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Buying Beneful at Your Local Walmart

If you’ve got a dog or two at home, you’ve probably heard of the popular dog food brand called Beneful. This dog food has a great reputation for being nutritious for your dog and cost friendly. If you’ve shopped for Beneful before, you might have noticed there are several different varieties. You may also notice the price difference among stores. For example, Petco may cost a bit more than PetSmart. One very cost efficient option is shopping for your Beneful at Walmart.

Walmart carries a pretty large variety of Beneful dog foods. They carry the original formula- you can get a fifteen pound bag for only $13.98. You can also purchase the Healthy Weight with chicken variety at the same exact cost! These bags also come in three and a half pound bag for smaller dogs at only $5.48 per bag. In addition to dry food, Walmart carries their wet food. You can get Purina medleys as a single for $1.92 each or in a twenty seven pack for $14.98.

The great thing about purchasing Beneful at Walmart is that they have rollbacks all the time. You never know when you’ll be able to save even more. They are far less in cost than at their competitors, Petco and PetSmart. Beneful contains real ingredients that are great for your dog or puppies growth and health. Walmart is also a retailer that gladly accepts manufacturer coupons which can reduce the cost as well. Shopping for Beneful at Walmart is easy because not only do you have options, but it’s affordable.

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