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Robert Ivy: A Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award

Ivy, a well established architect, is finally getting the wonderful attention which he deserves. He is winning the wonderful award and title, the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. Robert Ivy is the Executive vice President, as well as chief executive officer of the AIA, which stands for: American Institute of architects. Under his leadership, more and more architects are continuing to join, including interestingly enough from countries, one being Canada.

Ivy received his education from Tulane University, in which he attended the two lane school of architecture program, and received more training on how to be a great architect, and train for a great career in architecture and design. He also attended the college, Sewanee: the University of the South. Ivy also served in the United States Navy as an officer. This was before he began his wonderful lifelong career in architecture.

Maybe also served as an editor in chief for McGraw-Hill‘s journal/magazine, architectural record. While he was the editor in chief for this magazine, he caused the magazine to expand out into other countries such as China, as well as other nations in the middle lease. He helped the magazine translate different magazine additions into Mandarin as well as Arabic. Also under Ivy’s editor in chief leadership for the magazine, many readers were added to the magazines already outstanding readership.

Robert on Ivy on this award, I’ve been awarded with this honor, I have been Mississippi born or raised, Robert Ivy was Mississippi born. Other people who have been known for receiving this great award and honor, include the actor Morgan Freeman in the year 2007, as well as a few others.

Additionally, in March 2010 Robert Ivy also received the prestigious title of: “Master Architect” by america’s national architectural fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi. Not many others have received this award, marking it to be a very momentous occasion. Albert Ivy will be presented with this award formally on June 2 at a special event held in Mississippi.

Robert Ivy has also written his authoritative biography, entitled “Fay Jones: Architect,” which is well-known all throughout the world. In this biography, Robert Ivy is recognized mainly, aside from his high level writing skills, but also for “ highest standards of scholarship, production, and design.” You can learn more about Robert Ivy and connect with him, and stay tune for more updates on him, as well as the American Institute of architecture through his Twitter page, as well as the AIA website.