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Investing For Your Retirement And Future According To Richard Blair

Founder and Executive Director of Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair is one of the leading investment and financial planning advisors in Texas, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Wealth Solutions Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisory firm based in Austin and offers quality services that aim to assist its clients to work towards the attainment if their financial objectives.


Owing to his vast knowledge and expertise, Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions possesses certifications such as CAS, CES, CFS, CIS, CTS, and RICP, which all contribute to bolstering his position in the financial services industry. As a provider of wealth management services, Wealth Solutions assists its clients to formulate a solid financial plan that outlines a particular customer’s strengths, objectives, and the available opportunities for growth.


By creating such a personalized plan for each client, Wealth Solutions can address the unique long-term and short-term objectives and therefore develop a client portfolio that will maximize the profits during favorable market conditions, while reducing the risks during downturns. Richard Blair then ensures that the customer has the proper insurance structure in place, with regards to long-run health and financial security.


About Richard Blair


Richard is a finance professional who specializes in creating customized retirement, wealth preservation and investment plans of action. He formed Wealth Solutions because he had personally witnessed how learning and teaching had a profound effect on knowledge and personal confidence. This coupled with his passion for finance, enabled him to create an independent firm that he could use to advise clients and teach them how to meet their financial objectives.


Richard Blair attended the University of Houston where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, with a specialization in Financial Management Services. He ventured into this field immediately after completing his formal training.


About Wealth Solutions


Wealth Solutions is an investment firm that specializes in Financial Planning, Wealth Management, and Retirement Planning. It was founded in 1994 by Richard Blair to provide objective and unprejudiced financial advice to families, individuals, as well as business entities.


The investment firm is committed to providing dynamic financial solutions that can adapt to an equally dynamic financial market. Wealth Solutions understands that the goal of each of their clients is to preserve their wealth by creating a stable source of income as well as establishing a legacy for their successors.


3 Things to Know Before You Start Investing

Investing is a great way to start making extra money. Although investing can be highly, lucrative, many novices start throwing their money into the wrong places and wind up losing more than they ever could have anticipated. These simple beginner’s investment tips will help guide you in the right direction and make the most informed decisions when it comes to your money, as well as help you get the greatest possible turnout in the future.

Don’t Limit Yourself to a Single Investment

Suze Orman, acclaimed broker and Vice President of Prudential Bache Securities, revealed that diversification is key when it comes to making good investments. Her advice for beginning investors is, ““How do you diversify if you don’t have a lot of money? By buying either a no-load mutual fund or an exchange-traded fund (ETF). An exchange-traded fund operates like a stock but it’s really a tracking index. Either one of those two is a great way to give you diversification.” (Yahoo Finance)

Set Long-term Goals

Knowing why you’re investing in the first place will help you decide the best amount to use from the start and help you choose stocks to invest in. Are you saving for a college education? Retirement? Or is this what you hope to be the start of a new future in finance?

Read Up

It’s easy to find out where you can make your first investment, but understanding the ins and outs of the stock market is an entirely different field. Make sure that you read up and understand key terms and processes before investing your money anywhere. has a great introductory article on investment strategy, and Pr newswire has an entire investment university online for free.

Investing with Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw & Company is an international investment bank that officers modern financial products and investment council to clients at unbeatable rates. SEC registered Laidlaw & Company offer customized solutions from skilled financial experts who can help you learn exactly where and how to make the most out of your investments in the stock market. Whether you’re a beginner or trying to figure out how to manage your large-scale investments, Laidlaw provides investment counseling and support to everyone from single buyers to public institutions. For more information on the company and their services, visit them at