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Dick DeVos Shows No Hesitation Giving Billions Away To Worthy Causes

The truth is not all millionaires and billionaires give their money away. Some of them say they worked hard to get it, and they want to keep it. That mentality doesn’t sit well with most Americans. Americans are big givers for the most part. In fact, without people that are willing to give to worthy causes this country would be in worse condition than it is now. 

But there are wealthy people that are not afraid to give their fortunes away to help other people. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet fall into that category, and so does Dick DeVos. DeVos may not be as well-known nationally as Buffet and Gates, but the people of Michigan know the DeVos name and the family members that use it. 

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016

Dick DeVos is one of those wealthy people that became well-off through developing his career over many years. DeVos started working for Amway in 1974, and he worked his way up the ladder and eventually became President of Amway. DeVos is known as the man that brought Amway to the world. When DeVos left Amway, the company was doing more than $4 billion a year in sales. Sales are over $10 Billion a year now. 

A recent article posted by outlined the depth of the DeVos giving. In 2013, the five DeVos Family Foundations donated more than $90 million to various organizations. About 27 percent of that donation went to community and health services; 13 percent went to faith-based organizations or churches, 12 percent went to art and cultural endeavors, and 48 percent went to education-related organizations. Most of that money, more than $60 million, went to Michigan organizations, and almost all of than $60 million stayed in Grand Rapids. 

Mr. DeVos learned how to give charitably from his father, Rich. Rich is a co-founder of Amway. The elder DeVos started the company with Jan Van Andel in his basement in 1959. Amway has made the family one of the riches families in Michigan. 

But Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy also give money to various causes through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. Some of the causes they support are The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Grand Valley State University, and several local charities in the Grand Rapids area. 

DeVos currently spends a great deal of time working with Willow Creek Association, Thunderbird School of Global Management, RDV Corporation, Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan and Spectrum Health System. He sits on the board of those organizations. Dick and Betsy also manage The Windquest Group investment firm. 

Sanjay Shah GoFundMe Plan

Sanjay Shah is a British born philanthropist that knows personally about autism. His son was diagnosed with the condition. His personal connection with autism inspired him to get involved with causes that support work in the field. Sanjay is one man that is on a personal mission to raise funds for autism research. The fact is that a lot of people do not know that much about autism. Hopefully, the GoFundMe fundraiser will bring more light to the subject. Autism Rocks is his personal idea. The idea is to raise funds for more autism research in the future. Hopefully, to identify the causes for autism.

Sanjay Shah
Sanjay Shah could sit back and let others work on autism and its cause. However, this millionaire is a man of action. He started a charity called Autism Rocks. The focus of the charity is to bring more awareness to the condition and to raise funds for further research. The philanthropist has always supported various charities. For example, the philanthropist has actively supported and sponsored various charities in India.

Sanjay Shaw had a very interesting beginning. His parents immigrated from Kenya to London. He grew up in an exclusive neighborhood in London. He studied medicine at Kings College and had plans to become a doctor. Later on, he discovered that he no longer held an interest in joining the medical profession. He decided to turn his career to a business direction and become an accountant. Later on, he started a brokerage firm. That was the beginning of Solar Capital and a great success story.

Autism Rocks
In 2011 his son was diagnosed with Autism. The diagnosis caused Sanjay to take a very close look at a way to help fund research for the condition. He started Autism Rocks to fund research on autism. Autism Rocks raises money through musical events. Sanjay Shah likes being in charge of his own charity and able to send money to the autism research program.