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Securus Technologies Uncovers Global Tel Link Consumer Bullying

Securus Technologies is a telecommunications company that serves hundreds of thousands from its Dallas, Texas headquarters. Their technology solutions are utilized by criminal justice, civil justice, and public safety, with services that range from inmate self-service to public information; from monitoring and information management to biometric analysis, and more. Securus has a simple and straightforward mission that includes making the world we live in safer. To this end, Securus strives for excellence in customer service and insists on the same from others within the industry. Global Tel Link (GTL) has made a mockery of the integrity and professionalism that Securus Technologies and others within the industry maintain. Securus is now committed to showcasing the many ways that consumers are being bullied into paying whatever amounts GTL decides they should for services that others provide with integrity, uncovering the dastardly deeds over the course of the next six months. Why? Simply put, they approach the consumers who use their services every day as they would like to be, with the highest industry standards. Unfortunately, the instances of GTL bullying the very consumers who are the life-blood of the industry are egregious and plentiful. Examples of GTL’s intentional and outrageous slights toward consumers, many found in this Order from the Louisiana Public Service Commission, cost taxpayers well over a million dollars, with no cap on that amount in sight. GTL has been discovered adding seconds to inmate calls, setting telephones to charge based on rates higher than the industry standard, attaching amounts to calls with add-on programs and billing for calls more than one time. As more is revealed about GTL misdeeds, Securus will continue to serve consumers fairly. Perhaps Global Tel Link will consider joining them and cut short their reprehensible treatment of those they have been paid to serve.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

FreedomPop’s President Discusses His Business Plan

The business plan at FreedomPop is unlike any other in the cell phone industry as reported by Mobile World Live. The biggest companies have a normal plan that makes people pay a lot of money to have service, but FreedomPop does not want to be that kind of company. They have been raising venture capital for a long time to keep moving their networks around the world, and they are helping make their phones easier to get for everyone. They have a deal with Motorola for the MotoE, but they offer the phone free with a free plan.

People might think that getting a free phone is not the best way to help pay for a cell phone company, but FreedomPop does have a cheap plan that offer one or two gigabytes per month. These plans are not designed to pay all their operating expenses, but they are designed to make it easy for company to bring in customers who want to save money. The real change at FreedomPop is in the way they will use marketing to make money.

The marketing that the company sells is going to come through on all the phones as digital ads, and that will make it easy for the company to pay for their expenses. The ads are usually imperceptible to the customers, but the company will make money on every phone even if the company is giving up the phone and service for free. FreedomPop wants to be something that anyone can enjoy, and the only way to do that is to make sure that they are going to have more money from advertising to expand.

The company is trying to reach people across the world who do not have cell phones, and it is going to take its networks to the people using its plan. The business plan will keep paying for itself with every new person who gets a phone, and even the paid plans are going to pay FreedomPop back. Their CEO thinks that they have the right plan for success, and they will continue with that plan until they have reached everyone with a free phone.

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Handy Cleaning Saved My Life

I have used our local cleaning service for many years. However, I can say that I have been so unhappy with the cleaning they have done. I kept giving them the benefit of the doubt, but this company was sending a new worker out each time, and none of them was familiar with my house. They were constantly late and I had just had it. While browsing Google one night, I saw an ad for Handy housecleaning that was on my smartphone. I thought I was seeing things because now you can schedule your house cleaning services on your phones. I downloaded the app just to see what it was all about.

Itunes’ Handy is a cleaning company based out of California by a man named Weina Scott. The company was started back in 2012, so they are rather new. I entered some information like the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms I had, and then I put my phone number in and requested a quote. Within a few hours, I had a call from a lady in customer service. It appears that their customer service department is open 24/7. This is something that you just don’t normally see with other cleaning companies. She was so friendly and explained the whole basis of their services to me. They are in 28 cities across the country, and one of them happens to be my Texas town. She scheduled a service call for the following week and told me the name of the person who would be in contact with me. She also said that I would receive a message on my cell phone when the person was about an hour away. This would allow me to let them in or make arrangements for a key.

I waited that Tuesday for a text and sure enough, like promised it came in at around an hour before hand. Jennifer was the clerk they sent to my home, and she was as bubbly as they come. She was super friendly and knew exactly how to come in and get started. It’s a big house, so they told me it would take her about 3-4 hours of time. I went to another wing of the house and let her do her thing. When I came back out, I found that Jennifer had found some candles I had and other scents in the house. She lit them for me and had my home smelling like fresh baking cake from the candles. I thought it was a bold move, but she told me she could tell I liked that kind of stuff so she took the liberty. I loved that she took the initiative and did things that I usually love but don’t have time to do myself.

I can schedule my next appointment and rave about my cleaning lady. I still have Jennifer and she still makes my house smell great whenever she comes through. She’s like one of the family now.