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It’s Time To Improve Your Personal Cyber Security

The risk to business and personal cyber security increases every year. As hackers from various and often unknown locations have pulled off increasingly damaging attacks all over the world, businesses and individual have seen their bottom lines impacted.


Early in 2017, 150 nations suffered what has been called the largest attack so far. As someone who has experienced the impact of inadequate personal cyber security I can report that the effects can be disastrous. Not only can valuable data be lost, compromised or damaged, but the added work of recovering from an attack can take precious time and resources away from other pressing concerns.


One source of business and personal cyber security is an app called Rubica. Backed by a team that has operated successfully in this space for over ten years, the app is managed out of an ops-center in the U.S. and features 24/7 comprehensive support for digital security needs. The team also uses a combination of human expertise and machine learning to actively monitor your security at all times.


Personal cyber security is more important today than it has ever been (YahooNews). The new reality of threats from bad actors means we all need to think a little harder about how to keep our data and systems safe.