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Tips On Older Dogs

Caring for older dogs is important. These animals have spent their whole lives making their owners happy, and I think that it is important that owners give their animals the best life even towards the end when they don’t seem as active and fun as younger years. Older pets can still be fun and quite active, but it takes an owner that understands his dog for this to happen every time. An older dog may mean more work for the owner on Facebook, but I think it is worth it for the companionship that the animal has brought to any family. Keeping a dog healthy throughout his or her entire life will help ensure that when they reach an older age that they will not have as many problems, although this is not always the way it works out. Keeping an eye on the mouth, especially teeth can help tell when the animal may not be so healthy. Bad (well worse than normal) breath can be a sign of deteriorating health. By feeding proper nutrition that helps ensure dental health like Purina’s Beneful, risks of infection from tooth decay and malnutrition can be cut down. When it comes to feeding, if an animal is having a difficult time or seems in pain with eating hard kibble, it may be time to add some wet food to make eating easier on the dog. Not eating at all may be a sure sign of tooth pain and switching to a softer line like Beneful wet food may be the best option to save the animal suffering. Keeping a dog active during their entire lives is important to reduce joint and bone pain for the animal, along with raising overall health and quality of life. While taking care of an elderly pet can be complicated, by paying attention to them, keeping them healthy, and feeind them right anyone can have a healthy dog for a long time.