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What should you look for in a lip balm?

There are so many new lip balms in the market and it can be challenging to find the right lip balm among the competition. To begin with you should understand the amount that you use a lip balm and what you are looking for in the balm. Some people are just looking for a lip balm that moisturizes your lips while others are looking for one that adds color to your lip or perhaps provides some protection from the sun as a sunscreen. Once you understand the type of lip balms you are looking for you can start to explore the options for sale on the market.
Next you should consider the ingredients that are used by the ingredients in the lip balm that you are considering buying. Ingredients like Shea butter and jojoba oil make up a lot of the higher quality oils in the market. The EOS lip balm uses many of these high quality oils in their lip balms and are an excellent choice. Avoid the cheaper options that are petroleum jelly bases as these only offer temporary relief from dry lips.

Next consider the other additives other than the base of the lip balm. Some have vitamin e which offers benefits when Your lips heal from chapped. Check out to see if the lip balm has vitamin e or aloe which can also help to restore your lips from the damage that it may have from the elements.

Finally remember that flavor matters and you should look for a lip balm that offers unique and interesting flavors that are fresh and enjoyable to use. Brands like the EOS lip balm have unique flavors that are subtle yet tasty and not an over saturated sweetness. Sample and try a variety of different flavors until you find one that fits your taste preference.

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