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Sergio Cortes: Working To Help Xerém

According to the article that was published by Extra, Sergio Cortes has advised everyone in Xerém to make sure that they are putting hypochlorite in all of the water that they have aside from bottled water. This is because the chemical works to create clean water and is safe for the people to not only use as bathing water, but it is also safe for the residents to drink. Residents should not drink, use or even wash their hands in water that has not been treated with hypochlorite because they may be subject to diseases that occur as a result of flooding.

Sergio Cortes is the secretary of health according to wikipedia. He has experience as a physician, but he also has experience in emergency situations. He has worked in many emergencies and is confident in his skills to handle the medical aspect of the flooding in Xerém. He has made himself available to the people of the town as well as to the people who are medical professionals in the town. He has worked to come up with expert advice to let everyone know what they are doing medically after the flooding occurred. He has become well-versed in handling situations such as this type.

Flooding can be detrimental not only because it can cause damage to homes and buildings, but it can also bring diseases with it after the initial flooding. Because there is so much to clean up after the floods and there is a large amount of water just sitting in the streets, diseases can be easily spread and passed around. Not only do people lose their lives during the actual flooding, they can also be killed by the diseases that come as a result of flooding in the days following the flood that has happened.

The diseases that people can get from flood waters include simple things like diarrhea all the way up to complicated diseases like hepatitis A. The dengue fever is also a major issue for people after flooding. When floods are not handled properly and the people of the areas are not educated on what they need to do after the flooding has occurred, they could become the targets for more death. It is important that floods be cleaned up as quickly as possible and that every resident be warned of the dangers that can happen after a flood if proper care is not taken concerning water sanitation.