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Next Generation Real Estate Leader William Skelley CEO of iFunding is Awarded Honor

It’s one thing to have your organization honored, but to achieve that individually is an accomplishment. It is particularly so when those that make up the Columbus Citizens Foundation have selected you to be esteemed amongst your colleagues. The Foundation is made up of real estate professionals from the likes of companies such as Bank of American, CIT, Kushner Companies, Carlyle Ground and Cushman and Wakefiled, not to mention, tv personality Michael Stoler. Michael Stoler is the anchor of the show, “The Stoler Report; NY’s Business Report, a show that highlights the development and expansion in the tri-county area, and has run consecutively for the past fifteen years. William Skelley will also be featured on the Stoler Report this spring as part of a panel on the area’s development. Also appearing on the panel with him will be the former iFunding sponsor and now founder of Regional Capital Group, Paul Braungart .

iFunding has become the largest platform of crowdfunding for real estate investment development. For as little as $5,000, any accredited investor may invest in any of the financial opportunities on the iFunding website. These multi-million dollar huge commercial investment deals would normally be off limits for most investors outside the financial services industry. iFunding takes on the grudge work of thoroughly underwriting each deal in order for it to be a transparent process that any of their investment clients can monitor and investigate. Crowdfunding has completely taken off since the changes brought forth with the Title II legislature. However, William Skelley told RealHeartland he was the first to apply crowdfunding to multi-million dollar commercial investment development in the real estate vector. But overseeing underwriting of such important deals is not new to Skelley. Prior to opening iFunding he had founded a boutique investment bank where he underwrote more than $2 billion in real estate fundings. Through the bank’s and personal and professional contacts Skelley was readily able to raise hundreds of millions of dollars during the banks operation. Prior to that, William Skelley was running a hedge fund called Rose Park Advisors. Rose Park was founded by his once professor at Harvard Business School, Dr. Clayton Christensen, a man known well for innovation in disruptive techniques.

Skelley spends most of his time now ferreting out new deals to offer his investors, with higher than average returns, all of which are thoroughly underwriten. Currently, if you logon to iFunding you will see an offer to apply for a loan to received real estate debt or preferred equity financing. It offers institutional Investors syndication of their deals, and revolutionizing real estate investing with an investment as low as $5,000. When visitors look at why they should invest in real estate the site offers a number of good reasons. Reasons like competitive risk-adjusted returns, high tangible asset value, attractive and stable income return, portfolio diversification and inflation hedging.  iFunding can be found on Twitter, or through their Android app.

Beauty from Lime Crime

What a woman wears on her face is really as important, if not more so, than the clothes from her closet. A well made up face can be utterly stunning, especially if the makeup a woman wears is from a brand that really comes through with quality and colors that go on well and stay on beautifully. While there are many great tried and true brands of makeup today for women to choose from, from Revlon to Cover Girl to L’Oreal, the real excitement in the cosmetics world is coming from newer brands that take beauty to a whole new arena.

The Lime Crime Difference

One of the great brands that’s making a difference in the cosmetics world today is Lime Crime. This makeup brand was launched back in 2007/2008 by an Internet entrepreneur named Doe Deere, who had a feeling that there were a lot of women out there who wanted great makeup that really made a statement and that conveyed a very cool rock and roll vibe.

The Grunge Palette
Lime Crime products available at offers a range of great looks in makeup, and one of the most appealing is the shadows that come in the Venus: Grunge Palette shadow kit. These shadows have an iridescent shimmer that goes on beautifully, with colors that are just right for shading and highlighting. For a really wild look, women can also add on a brush of glitter, from the Lime Crime Zodiac Glitter pots. These shimmering glitters go on with Glitter Helper adhesive, for an eye catching look that’s all about turning heads in the most gorgeous way possible.

Lasting Lip Colors

Lime Crime’s bold lip colors are really having an impact in the cosmetics industry, as these wildly colorful lip treatments have a quality and color selection that is second to none.

Velvetines lip colors are a true innovation in the lip color world, as these are the first lip colors that go on “liquid to matte.” Available in a range of bold colors, from hot pinks to purples, reds and mushroom brown, Velvetines were developed in a lab by Deere and a top chemist. Their months of work ensured that this innovative lip color would go on wet and set as a matte color that defies crumbling. The look of these lip colors is knock out gorgeous and highly kissable.

For women who want even wilder colors to choose from, Lime Crime has Unicorn Lipstick. This lipstick goes on a little wetter, but still has a matte impact. These colors range from pinks to reds, purples and even green, blue and orange. The effect is a total wow.

When it’s time for makeup that has impact to spare, choose Lime Crime.