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Brian Torchin’s Leadership of HCRC Staffing

Brian Torchin is the founder of HCRC Staffing. He continues to lead it in career counseling professionals and businesses in the health industry. His company has its headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but they have a large presence throughout the country.

Torchin has long had a passion for the medical sector and for helping people maintain healthy lives. He began his professional career with an education at the University of Delaware, where he earned a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science. He went on to attain his chiropractor’s license.

He began his professional career in sports medicine and physical therapy. He continues the chiropractic side of physical therapy. It was while working in sports medicine and physical therapy that he realized the health industry needed help with the employment process.

To fix that deficiency, the primary goal of HCRC Staffing is to bring medical professionals and hospitals together. He recognized that getting into the professional industry can be especially problematic since health facilities often don’t publicize their employment needs.

He has led HCRC to become of the largest staffing agencies in the health field. It has become trusted as the ultimate source for providing today’s health industry with the best doctors. They are an online resource not anyone can use.

For his part, Torchin remains more and more committed to his work every day. He greatly hopes that he will be able to lead HCRC to do so for many more years. Brian Torchin is delighted, though, at having been successful in turning his original passion into reality.

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