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How Dr. Chris Villanueva Runs MB2 Dental Solutions

As the founder of MB2 Dental Solutions, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva has built a company that is very responsive to the needs of his clients. His company offers business services to dental practices and how has over 70 affiliated locations. As a dentist himself he knows what is important to other dentists, with the biggest priority being complete clinic autonomy. He and his team respect this autonomy and support the dentist-patient relationship in all cases.
Over the course of his career as a dentist Dr. Villanueva worked in both a sole dental practice and in a corporate setting. Having seen both sides he knew what the positives and negatives were with each approach. His goal at MB2 Dental Solutions is to offer the positives of working in both areas to his clients. His company offers a number of ways that dentists can run their practice while spending most of their time actually treating patients instead of doing paperwork. This includes areas like payroll, billing, human resources, and other areas.
At MB2 Dental Solutions, Dr. Chris Villanueva stays out of the details of the day-to-day operations at his company as he believes micromanaging is very detrimental to running a business. He says his approach is to hire the right people, set the vision and tone of the company, and then let them do the jobs you hired them to do. He trusts his employees and in turn they trust him.
Under Dr. Villanueva’s leadership, MB2 Dental Solutions now employees over 530 people. His company’s employees are located in six states including his company’s home state of Texas. He strives to create a youth-oriented culture at his company instead of the usual drab presence that most companies in this field have. MB2 Dental Solutions is also one of the few companies in the industry that is owned by dentists.
To further support their affiliated dentists and for everyone to get to know each other better Dr. Chris Villanueva hosts Owner’s Retreats twice a year. The team at MB2 Dental Solutions and the affiliated dentists get together to have fun on a retreat. Some of the past activities they have engaged in are trips to places like Cabo San Lucas and white-water rafting trips. They also support their dentists in other ways such as collecting food and donating money to their affiliated dentists and their staffs who were affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas.

The American Institute Of Art Follows A Special Code Of Conduct

     The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a professional organization catered to architects in the United States. The headquarters of the organization currently resides in Washington, D.C. For many years, the AIA has been offering a wide variety of services such as education, government guidelines and expertise, community reorganization, and public advisement that supports the professional status of architecture. They work together to improve the public image. In addition to all of the services provided by the organization, they also work with other members to help design structures as well as construct them by utilizing the construction team.

Robert Ivy is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the organization. Thomas V. Vonier is currently serving as the President of AIA. The American Institute of Architects has been around for well over 100 years. The organization was founded by a group of thirteen architects who got together in New York City in 1857. They worked together to draft bylaws that would reflect their overall professional nature to promote the scientific and practical perfection of each member. They work to elevate the standing of the profession and increase the positive nature of the overall status. At the time, Richard Upjohn served as their first president. They decided to meet up on February 23rd, 1857, and work on constructing the constitutional bylaws. They invited 16 more architects that were known as spectacular and prestigious in the community. Some of them included architects by the name of Thomas U. Walter, Calvert Vaux, and Alexander Jackson Davis. Before the AIA came about, anyone in the community could claim they were an architect. There were no laws at that time and there were no educational fulfillments provided to gain the license. The members of the AIA worked together to construct the bylaws that were provided on March 10th, 1857.

Originally, the AIA was named New York Society of Architects. Thomas U. Walter suggested they change the name to The American Institute of Architects and they signed the new constitute on April 15th, 1857. As the AIA developed, more architects elected to join. In 2008, they reported that there were over 300 chapters involved. Currently, there are over 90,000 licensed members and associated professionals. All members are required to follow a special code of conduct and ethics that are intended to assure clients, the public and other colleagues that the architects are fully dedicated to practicing at the highest standards available.

Linda Owen Is Now Highland Capital’s Charitable Giving Director

Highland Capital Advisors is one of the top-ranked private equity firms in the Dallas area and has delivered quality products for institutional investors and major corporations. But they also are the parent company to the Highland Foundation which partners with the Dallas Foundation, and they recently appointed Linda Owen to manage their philanthropic branch. Linda Owen was the former head of the Woodall Rogers Park Foundation and managed new recreation center developments across Dallas, and she’s also had extensive experience working for non-profit groups. Highland Capital CEO James Dondero said that Owen’s ability to build relationships and ability to direct will be invaluable to the foundation.

Highland Capital has been offering high-yield private equity funds for over 20 years and currently oversees $15 billion in assets under management. Their team of portfolio managers bring unique strategic approaches and the firm has been famous for turning around large corporations on the verge of bankruptcies, some of which Warren Buffet had lost money trying to do so. They also have utilized collateralized loan obligations throughout their years, a kind of investment that combines both high-risk and low risk bonds to fund businesses in high-risk fields. Highland Capital has holdings across all kinds of industries such as real estate, healthcare, investment banking and fixed income funds.

Highland Capital’s CEO James Dondero has been instrumental in building the firm’s portfolio along with CIO and co-founder Mark Okada. Dondero came to Highland Capital after managing the credit department for American Express, and Okada had been an advisor to Hibernion National Bank. They both worked for Protective Life’s Asset Management company and grew a GIC company from scratch to having over $2 billion in AUM. By 1998, Dondero and Okada had bought out the GIC company and renamed it to Highland Capital Advisors, LLC. Dondero and Okada are also on the board of Nexpoint Advisors and other affiliates, and both also serve as special advisors to Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business graduate program. Highland Capital’s philanthropic initiatives have supported Uplift Education, the Family Place, the Perot Nature Museum and other educational and healthcare endeavors.

Dr. Chris Villanueva Unique Achievements in Dentistry

Dr. Chris Villanueva is a successful active practitioner due to his professionalism. He founded MB2 Dental promoting both the corporate dentistry and sole practitioner sides under one roof. MB2 Dental has professionally supported more than 70 practitioners across six states with a workforce of 533. Typical dentistry is like traditional dental practices, and therefore, Dr. Chris created a unique experience.

The idea of MB2 Dental was born after he graduated from dental school. Graduates only have two options in the dentistry field either to join large group practice offering state of the art technology, CE availability, shared best practices and economies of scale. The second option is to start a private practice providing less bureaucracy, ownership and complete clinical autonomy among others. Having spent time on both sides, Dr. Villanueva understands their importance. Therefore Dr. Villanueva had an idea of having both of these options working in the same firm.

Daily Dr. Villanueva stays productive keeping everyone in the company working towards success. He brings his ideas to life by surrounding himself with smart people who help bring the great ideas, and he mostly gets ideas late at night like at 2 am while playing video games. Dr. Chris Villanueva is excited with the technology trend in the dental industry providing services that enhance the patient experience.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Villanueva thinks he is more productive because he does not take himself too seriously and MB2 Dental is a place where employees have fun together. Chris Villanueva believes the easiest way to gain trust is through humor. He recommends all entrepreneurs always to get time for self-reflection and have a simple day-day life. Moreover, he urges the community to read “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek to set strong visions.

MB2 Dental is changing the overview of dentistry. The company is unique because it is dentist-owned and is focused on personal growth, having fun, autonomy, and support.MB2 Dental offers an environment where dentists learn from each other and a youthful culture supported by practical experience. It also provides an expert team that help practitioners overcome any HR, payroll, legal, marketing or compliance challenging and thus they are protected.

Moreover, MB2 dentists enjoy a bi-annual owner’s retreats where they go to enjoy time with other dentists in the industry having fun and sharing knowledge. Some of the past retreats have involved white-water rafting adventures such as tours to Cabo San Lucas. Dr. Chis Villanueva is passionate about taking a different way in the field that will benefit the dentistry industry.

James Dondero’s Career in Finance

James Dondero had established himself as among the top financial services professionals in the United States. He co founded and currently manages the financial services company Highland Capital Management. The firm he co founded provides a lot of services which help a number of clients oversee their investment capital. During the last two decades, James has been able to build his firm into a highly successful company in the finance industry. Prior to co founding his own financial services firm, James worked in the finance industry as an employee. He would hold a number of entry level, middle management and upper management positions. During his spare time, James looks to make a difference in his community by participating in a number of philanthropic activities.

At the beginning of his career, James worked for an investment firm where he would contribute by analyzing credit backed securities. During his career, James would continue to attain higher positions with more responsibility. These positions helped James develop the skills and expertise necessary to manage very large sums of money. After holding a number of positions at investment firms, James decided to pursue entrepreneurship. He would start up his own company that would first offer life insurance policies and then a number of other financial service options that would benefit a wider range of investors.

Dondero co founded Highland Capital Management in 1990 along with Mark Okada. This firm was a life insurance company that would establish itself as a dependable firm. In 1993, James began to expand the amount of services the firm offered. He would begin providing financial advising and other options that would benefit clients. James would also offer a number of investment options such as private equity securities for investors. All of these services would benefit both individual and institutional investors. By the end of the 1990’s, James Dondero would begin offering collateralized loan obligations which allowed investors to more easily manage their debt backed securities. He would also expand his firm to other places in the world such as Brazil, Singapore, New York City and South Korea. This allowed James to establish his firm as one that serves investors from all parts of the world.

The Journalist Jeff Yastine Famous in his Task

     Jeff Yastine serves as the editor of the famous Total Wealth Insider magazine. In the year 2015, he joined the Banyan Hill Publishing and worked as the director of the editorial department. He formally was working with Center for Financial World Events. He had gathered a lot of experience from the company in stock market investments and also as a financial journalist.

Above this, Jeff contributes greatly on a weekly basis to the Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily together with the Winning Investor Daily. In what he contributes, many investors find the knowledge on business, economy and money trends. He also highlights the opportunities that can lead to profit that is brought out by the magazine’s financial order.

Jeff was nominated for Emmy as an anchor and a correspondent at the PBS Nightly Business Report between the year 1994 and 2010. He has gained a lot from this position by gaining investment secrets uses by the world’s top entrepreneur and financiers of the time. The interviewed guest includes Michael Dell, Warren Buffett, and Sir Richard Branson among many others. The reporting by the Jeff has also been of help to small-cup by identifying successful investment opportunities for them. Moreover, large company’s turnarounds too have benefited from the reporting. Other beneficiaries of the reporting range from the retail to agriculture and the bio-pharmaceutical sector.

His reporting played a great role in warning the investor of the real estate crisis that came in the mid-2000s together with creating awareness of the risk that would be caused by the unsustainable dot-com bubble. Later on, he was involved in giving reports of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that occurred in 2010, the influence that the foreign automakers would cause when they build manufacturing plants in the united state, the financial effect of the aftermath of the hurricane Katrina and the handover of Panama Canal in the year 1999. In another task, he went to Cuba in the year 1994 and 2003 in a task to report the role played by the investors in the economy of the nation.

Jeff received an award from the from the 2007 Business Emmy Award after reporting on the underfunded roads among other public infrastructures. Moreover, he was among the team of the NBR journalists that won York State Society of Certified Public Accountants’ Excellence in the year 2002. They won this award based on the special report they presented on the nation’s bonds market.


Karl Heideck’s Lawful Determination

     With many problems there must come a solution. With the problem of obesity at an all time high in America, the cities and states look to fight the negative occurrence from gaining greater circumstances. The city of Philadelphia purses to tax on surgery drinks such as soda in hopes to negatively affect the rise of obesity. Many problems can arise and many solutions can stem from taxing alone. With taxing, this affects the lower classes that can not afford it who regularly buy soda and in return this also affects small businesses that sell the items. The good that comes from this is the common occurrence and assumption that many customers will choose to buy drinks that are healthier. The affects of this is really a coin flip in the financial industry and has even turned the heads of the businesses that manufacture and produce the soda. With the disapproval of decisions made in the smaller courts, the soda manufacturing companies and businesses look to bring the matter to the supreme court in letting them decide the ultimate solution.

Karl Heideck, an attorney in Philadelphia who specializes in litigation and compliance and risk management review, is seasoned when it comes to laws and rights. Karl has been in the business of law for over a decade and is also a avid writer as he manages an educational blog to keep people educated and informed. This comes as no surprise as he attended and graduated from college in Swarthmore College earning a bachelors degree.

Karl Heideck isn’t just a lawyer in the business of law but also contains the same impact outside of the business. Karl, being the prolific writer he is uses his blog to utilize new information in business and laws to the public to keep them informed and knowledgeable. Developing himself outside of the business speaks volumes of how dynamic Karl is in that he doesn’t just limit himself to one cause. The article about the taxation laws on soda in Philadelphia are just some of the many ways he keeps his audience informed and aware.

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James Dondero Is Working Hard To Help Clients Reach Their Goals

James Dondero is the co-founder of the very successful investment company Highland Capital. James has over thirty years of past experience in the financial sector and has used his skills and insight to propel the company into one of the fastest growing and most productive companies in the country. To date, Highland Capital manages over $14.9 billion in assets.

James Dondero began his career in 1984 when he entered into the Morgan Guaranty training program in conjunction with attending and graduating from the University of Virginia’s Mcintire School of Commerce with honors in the field of Accounting and Finance. He began his long and noteworthy career right out of school when he signed on with Corporate Bond Analysis in 1985. There he honed his skills and eventually was in charge of over $1 billion in assets before making his move to Protective Life as their Chief Investment Officer. James Dondero was key in helping to grow the company to the point where they were managing approximately $2 billion in assets.

Some of the other highpoints of his career include being a member of the board for several large companies such as Cornerstone Healthcare and NexBank. He also has several philanthropic interests to which he devotes large portions of his time. Today, James Dondero is the driving force behind the success of Highland Capital. He works closely with not only his upper management but the ground floor advisors in order to give clients the largest return on their investment. They believe in creating a solid professional relationship between the client and the company in order to better understand their investment goals and to help them reach them in the most efficient manner possible.


     Karl Heideck is a prominent Hire Counsel-listed lawyer since 2015. He furnishes individual employers and companies with constitutional litigation, compliance and risk management services. He also uses his free time to write and publish blogs that help people of Pennsylvania understand how several laws work. Apart from practicing law to individual citizens and companies, he has held numerous legal posts in various law firms.

Karl Heideck is a famous lawyer in Philadelphia who majors on risk and compliance management. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in English and Literature from Swarthmore College fourteen years ago. He pursued a law degree at James Beasley School which is an associate of Temple University where he graduated in 2009. He has an experience of more than ten years in the field of law, and this gives him a name among the best litigators in Philadelphia. Karl Heideck has over the years ventured into various aspects of law such as employment legislation and corporate litigation. Unlike other lawyers, Karl Heideck is also a famous blogger who writes about the emerging issues in the field of law and further makes proposals that can benefit the citizens of Pennsylvania.

In one of his pieces, Karl Heideck explores one of the laws in Pennsylvania concerning car seats. The law requires that children between the age of two and eight years be put in booster seats until they attain the weight of eighty pounds. Additionally, kids who have not reached two years should be placed in seats that face the rear. According to health specialists, putting the kids in such conditions prevents them from getting serious injuries in case of accidents. Drivers who contravene this law are liable to a penalty of seventy-five dollars, and a requirement to pay the court fees and costs. This law has existed for a couple of years though it has not achieved strict adherence. However, the recent statistics that show that eleven kids die every week in car crashes have forced the authorities to demand compliance with this law.

Children of different ages require different safety seats. There are rear-facing seats, forward facing seats and booster seats that help raise the kids a bit so that they can use the seat belts. Other types of seats such as the Graco have been recalled because their harness was found to be ineffective. Since the penalty is hefty, people are asked to evaluate the children seats in their cars at the designated inspection areas or the Children’s Hospital at Pittsburg.

Please check Child Car Seat Law in Pennsylvania By Karl Heideck Explains for more.

Highland Capital: The Ultimate King in Financial Markets & Philanthropy

Highland Capital Management is an investment advisory firm that is found in 1993, and it is based in Dallas, Texas. They also have offices located in New York, Seoul, Singapore, and Sao Paolo. They along with their affiliates have about $15.4 billion of assets that they are managing. Mark Okada and James Dondero are Highland’s founders. Also, Highland has become one of the most experienced and biggest global alternative as credit managers. They specialize in strategies of credit, including long-only funds, credit hedge funds, special-situation private equity, distressed private equity, separate accounts, and collateralized loan obligations (CLOs). Additionally, Highland Capital provides alternative investments, including natural resources, short/long equities, and emerging markets. Their broad clientele consists of foundations, public pension plans, financial institutions, corporations, endowments, governments, fund of funds, and wealthy individuals.

Their Philanthropic Efforts

Highland Capital is more than about the business. They are also about reaching back to the community. They invest in communities where their employees work and live, in addition to investing in financial markets. They remain committed to making a profound difference through financial donations, advisory board engagement, and volunteerism to national nonprofit organizations and local community organizations. And as a result, so far, they along with partners have committed over $10 million to companies globally.

Some of their recent philanthropic efforts include the following:

  • Their partnering with The Dallas Foundation for the improving of North Texas communities
  • Joining the board of Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business
  • The announcing of a $1 million challenge grant to complete The Family’s Place Campaign that’s worth $16.5million
  • The launching of $147million healthcare funding along with Shiwen Yap, S Korea’s National Pension Service (NPS)- this is the anchor fund investor which started in 1988, and it is now worth about KRW 565 trillion ($499.8 billion). The Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute stated that their corpus is worth $465.13 billion.