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InnovaCare the Trailblazer of Health Solution.

InnovaCare Health Solutions is a leader in the provision of quality healthcare programs by creating cost efficient models, which are integrated fully with the day’s most advanced technologies. It has a total of 200,000 individuals who are signed up for the membership program that is served by more than 7,500 provides. Based in Puerto Rico, InnovaCare has two healthcare models namely PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare.

It also manages two Medicaid plans in the Government Healthcare Plan that comes with a broad coverage of benefits. InnovaCare also provides the Island only NCQA-accredited health plans and is therefore committed to offering its members with distinctive healthcare by establishing sustainable models of managed care. Rich Shinto is the CEO of the company that was formerly known as Aveta. Dr. Rich together with a strong team of leadership has in a great way contributed to the success that InnovaCare enjoys currently.

Dr. Rich had served as the chief executive officer of PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare before he began working with InnovaCare. He also was the chief medical officer and the chief operations officer at a company called Medical Pathways Management Company. He has also served as the chief medical officer at NAMM a healthcare company based in California. Read more about Innovacare at Crunchbase

He had accumulated more than 20 years of experience in clinical and operational health solutions way before he joined Aveta Inc. several successful projects have been launched during the time that Dr. Rich Shinto has been at InnovaCare. The projects have aided patients that are underserved to get access to proper healthcare. Rick Shinto doesn’t stop at just providing easy access to Medicare and Medicaid. He goes the extra mile of educating his patients on healthcare awareness. He gladly offers support to families during the time their loved ones are in treatment.

Broadly spelled out in his winning formula is hiring a management team that is both experienced and talented to be the pillar of leadership at InnovaCare. He on this note brought an ambitious and talented personnel known as Penelope Kokkinides. Ms. Kokkinides is the chief administration officer at InnovaCare, a position she has held since 2015. Penelope Kokkinides prides in having more than 20 years of experience in healthcare solutions. She has knowledge in managing health care processes focusing on making better the efficiencies and the organizational infrastructure.

Before joining InnovaCare, Ms. Penelope Kokkinides was the executive vice president as well as the chief operating officer for center light healthcare.

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Fight off aging and dark spots with Makari

Maintaining human skin is very important to stay healthy and look pure over the long run. There are several life hacks to keep skin clean and clear as well as beauty products to try out. There are so many products to test out that it is hard to identify which one is the best or most effective. Self-confidence is directly related to how we feel we look compared to others. Why not try out Makari products and get a boost above everyone else.

Makari is constantly producing some of the best skin whitening cream products on the market. The best part about this product is that is works well for everyone. No specific race or skin color will look better than the others when using this product. Their products are create to provide the smooth, radiant skin.

Makari brings out the unique beauty in everyone. Makari does mean “beautiful” in Swahili. Over the course of the last decade their products have been changing lives. All products are made in Switzerland and are then shipped to many other countries all around the world.

Makari comes highly recommended by its users and continues to build upon their quality products. The ultimate goal for customers is to get that radiant skin.

There products also reduce any and all dark spots without using hydroquinone. Makari helps get rid of those painful acne scars with quality ingredients. People using their products look younger after sampling. The tested formula is proven to help achieve a lighter skin tone. Check out for the full product list.


Nobilis Health-When You Need a Friend

A friend in need is a friend indeed, so goes the saying. This is especially true when a friend is in trouble, or you’re in trouble and you need a friend.

This is especially true when you are in dire need of healthcare coverage. Since last year, or in 2014, many persons who formerly could not affordable health care and coverage have found that by going online to the Online Health Market, they can find numerous health insurance companies and health plans to fit their budget.

But sadly, as strange as it may seem, many neglect this important initiative; they simply don’t have the time, they’re too busy, they say. But let something happen in their lives to them and their loved ones and they’ll soon see the value of having such.

Which is all the more the reason why you and your family should have quality healthcare. In the past, it seemed virtually impossible to acquire such, for the previous-mentioned reason, it was too expensive. Well, now it isn’t, and the sad thing about it is that not enough people are taking advantage of this arrangement.

Don’t let this happen to you and your family. Don’t miss the boat, so to speak, this is practically a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, take advantage of it now, because you don’t know when or if things will change in the future.

Thankfully, many people are finally waking up to their situation and beginning to ‘see the light, they’re waking up to the reality that they and their loved ones needs quality health insurance. Hopefully, you are one of them. You are conscious that in this uncertain world anything can happen at anytime to anyone; unforeseen events are not planned, so don’t wait until it happens and then, when you or a loved one finds themselves on a hospital bed, or worse, a gurney, and finally realize they didn’t have healthcare insurance.

Remember at the outset the expression about having a friend?  One healthcare company that will help you toward that end is Nobilis Health, which is located in Houston, Texas, USA.

Nobilis Health has for a number of years helped many in the Houston and surrounding areas to get good quality healthcare coverage. Their skilled, experienced staff has promoted a friendly atmosphere to its valued clients.  Won’t you give them a chance?

You can contact them either on the Online Healthcare Market, or you can contact them online at their official website. You will find them to be helpful, professional, and kind with their clients.

So, when you need good, quality, adequate healthcare, you come to the healthcare company in your community that’s winning the respect and continues to win the trust of people in your community, which is of course, Houston, Texas.

In fact, why not contact them today? You’ll be glad you did.