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Shervin Pishevar: The Importance of Diversity in the Cryptocurrency Market

One of the reasons why the U.S. is so successful is because of diverse markets. Shervin Pishevar discusses fundamental principles of the free enterprise system which encourages diversity. New problems become easier to solve with the input of varied interests. The growing diversity in the cryptocurrency market indicates a more mature market. This is one of the reasons that Shervin Pishevar predicts a steady recovery for Bitcoin, the coin with the largest share of the new market.

Almost synonymous with diversity is liquidity. Fewer players in a market make it harder to move trades instantly and at any time. This was one of the greatest obstacles that the Bitcoin led cryptocurrency market rallies faced in 2014 and again at the end of 2017. However, in just half a year, investors have witnessed that there are other viable projects besides the big players Bitcoin and Ethereum. Litecoin has demonstrated endurance on the back of Bitcoin’s design. Neo and Ripple continue to draw a following. Steem authors become more numerous each day. Bitcoin Cash has proven that it can keep pace with its claim as the real blockchain. New projects, like EOS, prepare to usher in the next generation of cryptocurrencies. Taken together, all of these projects attract new and varied investments.

More investors from various industries helps the cryptocurrency market become more independent of conventional markets. It still responds strongly to major market price moves, but much less so than it used to. Both rallies, in 2014 and at the end of 2017, were in response to fundamental changes in cryptocurrency technology. Beyond these price moves, Bitcoin demonstrates a consistent annual return. This is what Shervin Pishevar was hoping the masses would understand.

The technology is proven sound. The market is a bit more mature. Now with the support of a strong investor base, blockchain technology can be seriously considered as a solution for large scale world problems. When conventional markets fall, the idea of them disappearing is inconceivable because goods and services are needed for daily life. Shervin Pishevar believes existing monopolies threaten this dynamic. Blockchains offer the solution.

The Blessing and Curse of Social Media

Social media really is a blessing and a curse. It is able to provide all sorts of benefits and give individuals the ability to interact with others around the world. However, it can also be a curse as one wrong post can cause all sorts of problems. That is exactly what Melissa Click discovered as she lost her job at the University of Missouri after one encounter online. It is also just one other reason why the team at Status Labs wants people to understand why it is important to think twice about not only posting anything online but when acting out in front of other people, as they may post videos online.

Melissa Click worked as an assistant professional at the University of Missouri. During a student protest, she wanted security to “strong arm” the protesters and have them removed. She was vocal about it but didn’t cause any physical harm to the students. Despite this, her “strong arm” comment was recorded by a student, who then posted the video online. Once heads of the university heard about this they fired her on the spot. Now, Melissa Click is stating it is not right to fire someone for making one, seemingly minor statement, in front of a camera that she did not expect to be posted online.

Whether people agree with her statements or not, Status Labs uses this as an important lesson for individuals to learn. They need to understand that anything and everything they might say can be posted online. It is why people who are in a public position need to remain extra cautious when they say just about anything online. As long as individuals take this into account and make sure to play it cautious and simply assume anything they say and do is going to be posted online, they will be better off.

Darius Fisher, the head and cofounder of Status Labs, wants to do everything he can to help both employers and employees to understand exactly what they should be doing about their online reputation and how they can avoid negative content from affecting their lives and other personal attributes.

Parents Need To Learn About Teen Social Apps

Being a parent to a teen comes with a host of responsibilities. The massive growth of social media has added more than a few complexities. Not all social media sites are for meeting friends. A number of social media platforms are connected to dating apps. A few of those apps are even directly marketed to teens. And just because a social media site or app has a purpose other than dating or personal interactions does not mean amorous pursuits are absent.

Parents really do have to familiarize themselves with apps and social sites if they want to be sure their teen stays out of trouble.

Parents should first research which social apps and platforms are generally safe. Instagram allows users to post short videos and the site is not known for inappropriate content. Twitter’s microblogging platform is fairly tame and is used by millions of people including celebrities of all walks of life. Skout is a popular friendship and dating app that has a special teens-only section. The teen section is monitored and this is a huge help to parents.

Skout reflects a business endeavor that wants to avoid controversy and remain safe for its younger members. Skout does not even focus exclusively on dating. Many use the app to meet friends or connect with people when traveling. The diverse nature of Skout has allowed it to grow quickly in a crowded market.

Various apps, however, are really not appropriate for teens. A lot of adults may wish to avoid them as well. Certain apps are known for the presence of adult-oriented material, violent subject matter, and no real monitoring of content. Parents really need to research what particular apps have these flaws.

Parents also need to have a little straight talk with their kids about the harm they can do to themselves on certain social apps. Producing provocative videos and hoping they remain deleted or forgotten about is probably not a good strategy. Things on the internet have a tendency to remain forever in existence in some form. Somewhere down the road, those videos and pictures can come back to cause chaos.

Parents might feel overwhelmed when first trying to learn about the massive number of social apps out there. A lot of articles have been written on the subject and there are many online references available.

With the proper time investment, parents can learn all they need to know about teen social apps. The knowledge may then be used to help a teen.

The Day Has Come To Fix Troubling Google Results

Google creates impressions. A person’s reputation may be defined by what the Google search engine results reveal. Seriously negative listing in the Google search engine results could ruin both personal and professional relationships. This is why it is important to take steps to address problems with the Google search engine results or else the consequences of negative content never goes away.

Running a name search is the first step to take and it is a vital one. Unless someone clears all cookies and runs a search, then the results of what Google shows are not going to ever be known. Once the results are revealed, then something has to be done to address the situation.

If personal information is present on a data resource, a simple email could have the material eliminated. Not everything is going to be as easily addressed though. Bad reviews or social media comments might be untouchable. This does not mean, however, that their impact cannot be dulled. Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs, is an expert in the field of digital marketing and reputation management. Fisher has pointed out in the past that being lax with addressing Google results is a poor idea. Google search results are not going to go away. They have to be “bumped” or overwhelmed.

The way to achieve this is through developing new and original content. Launching a blog or publishing a website would be two examples. The content presented on these venues ends up being indexed by the search engines. The new content could counterbalance the negative material. If a great deal of new and fresh content is produced, it may end up replacing a lot of the older, less-positive material.

The content does have to be professional in quality. Simply publishing weak or poorly composed content wouldn’t be advised. The search engines might outright ignore the material.

Contacting someone such as Darius Fisher is strongly advised. He gained a lot of expertise through working as a political consultant and copywriter before co-founding Status Labs. His expertise has guided the company towards helping 1,500+ clients all over the world.