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Talkspace: The Numerous Benefits of Online Therapy

With communication happening more frequently online, it’s no surprise that the latest exchange to move into cyberspace is therapy. Talkspace, an online therapy app based in New York City, allows people to find mental health professionals online and then communicate via text or video.

The explosion of online therapy services is not a trend. It fulfills a crucial need in society. There are a host of reasons why online therapy works. Here are just some.

Cost is by far the biggest reason online therapy services like Talkspace have taken off. Traditional therapy will run you roughly $100 per session, if not more. That cost gives you access to your therapist for an hour a week. At Talkspace, you have 24/7 access to your therapist for $128/month. These are huge savings.

With the convoluted way in which insurance works in the United States – some health care professionals accept your insurance, others don’t – online therapy opens the door for many people who wouldn’t have access to it due to health insurance reasons.

Anonymity is another key reason Talkspace is beneficial. There may be instances of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse happening in the home. In cases like these, clients may not be able to reach out to a therapist. The safety of texting a therapist can be an attractive concept. Anonymity also encourages honesty from people, and honesty is crucial if a therapist needs to truly help a client.

Keeping up weekly therapist appointments can be difficult for frequent travelers. With online therapy, this is not only possible, it’s easy. They don’t have to miss appointments and can check in when necessary. Those who travel often are not the only ones who benefit. Clients may be facing issues with transportation, physical disabilities, weight problems, and so on. Platforms like Talkspace bring the therapy to you.

Finding a therapy that fits can be hard in the real world. When one doesn’t quite match your needs, switching therapists can be even harder. With Talkspace, switching therapists is simple. Your chat history can also be “saved” so you don’t have to lay out your issues all over again.

Talkspace provides trained mental health professionals who are available to you 24/7 via text or video. Another benefit? If you don’t like the service or feel like you don’t need it anymore, you can cancel anytime.