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Dr. Rod Rohrich Reshaping Lives

When it comes to plastic surgery its important to realize it is a very personal and important decision. Finding the right doctor to work with on whatever issue you are looking to correct needs to be well researched. Dr. Rod Rohrich is a plastic surgeon based out of Dallas that puts his patients concern to rest with his reputation.Listed as one of the very best plastic surgeons in Dallas, Dr. Rohrich has appeared on such shows as Oprah and Good Morning America. His experience and skill in plastic surgery is looked upon highly outside of Dallas. His office can be a quite busy place but he still treats each case with individual care.Dr. Rohrich is a board certified plastic surgeon that has received distinguished honors by several organizations. He is also the Editor-in-Chief for The Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. His practice and experience is without a doubt his true passion and calling.

Within Dr. Rohrich’s walls there are patients looking for things only plastic and reconstructive surgery can offer. For someone with breathing issues or a crooked nose, rhinoplasty is offered to give that person better health or simply a more appealing look. He is also on the forefront in nasal corrective rhinoplasty reconstruction, helping people who have suffered previous surgeries that did not correct the problem. As chairman of the Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium he has spoken with plastic surgeons throughout the world. His writings have taught many and his work in the Dallas Rhinoplasty: Nasal Surgery by the Masters book is rather reputable.

Face and neck lifts are also offered with Dr. Rohrich. He is very talented and has contributed vast amounts of information in correcting the work of Father Time. Dr. Rohrich continues to look for advancements in procedures and to teach others in this field of plastic surgery.Breast surgery is a very personal decision for women, whether cosmetic or because of breast cancer or irregularities between breasts he has helped plenty of women. This kind of surgery can change the way a woman feels about herself for life. Breast cancer survivors who have had masectomies is one of Dr. Rohrich’s ways of giving back. Through the AIRS Foundation, he found a way to help women receive breast reconstruction after suffering mastectomy. This non-profit organization that he helped found is absolutely enriching women’s lives.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is Going To Help Shape My Behind

I’m almost ashamed to say it, but I was not happy with my backside. I have three sisters, and they all have the same father, but I have a different father than they do. It looks as if I took my backside from my father’s side of the family, because my behind is nearly flat, while my sisters have voluptuous behinds. I used to be embarrassed to wear clothes, especially tight jeans that showed my figure. I decided that I wanted to get an enhancement in my behind, especially since having a big butt is something that’s been in for many years now.

I couldn’t afford to get surgery, so I went to a chop shop, so to speak, and I sat on someone’s couch while they injected silicone into my buttocks. Not only did the silicone cause me problems, but my butt didn’t look right and looked anything but natural. I felt a lot of pain at times from the silicone injections, and I even thought at one point that I would possibly die. I had to go to the emergency room not long after I had the procedure performed, and I had some permanent damage from the silicone injections.

I learned the hard way that any type of body enhancement should be done by a professional plastic surgeon. Fast-forward to five years later, and now I am successful and have some real money in the bank. I’ve decided to finally fix my buttocks, and I wanted the best plastic surgeon for the job. I consulted with a surgeon named Dr. Jennifer Walden about giving me a fat transfer to shape out my behind, but I also needed to repair the damage that the silicone had done to my butt as well as take out the silicone that was in it.

It was only after doing a lot of research that I found that it was possible for me to have a normal shaped behind again. After consulting with Dr. Jennifer Walden’s website, I had some hope about how my surgery would turn out. I was told that the silicone could be taken out, and a fat transfer would help me to give a lovely shape, and I very much look forward to my surgery. I have my surgery scheduled in the near future, and I’m very confident that Dr. Jennifer Walden will be able to help me fix the mistake I made when I chose silicone injections for my behind.