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Lime Crime is Simply Divine!

If you haven’t heard of Lime Crime Cosmetics, then you are missing out! When I first came across Lime Crime, it was love at first site. Their website is so bright and fun, it makes you want to explore all that it offers. After reading through their site, how couldn’t I be excited to become their next customer. Not only are they a cruelty free line of cosmetics, they are also 100% vegan! Doe Deere, the Founder and CEO of Lime Crime, started the company on a “few hundred bucks and a dream”. She now owns one of the greatest cosmetic stores you can find online. From bold lipsticks to eye-popping eyeliners, she provides some of the highest pigmented cosmetics known to the market. With a gorgeous array of colors to choose from, Lime Crime has something for every style.

What I am most excited about are their Velvetines collection, a liquid to matte lipstick. Available in 16 beautiful colors, all in a lip gloss style tube. It applies just like a lip gloss, but dries into the most perfect matte. Full of pigment and transfer-proof, Velvetines are built to last. With the ability to blend smoothly, the color options are endless! Which is a plus for me, because I love to mix things up.

Next is a sparkle lovers dream come true, their line of Zodiac Glitters. A cosmetic glitter available in 12 colors and inspired by the signs of the Zodiac. These glitters truly stand out with their multi-dimensional color. Paired with Lime Crime’s Glitter Helper, even the smallest amount of glitter lasts all day. Glitter Helper is an easy to apply, water-resistant glitter adhesive that is eye safe and can be used over eye shadow or alone.

Speaking of nail polish, Lime Crime’s line of nail polish is inspired by delicious confectionary delights. Doting their signature unicorn on the bottle, and filled with the prettiest pastel neon colors you can imagine. I’m so fond of all 5 shades available. My favorites being Once In A Blue Mousse, a creamy sky blue, and Parfait Day, the most perfect pink. All of their nail polish is free of Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde and Toluene, the toxic-trio found in several commercial brands.

Lime Crime’s Venus: The Grunge Palette is a beautiful 8 color eye shadow palette inspired by Mash Botticelli’s classical painting twisted with 90s style rebellion. It is the perfect palette for day or night. From deep reds to rusty browns, it really gives me great color choices for both neutral and bold looks.

Lime Crime offers several other products like Carousel Gloss, a hyper pigmented lip gloss packed full of glitter. If you’re wanting a company that makes your makeup dreams come true, then Lime Crime is the place for you!