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Chris Burch’s Nihiwatu Hotel Boms in Business and Tourist Adoption

Christopher Burch is a United States-based serial entrepreneur and accredited investor whose business is working towards developing capacitated business solutions in the industry. For over three decades of professional experience, Christopher Burch has always strived to become part of the business solution to the market needs his clients face in the fashion and technology industry, in his latter days, Christopher Burch has been more involved in investing in the hotel and real estate industries. The latest investment was in the Nihiwatu Hotel based in Indonesia. This is also considered as one of the best places to achieve your independent business solutions in a manner that is not capacitated in the world of business.

Christopher Burch bought the Nihiwatu Hotel as a way of reminding his children that he cares about them. He also bought the hotel to help his children understand that they need to keep the family culture of working hard to achieve solutions for others in the industry. Once they are done working, they can afford some time for vacation at the Nihiwatu Hotel. However, Christopher Burch decided to test the waters as a way of enhancing better business solutions. He ended up converting the hotel into a commercial entity that depicts the true nature of this industry.

Christopher Burch has no idea that the Nihiwatu Hotel based in Indonesia would be adopted on a massive scale in the industry. However, he decided to endeavor into the real estate and hospitality industry after amounting the success experienced by the Nihhiwatu Hotel.

Christopher Burch’s entrepreneurship skills commenced when he was still in college, during that time, he decided to develop a new way of achieving better business solutions for those looking to advance in business capabilities. Check for related article.  Christopher Burch developed the Eagles Apparel Fashion Company that was adopted by the people on a massive scale. For timeline activity update, check

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After working for success for over a decade, Christopher Burch sold the company to an accredited investment company for over $170 million. Christopher Burch went on to start a series of startups that were also sold at the age of multi-million corporations. Because of his success in the industry, he has gained experience to state that fashion and technology are related industries. For his latest cool offering to the market, hit on

According to Christopher Burch, the fashion and technology industries keep growing together to form more business solutions and deals. This means that no one could advocate for better business if they do not entertain their different business entities.  More of his business acumen on

Take a quick tour to his beautiful Indonesian resort on