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A Look At Daniel Taub’s Career As A Diplomat

Daniel Taub is a former Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom who was born in London in 1962. In both Oxford and London he attended the University College. He also moved to the United States and attended the Harvard University School of Government. After this was accomplished he moved to Israel where he served as a combat medic in the Israel Defense Force.

He has since served in their international law division as a reserve officer. His interest in politics and diplomacy led to him joining the Israeli Foreign Ministry where he held a number of posts both diplomatic and legal in nature.

It was in 2011 that he became the U.K.’s Israeli Ambassador. He was a very popular diplomat during his four-year term and got a lot accomplished in building a solid relationship between the two nations.

He had a farewell reception where many of the guests expressed regret that he was going back to Israel. He made many media appearances while he was the ambassador and built ties that included research, trade, academics, and education.

Daniel Taub was also steadfast in his support of Israel despite any challenges that came his way. For example, the Bradford West MP George Galloway had once said provocatively that the area he represented was an “Israeli Free Zone”.

Ambassador Daniel Taub proceeded to visit Bradford West soon after, meeting with faith leaders, councilors, business leaders, and other constituencies. He let this MP know that neither he nor other Jewish people would be intimidated by talk like this.

In regards to peace between Israel and the Palestinians, Daniel Taub has written several newspaper articles on this subject. One of these was for The Guardian where he made the point that the people of Israel also want peace, not just the Palestinians. He expressed that pressuring Israel, though, was not the way to go about achieving this peace.

He said that things such as boycotts and political resolutions had tried to force Israel’s hand but they weren’t going to succeed. In fact, he wrote, the biggest steps towards peace have occurred when those in the international community listen to what the people of Israel are really concerned about in achieving this peace.

In talking about achieving peace, Daniel Taub pointed to the peace treaty signed between Israel and Egypt. It was made possible because America, he wrote, had made guarantees on oil supplies and security to both nations.

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