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George Soros Provides Economic Leadership


George Soros has built his entire fortune on the skill of understanding the economic challenges that face an economy and properly predicting the reaction to that and how it will come into reality. He has built a self worth in the billions so when he starts to look at a particular area of the world and see an issue with their financial situation, intelligent investors will stand and take notice.

China has become a significant country in world economic markets over the past 15 years and that means that more and more the economy of China becomes tied to that of the rest of the world. When the Chinese currency starts to lose its value the world will take notice. George Soros sees the economic problems that are appearing in China and starts to think of 2008. When the economic problems in one area spread across the world and the crisis became quite a bit bigger.

The problems of China are fundamental as their economy moves from a base of investment and manufacturing toward one of consumption and services. The falling value of the Chinese yuan all combine to create an economic horizon that is difficult to predict at best and that is frightening to potential investors in all areas. They need to see the light of optimism in order to encourage economic growth in all areas. This is the crisis that Soros is identifying and comparing to 2008. Just being aware of the potential crisis can be enough for people to avoid them.

Soros has not only contributed to the economic wellness of the world, he also has been a major factor in developing the ideas of freedom. It began in 1979 as he developed a special scholarship opportunity for black South Africans being discriminated against by the apartheid government. He then put his focus on Europe and established European Universities that are designed to teach critical thinking skills. That has led to the development of a network of partners, foundations, and projects in more than 100 countries called Open Societies. They are devoted to protect the rights of all people and holding governments accountable for their decisions.

Even though there is a major concern economically in Asia, Following the leadership of George Soros and his keen economic advice will allow the world to avoid the economic catastrophe that occurred in 2008. There simply needs to be a lack of panic and some sound financial choices. With every challenge comes the opportunity for growth and that is definitely true in economic matters. The most important thing is to avoid panic and rash actions because those are the ones that are going to push a small crisis in Asia into a worldwide calamity.