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Kevin Seawright’s Inspiring Business Career

Kevin Seawright is an administrative and financial operations leader who is well known for his ability to command new opportunities, achieving business goals, and his strategic vision. Kevin has become one of the community’s most respected individuals due to his positive contributions to the society.

For more than thirteen years, he has improved the living standards of people living on the East Coast using his financial expertise. He combines strategies such as team inclusion, outcome efficiency, private financial sector, business acumen, and governmental operations in his activities which seem to work efficiently.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright graduated with masters in Accounting from Almeda University in 2006. He received an Executive Leadership Certification from Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business in 2015. At the moment, Kevin Seawright is the Chief Financial Officer and Vice-president of Newark Economic Development Corporation.

He has formulated revolutionary business strategies that build responsive finance divisions/Accounting (collections, payable, payroll, and receivables). His business solutions deliver positive outcomes by aligning technological initiatives with current economic and organizational goals. Additionally, he transformed revenue planning processes in large organizations.

His revenue planning processes have worked effectively for sub-contractors and contractors in different parts of the Mid-Atlantic region.

In his career, Kevin Seawright has served as a Managing Fiscal Officer, Budget Manager, Chief of Construction and Financial Projects, Finance Director, Executive Director of Operations, and Deputy Chief Operating Officer.

He is an accomplished business director with a keen interest in creating rapport with clients, staff, leaders, and cross functional managers among others. Kevin has received several awards for outstanding provision of services, professionalism, and creativity during challenging economic times. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

Some of the fundamental principles that Kevin has used to guide his career include promoting reliability and efficiency in business operations. Such operations include; negotiations, human capital, facilities management, change management, accounting, and finance. He also encourages managers to remain active team players and to share team skills.

Such people should enhance proficiency with social platforms and technology to increase the efficiency of operations. He also says that it is important to develop long-term strategies, being honest, staying positive, gaining knowledge on various business activities, fostering a positive relationship with others, and demonstrating progression through accountability and statistics.