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JHSF: Transforming Brazil’s Real Estate and Property Development Market

One of the largest real estate and property development companies in Brazil is JHSF Participacoes. They have been in the business since 1972, and the company started as a small construction company built by Fabio Auriemo. The company’s first headquarters was in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and since its establishment, the company had experienced annual growth, gradually making it to the top. JHSF Participacoes is also recognized as a prime Brazilian company, focusing on developing first class and luxurious properties in major Brazilian cities. The company focuses on building different properties, and among them are real estate propertoes, hotels, and restaurants. It has been regarded as an investment grade company, and as the property market climbs up, stock holders choose to invest and buy the stocks of JHSF Participacoes. They also ventured out recently in to building shopping malls and retail stores.

During its early days, JHSF Participacoes – known back then as simply JHS – is focusing on how to invest in segments or small projects that would generate a significant amount of profit for the company. They focused initially on building small properties, until they managed to save a lot of income. As years go by, their property development projects transformed to become alluring to those who are in the upper class. This is where the majority of their income came from, as the rich started purchasing their property as well as their stocks. They managed to expand overseas, and today, JHSF Participacoes has a number of projects in North America, as well as South America.

Back in their native Brazil, JHSF Participacoes partnered with the government to build an airport. They stated that the government chose them because of their highly regarded reputation in terms of property development, being able to transform 6 million square meters of land since they started. They are also highlighting the fact that their stock value has reached $1.2 billion. However, the road to success for JHSF Participacoes is not that easy. The company experienced a split in 1990, when two of its owners decided to part ways. The part of the company under Fabio Ariemo kept their focus on real estate development, and has changed their name from JHS to JHSF. In contrast, the part of the company under Jose Roberto became JHSJ, and they ventured out into new industries. Today, JHSF, under Jose AuriemoNeto’s leadership, vows to continue the success that their company is currently enjoying.

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