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Duda Melzer Career at Grupo RBS

Many people are excited about the economic growth in Brazil. Duda Melzer is a business leader who has lived in Brazil for his entire life. He has witnessed massive changes in Brazil over the past decade. Duda Melzer is the CEO of Grupo RBS. Grupo RBS is one of the leading marketing companies in the world.

Duda Melzer worked in different industries before accepting his current role as CEO. He worked in the financial sector where he helped new business owners reach their financial goals in various ways. Although he enjoyed his work, he wanted to work in the marketing sector. He attended Harvard Business School to enhance his business knowledge. After graduating from Harvard in 2002 with an MBA, he started working at Grupo RBS. Check out odiario to see more.

Leadership Changes

The first thing that Duda Melzer Founder did at Grupo RBS involved the leadership team. When Duda Melzer took over, sales were declining and the best employees were leaving the company. Duda Melzer decided to fire some of the most prominent leaders at the company. He wanted to bring in influential leaders who had a track record of success. You can visit their website

New Technology

The marketing industry has changed dramatically in recent years. Few people understand how to advertise to young people today. Duda Melzer is a strong proponent of investing in new technology. He firmly believes that new technology is the best way for Grupo RBS to continue growing in the coming years. Duda Melzer has received various awards for his work with Grupo RBS.

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