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Making the Most of Fashion from Academy of Art University Students

One of the forms of art is fashion design. This is where people get to look at all of the unique designs that they see on the runway. One of the thoughts that goes through their mind is the idea of actually wearing these outfits. Of course not every outfit that is seen on fashion week runways is something that anyone would want to wear. However, one thing that the Academy of Art University teaches students is that if they come up with items that are flattering to the human body, then people will be more likely to wear these items.


Fortunately, there is one thing that The Academy of Art University teaches is to let the imagination run wild. With the flattering designs, people will be more inspired and encouraged with fashion. One of the changes that need to occur in society is that people need to have more of an open mind towards fashion. The students of Academy of Art Institute are making sure that they are inspiring people to break through the barrier of fashion and explore their own style so that they will feel at ease and comfortable with themselves.


Perhaps as creative as designing fashion could be wearing fashion. There are a lot of people that want to experiment with different looks but there is something that is holding them back. One of the issues that holds people back from exploring fashion and style is how they confuse them. One thing people should understand is that they are the style. Fashion is the clothes. Therefore, it is up to them to find something that they would like to wear. This is something that the students of Academy of Art University is trying to inspire the people to do with their designs that they have brought forth to the runway.


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The Role of the Kabbalah Center in Spiritual Empowerment

The Kabbalah Center is a spiritual institution that is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. The organization offers Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings to people across the globe. Philip Berg is renowned as the brains behind the institution’s teaching approaches. He enlisted his wife’s help in developing the Kabbalah presentation. Both Philip and Karen Berg have been instrumental in ensuring that the Kabbalah educates people irrespective of their backgrounds.


In 1922, Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein built the first Kabbalah Center in Israel. In 1965, the institution was later redeveloped by Philip Berg in the US to focus on Judaism’s mystic and secretive traditions. When the couple launched the Kabbalah Center in the US, it was called The National Research Institute of Kabbalah. Philip and Karen fulfilled Yehuda’s wishes by ensuring that the institution garners international followers. After the death of Philip Berg, Karen was joined by Michael in the management of the center. Followers of the Kabbalistic teachings can now visit centers based in Toronto, New York City, and London.

The Kabbalistic Teachings

The Kabbalah Center stands out from other spiritual institutions because of its Kabbalistic teachings. Several Kabbalistic lessons are similar to Christianity and Islam. For example, the Holy Bible offers Christians insights on the passage of the red sea. This story is also narrated in Kabbalistic books. Rav Philip Berg was an advocate of the Zohar. He stressed on how the universe and human beings are related as narrated in the Zohar.

The Kabbalah Center has attracted support from prominent figures such as politicians and artists. Madonna, who is a prominent musician, has been spotted severally wearing the red string on her wrist. This string is used by followers of the Kabbalah Center to protect them against spiritual enemies. Madonna has also partnered with the Kabbalah Center in philanthropic endeavors. She funded the Raising Malawi Project that was initiated by the center to offer assistance to Malawians.

ClassDojo: Empowering Change in Education

Today, in some districts two in three schools use the popular educational communications app ClassDojo to enhance the sense of empowerment enjoyed by parents, students and teachers. The innovative software program allows instructors to snap photos of material prepared by pupils and transmit the information directly to parents. It strives to foster a positive, friendly classroom environment.

Created By Teachers

ClassDojo’s cofounders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, recently raised some $21 million in Series B funding to help increase the size of their startup. They created the app as a way to augment the sense of involvement parents feel in education. The ClassDojo company began operating in 2011. Since then, it has enjoyed significant growth. Its products now appear in classrooms around the world, especially in schools serving grades Kindergarten through 8th Grade.

Sam Chauhary possesses a background in teaching. He taught classes part-time for nearly six years, an experience that helped him refine and develop the groundbreaking ClassDojo software. An avid reader, he hopes the product he helped invent will foster better communications between parents and educators.

Funding a Dream

ClassDojo has distributed its software free-of-charge to many school districts. In the future, the company plans to market some premium services for a fee, yet still intends to make the basic application available to users at no cost. Company management takes heart from the fact that the app’s popularity has grown since its introduction just a few years ago.

ClassDojo now enjoys a loyal following in some 85,000 private, charter and public schools in the USA alone. This remarkable growth testifies to the software’s immense popularity. Major investors in ClassDojo currently include firms such as GSV, SignalFire and Reach Capital.

Classroom Innovations

The ClassDojo app facilitates group collaboration in the preparation of projects. Teachers possess the capability to take photos of work prepared by individual students or collaborating teams and disseminate the material to parents and other educators.

In the future, the company may obtain an opportunity to monetize its platform by selling premium special content. For instance, parents might buy study materials or lesson guides to assist their children with homework sessions.

A New Approach

ClassDojo brings innovation directly into the classroom. It promises to expand further in the future. Some experts foresee a future for the technology similar to the bright landscape enjoyed by social media platforms, such as Facebook or its rival, Snapchat.


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