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NetPicks Strategies for Successful Summer Trading

NetPicks is an educational trading program founded in 1996. Since then, it has been the standard in offering education for traders. With headquarters in Irving Texas, the Netpicks platform has brought a wealth of knowledge to traders around the world for more than 20 years. NetPicks has a full staff of experienced traders who are ready to help anyone on the path of finding their success in the trading field.

The trading system fo NetPicks focuses its goals on full-time careers, part-time income, and minute-ready jobs. The choice is up to the customer, and the team helps with the work in practicality without the theory part. All three systems are meant to be learned quickly without the long hours of studying. The video trading leads customers directly into putting their skills to work.  Watch tutorial videos in this useful link on

NetPicks staff gives full support throughout the whole process and doesn’t leave customers hanging with initial instructions only. The NetPicks team is there to help their clients with installing the indicators on the client’s computer, to explain the hard parts again, and to give an ear for new ideas coming up from the client.

Earlier this year, the moods on Wall Street have shifted considerably after the technology sector selloff. The market, all of a sudden, became a less confident place to be in. The market has been full of ups and downs during the summer months, but by using a few strategies, the negatives can be turned into positives. Additional helpful article here,

One of these strategies is called the “Lock and Walk” strategy, and it has proven itself effective in past years with a choppy summer market. While the past experience does not guarantee future results, it is a good place to start from. This strategy aims to respect support and resistance in the Nasdaq 100, after which ProShares UltraShort and the ProShares Ultra may be traded when this support and resistance are broken or tested. These rules are simple for people familiar with technical analysis. It consists of buying near support and selling near resistance, but when the support breaks to stop buying and selling. An important rule of the strategy is that it shuts down when it has 67 basis points of gains. Then, the trader has to wait until the next trading session starts and begin all over again. Long-term positions are sacrificed, but it is all for the sake of making it in an unstable market.  For updates on their recent timeline activities, check

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