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Osteo Relief Institute: Curing one Knee at a Time

Arthritis is one of those diseases that is surprisingly misunderstood, especially when you consider how common it is. In the U.S alone it is estimated that at least 50 million people suffer from some form of arthritis. Really speaking there is no single ailment that can be called arthritis. This is because the word arthritis describes a collection of ailments that affect the joints. Usually, it is women who are susceptible to this problem.

However, there is one type of arthritis that is the most common and that is Osteoarthritis (HealthGrades). This type affects the cartilage located between the bones at the joints. Slowly as the person ages, this cartilage begins to degenerate and at some point, the bones come into contact with each other. It is this lack of cushioning in the bones that cause pain and discomfort. As of now, there is no known cure for osteoarthritis.

The causes for this crippling disease can be anything from obesity or genetic reasons. Even though there is no pill that you can take to cure it, it can be controlled to a certain degree by proper diet and exercise. Other methods to lessen the pain include not sitting for long periods time, frequently getting up and walking, and giving up smoking, if applicable.

Osteo Relief Institute at Jersey Shore

The Osteo Relief Institute is an establishment located in Monmouth County, dedicated to giving patients suffering from osteoarthritis relief from pain. This is accomplished by state-of-the-art technology. However, this treatment may not be for everybody. It comes down to how much the patient is affected by the disease as well as other factors. The first consultation is done for free of charge.

When a diagnosis is made, the doctors at Osteo Relief Institute takes into account the patients health history and other habits that may affect treatment ( This is why part of the diagnosis process will include an in-depth interview of the patient. The ultimate goal of Osteo Relief Institute is to help patients to get back on the path of recovery without extreme measures such as surgery.

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