. This is such an awesome gift from Securus Technologies. 

The thing that I really like is the fact that this company has managed to get a system set up in the prison that my cousin is in. Everyone does not have access to this, but it is available in some prisons. I think that this is awesome for Securus and it will be something that gives prisoners hope. 

The reality with prison visitations is that it starts out very frequently, but then it starts to get less and less frequent. People will be so distraught when their loved ones get arrested. They will make a guarantee to visit every chance that they get, but life happens. I know I thought that I would visit my cousin more, but time just didn’t allow it. I felt bad about it, but Securus came along with video visitation and saved the day.

Now I get the chance to visit with my cousin through video and I believe that this gives him a glimmer of hope. It is hard to have hope in a prison system, but this is something that he can look forward to. This is something that will allow him to transcend his mind beyond the bars that he is in. 

I feel like people should be more excited about Securus. It is giving families a chance to reconnect. It is giving inmates hope. It is also cutting down the time that it takes to set up visitations in brings. All of these are good things. I pray that this company will continue to grow and reach more prison systems. It is something that more families are looking forward to as a means to communicating with family. These visits are important to prisoners.

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