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Bank Helps To Expand Home Ownership In North Texas

Home ownership in the southern Dallas area simply isn’t at an appropriate level. To help combat this problem Nexbank has teamed up with local non-profit organizations to help increase the volume of affordable housing for the southern Dallas region. Up to $50 million dollars is available from Nexbank for use in this project. The two non-profits that will participate in this program are Dallas Neighborhood Homes and the Dallas chapter of Habitat For Humanity. With the assistance of these two groups Nexbank hopes to improve the home ownership rates of Dallas residents and allow the less fortunate to enjoy a better experience of North Texas.

Founded in 1922, Nexbank is more than 90 years old and has built a reputation for financial acumen and service to the community. With more than $3.5 billion in assets Nexbank understands how to handle large financial transactions with unparalleled expertise. Its clientele includes corporations and institutions across the United States. Nexbank’s success has allowed it to reach out and serve the communities it serves in many ways. Many non-profits rely on Nexbank to provide them with the funding needed for their philanthropic ambitions and to help them serve those in need of their assistance.