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What drives Rodrigo Terpins?

Rodrigo Terpins is a founding member of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. He began showing interest as a kid and was lucky enough to have a father that was so supportive of his dreams especially in sports having been a sportsman himself. His father Jacko or Jack Terpins was a member of Hebraica one of Brazil’s biggest basketball clubs in the seventies. He was quite successful having represented the club up to championship level. He would urge his sons to join a sport and be good at it. His sons took up racing as a career and have been able to do very well in it. His brother who is a teammate and Cofounder of the Bull Sertoes rally Michel Terpins is also as accomplished as him in the rally circles. For more details visit Crunchbase.


The brothers founded the team after Michel left the cross country championship and this would mark the beginning of Rodrigo Terpins life as a professional rally driver. The love for speed when man meets machine would manifest itself immediately Rodrigo Terpins began racing. He was doing relatively well but at the same time was mentoring his brother Michel Terpins who had just come from the cross country championship. The team needed them to work tirelessly and harmoniously for them to achieve any growth and establish any form of credibility as they were relatively new at the time. Check out Terra for more details.


Rodrigo Terpins would help his brother become a good navigator before he was finally able to become a professional driver. By the time Michel Terpins had become okay in the driving seen the team had already expanded, and there was a need to make the two separate drivers. This need, so each of them took on different cars but remained in the team. Happy with the team and the progress they were making sponsors started coming in. At this juncture, it was when MEM motorsport came onboard with a generous offer. MEM had been developers of the T-Rex a powerful sports utility vehicle that would be used in the two-wheel category in the T1 prototype category. This would mark the beginning of a partnership that goes on to date. Visit