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End Citizen United’ Program To Enlighten California Voters About Katie Porter

End Citizens United together with WOMEN VOTE announced a six-figure digital advertising and direct mail program to educate the electorate in the 45th Congressional District of California about Katie Porter. Katie Porter is a law professor at the University of California Irvine. Porter is also a trained and qualified consumer protection attorney who has spent her career taking on the big banks of Wall Street and winning every time. Katie Porter is a champion for working American families as she stands by them through thick and thin. She has also stood to the conservatives in Congress and President Donald Trump as they continue to prioritize special interest ahead of the issues that affect Americans on a daily basis such as Healthcare and social security.

As a mother and a university professor, Katie knows why it is crucial to keep firearms out of schools and out of our streets. She argues that we can uphold the second amendment and still keep assault rifles out of the hands of criminals. Porters is also a champion of reforms in the current rigged system. She has made getting special interest groups and million-dollar donors out of the American political landscape a primary issue in her campaign. She has also made it public that she will not be accepting corporate PAC money.

Both senators Kamal Harris and Elizabeth Warren have endorsed Katie Porters because they know that she will champion for the rights and privileges that the 45th district residents deserves. Katie has promised to protect a woman’s right to choose, defend the Affordable Care Act, invest in public education and protect Planned Parenthood.

On the other hand, Mimi Walters has taken thousands of dollars from the NRA. Walters has cast a vote to loosen gun ownership restrictions now and then. Walters was also one of the architects of the failed conservative health care plan to end protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions, increase premiums and tax people’s benefits.

She has voted with Donald Trump and Paul Ryan to limit health care access for women by withdrawing funds from the Planned Parenthood kitty. For most of her time in office, Walters has prioritized corporate interest ahead of the millions of hard-working families in California. End Citizens United’s management has categorically stated that the residents of California deserve a candidate who shall put their interests first. The digital advertising and direct mail programs will educate the voters about Katie Porter and her progressive priorities.

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End Citizens United Helping the Pro-Reform Political Candidates in the United States

The political scene of the United States has been a matter of discussion world over in the last few years, primarily because of the way the elections are being conducted. The amount of money that flows in and out of election campaigns has become a cause of concern as it gives the power to the corporations and wealthy individuals residing in the United States to manipulate the outcome of the election campaigns. The election campaign finance rules decided by Supreme Court of the United States in 2010 has made it easier for the corporations to channel their money into the elections to favor the political candidates of their choice. It has made it difficult for the everyday people to trust the government as the power of money is controlling the government and the political candidates and is influencing the country’s administrative policies.

End Citizens United is one of the most vocal political action committees against the campaign finance rules that exist now. The PAC has played a very vital role in spreading the awareness about how the corporations and affluent individuals are controlling the elections with their money and indirectly controlling and making the government policies that give top priority to the companies rather than everyday people. End Citizens United collects its fund from the everyday people and uses it effectively to support the political candidates who back the reforms in the campaign finance regulations. ECU supports the political candidates who are against the existing campaign finance rules, and it has helped many candidates to gain a strong position in the political circle.

The primary aim of ECU is to give back the control of election in the hands of people where it rightly belongs. The ECU founder and President, Tiffany Mueller, recently listed the names of the top twenty targets in the year 2018 who the PAC would be opposing. It includes the names such as Dana Rohrabacher, Darrell Issa, Duncan Hunter, and Mimi Walters. From the time the ECU was made till now, the political action committee has collected and spent millions of dollars in backing the political candidates who are for the campaign finance rules reforms. The ECU firmly believes that the Supreme Court of the country should pull back its decision to ensure that the election campaigns that should be neutral are not diluted with the power of money.

Tiffany Mueller is confident that the movement she has started with the help of End Citizens United is picking up the pace and creating mass awareness, which would in the future help in achieving the objectives for which the ECU was formed in the first place. The amount of fund collection has also been increasing at a rapid pace in the last couple of years.

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Ferguson Protests Just One Part Of The Work Of George Soros

The philanthropist and hedge fund legend George Soros is known for different things around the world, in the U.S. he is known for his political activism and in the U.K. he is perhaps best remembered as the man who broke the Bank of England in 1992. However, too many groups that benefit from the philanthropic work of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations of charitable organizations the man who established the Soros Fund Management brand is a major backer of the causes undertaken to protect the rights of people from across the U.S. and the world as a whole. The Washington Times has recently revealed a large number of groups that were important in organizing the success of the Ferguson protests that followed the unlawful shooting of Michael Brown by a Missouri based police officer. Read his profile at Washington Times.

For George Soros there has been much made of the work he completes in the U.S. in terms of political giving, but Politico reports the Hungarian born Holocaust survivor has found himself unhappy with the levels of influence and financial backing the political elite are permitted in the U.S.; in his donations and political giving, George Soros has gone so far as to develop links to the End Citizen’s United PAC that was established in 2015 in a bid to make sure the major financial donations given by major donors on both sides of U.S. politics come to an end as soon as possible. The End Citizen’s United group share many political ideologies with George Soros, including their decision to back Democratic candidates for key political seats of power across the U.S. In fact, George Soros has only played a key role in developing the candidacy of Democrat candidates during two major U.S. Presidential elections in 2004 and 2016.

The Ferguson protests in 2014 took on a major level of significance for George Soros as he feels the U.S. Constitution is not guaranteed by God to the people of the nation as was stated by the Founding Fathers; instead, George Soros believes grassroots campaigns must take place to fight for the rights of all U.S. citizens and those who wish to enter the nation from troubled areas of the world. George Soros has been a major supporter of the groups that play a key role in the Black Lives Matter campaign, including OBS and More that did much to organize the “Hands Up Coalition” that led the protest movement in Ferguson in the days, weeks, and months following the shooting of Michael Brown. Throughout 2014, George Soros became a major donor to campaigns in Ferguson dedicated to bringing about reform of the police authorities in the city and across Missouri with a $5.4 million donation to various grassroots groups. Learn more about his profile at

George Soros Is Providing Pressure

George Soros is a billionaire and an ally of Obama administration. He is a protégé of the Rothschild banking dynasty. In fact, there have been many benefits that have accrued from the philanthropy of this powerful hedge-fund boss. These include the anti-market Occupy Wall Street “movement,” besides the Obama election campaign, as well as many revolutions overseas.

George Soros is a liberal billionaire. He has built a business empire that is dominating across Europe. He has a political machine that is powered by nonprofit foundations. All this impacts American politics as well as policy. Read this story about George at

Soros’ organizations have helped to mobilize demonstrators in many countries across the world. This is because he believes in democratic governments that are accountable to its citizens. The radical organizations that are funded by George Soros include the Samuel Dewitt Proctor Conference in Chicago, besides the Drug Policy Alliance, Make the Road New York, as well as Equal Justice USA. Others would include Sojourners, the Advancement Project, in addition to the Center for Community Change.

George Soros was born in Hungary. This was during the time when the Nazi had invaded Hungary. He was a Jew. His father spent a lot of money to get false papers made for him and his family. Later on, George Soros moved to London. He studied at the London School of Economics. He moved on to New York to work on the Wall Street. He made a fortune there as a hedge-services banker.

He soon realized that money gave him a lot of power. Suddenly political powers started taking interest in him when he had money. George Soros decided to use this influence in promoting his views and concepts.

He has openly declared that he would fund businesses of immigrants, especially those who are coming to Europe. George Soros believes that he has been destined by God to do what he is doing today. He is the founder of Open Society Foundations. These are spread all across the world. He is one of the most powerful and influential persons in the world today.

He has always been against President Bush and his policies. He believes that America is itself responsible for the rise of terrorism in the world. This is because America has never respected human values either at home or around the world. This kind of unjust behavior is the reason behind the rise of terrorism. He believes that America needs to reform itself to wipe out terrorism. George Soros is against all kinds of sanctions that have been put by America post 9/11. He believes that these are unjust and are specifically targeted against the Muslim population. George Soros is quite vocal, and he puts forth his views clearly.

End Citizens United Focuses On Reversing A Ruling Made By The Supreme Court

End Citizens United is a grassroots donors’ funded Political Action Committee (PAC) formed in March 1st, 2015. It is committed to countering the grievous effects of Citizens United on changing the campaign finance system. The problem that End Citizens seeks to solve started in 2010 when the Supreme Court made a decision on the case of Citizens United vs. F.E.C. The ruling changed the scene of American elections. This is because it gave an opportunity to billionaires as well as special interests to spend untraceable and unlimited money in the US elections. The decision established the foundation for the idea that corporations are individuals.

Because of this decision, there is no accountability and transparency in the usage of money to fund political campaigns. Billionaires are working on tipping the balance of political power to their side. The group wants to show candidates, the press, and elected leaders that the grassroots are challenging the increasing brazenness of the wealthy. End Citizens United seeks to form a broad alliance that will work towards reforming the campaign finance system and pressurizing lawmakers to act on such reforms. The PAC’s goal is to fight big money in politics, especially the influence of billionaires. As part of its mission, End Citizens United intends to dismantle the rigged political system by electing pro-campaign reform candidates and passing state ballot measures. End Citizens United has assembled a team of long serving democratic operatives to assist it disseminate its message on the control of money in politics and how they will stop it. This information was originally reported on End Citizens United’s website.

The initial plan of the new PAC was to be actively involved in the 2016 elections by contributing millions of dollars to Democratic candidates running in the House and Senate races. Officially inaugurated in August 2015, the PAC raised over $2 million in the same month. These contributions came from small donors. Richard Carbo who works as the entity’s communications director noted that the group’s target was $ 25 million. End Citizens United also made known its endorsement of 11 Democratic candidates in August 2015. Among the 11 candidates was Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin.

The ultimate objective of the group is to pass a constitutional amendment that reverses the Supreme Court’s decision that gave rise to super PACs. End Citizens United hopes to assist in enacting campaign finance reforms. However, the group’s attempt to pass a constitutional amendment was met with doubt by campaign finance connoisseurs. Carbo noted that while other PACs specializing on campaign finance reform have been in existence before his PAC, his group is different. It addresses the political side of the issue and gets people elected by supporting pro-campaign finance candidates. The group also supports candidates that stand up for individuals that have been assaulted by billionaires. This information was originally mentioned on MSNBC.

George Soros Is Funding Political Reform Groups

George Soros, who is in favor of immigration reform, has contributed over $2 million in campaign funding to remove County Sheriff Joe Arpaio from office. This is the most amount of money Soros has ever spent in a local law enforcement political campaign. His PAC group Maricopa Strong has received funding from other like-minded individuals like Laurene Powell Jobs and John Arnold. Soros had previously been involved in political campaigns to reform criminal justice by replacing local prosecutors.

In September of this year, George Soros had been reported to invest more than $500 million in funding migrant businesses in the United States and Europe. He hopes to spark a movement of investors to also support migrant businesses. He believes that governments are not completely covering the needs of immigrants and the private sector needs to pick up the slack. Immigrants often suffer periods of idle despair and struggle to fully integrate socially and financially.

In January, George Soros donated $8 million to boost the campaign platform of Hillary Clinton. This is his largest political donation since the Kerry versus Bush election. In December of last year, he donated $6 million to super PACs that supported Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

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George Soros was very shocked by the loss of Hillary Clinton. Soros had read President-elect Trump’s 100-day plan to change the country, and he sees it as a step backwards for the progressive movement. Soros plans on banding together with other progressives to go against Trump and his policies the upcoming year.

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The super PAC that Soros had favored is named Priorities USA. Including the $6million by George Soros, they had raised over $25 million in total in the second half of 2015. Their total donations for the year totaled to $41 million.

During the Kerry campaign in 2004, George Soros donated a total of $20 million towards the campaign and super PACs. Soros also donated $1 million to Priorities USA in 2012 to support President Barack Obama. He also supported Barack Obama during the 2008 primaries over Hillary Clinton.

Alex Soros, the son of George Soros, created a super PAC for Jewish voters in the United States. Bend the Arc PAC is the first Jewish super Pac to focus on local Jewish issues. The group directly contributes towards progressive political campaigns that support inequality, marriage equality, social justice and immigration reform. Alex Soros had previously backed candidates that promoted social justice, donating over $1.2 million of his own money.

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George Soros Returns To Politics In A Big Way

George Soros, the billionaire investor, has returned to funding Democratic politicians is a big way. Soros, who has been relatively quiet in the last years, has recently committed to donating $25 million to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign as well as other Democratic candidates.

This marks a major reversal for Soros on His last big donating spree was back in 2004 when he backed Senator John Kerry in his race against George W. Bush to the tune of $27 million.

Those closest to Soros say this new wave a spending is a result of his confidence in Clinton and his opposition to GOP candidate Donald J. Trump, who he once accused of “doing the work of ISIS”.

Of his total donations so far, Soros has given $8 million to a super PAC that supports Hilary Clinton. According to FEC reports, he has also donated $2 million to a super PAC on called American Bridge 21st Century, which is an opposition research PAC that has targeted Trump and other Republican candidates.

George Soros has also committed $5 million to Immigrant Voters Win, a super PAC that is focused on getting Latino voters to turn out to vote.

Soros has also committed another $5 million to a super PAC called Voting Rights Trust, which is devoted to fighting voting restrictions brought forth by conservative politicians.

This increase in giving has been a boon for the Democratic party. Soros is viewed as an influencer for wealthy Democratic donors. It has also sent the conservative right into a tizzy. The view Soros with much suspicion. Many see him as a puppet master in American politic and a globalist who is hell bent on bringing about a New World Order.

George Soros has spent the past decades as chairman of the Open Society Foundations, which is dedicated to building governments that are open and accountable to their citizens. They support human rights for all people around the world.

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And The Race Goes On

We know of the billionaire investor on, George Soros. His philanthropy, his wealth, his ideals and even his political affiliations. Soros is notorious for dropping gobs of money into political activities in order to sway the outcome, and he has every legal right to do so. The self-made billionaire has enough financial resources and political experience to be felt at large.

Today, that prowess is being contested.

An unknown party- maybe one “who cannot be named”is targeting George Soros on through accusations of foul play. The recent, U.S. developments in politics, tied to the continuance of Ohio’s very own Governor, John Kasich who’s been said to rival the “princes of darkness” by his very own words, is being integrated into Soros’ political agenda.

What we cover during these moments are speculations that the investing tycoon is supporting Kasich as the governor remains in the presidential run.

The rumors come through television ads where clear images of George Soros and John Kasich are presented by a slanderous voice narrating how the candidate is bankrolled by the ex-hedge-fund manager. These broadcasts were aired in the state of Wisconsin during the first week of April.

It’s confirmed on NY Times, however, that their paid status comes from a super PAC that is backing presidential candidate, Ted Cruz. Regardless, the same speculation finds its way into online platforms such as and suggests a behind-the-scene support of “hundreds of thousands” coming from the billionaire.

We all would like to know about the potentials of it all being true. But sorry, folks. The “buck” stops here. George Soros on marketwatch has been transparent in his political affiliations for as long as he’s been involved in politics. It’s never been a hidden deal or an unknown deposit when this philanthropist does his bidding.

Even the political science professor, Tom Sutton, would agree. Though donation limits are uncapped, donors are made public based on the actual rules which govern campaign funding and financing.

It was already confirmed earlier this year that George Soros has backed Hillary Clinton with the same confidence he did Barrack Obama though the mogul also admitted disappointment in that presidential venture. Even with funds in excess of $7 million given to Priorities USA Action from Soros, the transaction was never obscured by the media or Soros himself.

That super PAC supports Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton.

These super PACs are important mediators seeing how presidential runners are not allowed contact with donors. So the fact remains, Kasich’s campaign is largely overshadowed by the activity of its competitors, and the new development we see fall in line with the behaviors common of candidates who’ll say anything about those standing in their way to office.

Soros is not financially backing, John Kasich though.