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Michael Hagele on Making your Presence Known in Business

Michael Hagele has established his career as an investor and a corporate counsel. He is currently serving as an outside general counsel of several companies in the tech sector, working in defense, aerospace, internet and the biotech industries.

Oher than providing his advisory services, Michael Hagele is also a regular investor in several early-stage tech businesses. He is also the founder of a few companies working in hospitality and a couple of restaurants.

Over the course of his career, this investor and company founder has amassed tears of experience in the spheres of negotiating, licensing distribution, drafting and closing tech contracts, and much more. Before he took on his current career direction, Micheal Michael Hagele used to manage the legal affairs of a handful of companies working in Internet. His work included taking care of legal matters such as intellectual property, employment issues, corporate governance, acquisition activity, stock options, strategy, and more. Visit at to learn more

According to Micheal Hagele, his direction in business today has stemmed from his experience in outside and in-house counseling. That has shown him that smaller firms, as well as sole practitioners, can often provide a higher quality of service that is also a lot more cost-effective. Hagele also says that bringing ideas to life in his line of work depends mostly on precisely those types of clients that have a fresher approach and are focused on providing quality for their own costumes.

One of the things that have allowed Hagele to grow his business was social media. As a corporate counsel, he believes that a social media presence that is memorable and offers something unique is one of the most straightforward ways of assessing an audience and potential clients that will keep up with your business seamlessly.

Hagele also believes that with the rise of artificial intelligence, business and potential clients will find each other a lot more easily in the future. Social media platforms and other means of marketing will be utilizing that advancement in order to help both businesses and consumers find what they are looking for. That is one of the trends in the industry that excites Hagele about the future. View: