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What Happens To Your Body While Freezing To Death


To experience freezing to death is something that a person will never want to have happen to them in their lifetime. There is nothing creepier than a body becoming hypothermic and then freezing to death.


This is what happens in order: First thing that happens is the blood flow inside of a person begins to constrict. In other words, it seems to get thicker, almost like a jello. It is because the body’s blood is made to keep the organs warm and when the temperature goes down, the capillaries are so close to the skin, the blood works the organs harder, making a person feel colder by the minute.

Then the heart rate begins to pump faster and blood pressure rises. The body begins to shiver because it is trying its best to keep warm. Slowly the skin begins to lose its color, turning the skin a shade of white. It is the start of frostbite. Then peeing is the next feeling that overcomes a person in the beginning stages of hypothermia. Why? Because the blood flow has moved away from the skin into the vital organs to protect them. Later on, it may be impossible to stop the flow because a person may have lost all control.


As the cold seeps through the muscles, it starts to become difficult to move. After so long, the body can’t move and brain fog sets in. Next the arms and legs begin to turn blue, the heart rate decreases as it pumps less blood and the mind begins to hallucinate from lack of oxygen. The end result: death.