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Dr. Mark Mckenna is a Medical Maverick

Dr. Mark Mckenna is ready to improve the self confidence of Buckhead residents. Buckhead is an upscale suburb in the city of Atlanta. Many consider the area to be the jewel of the city. Dr. Marks’ new medical aesthetic company OVME will provide residents with a new medical experience and change their outlook on their bodies. OVME is a mobile application that connects both members of the opposite sex to skilled health care providers. Its unique and innovative direct to consumer approach is revolutionizing the medical aesthetic experience. OVME plans to meet the evolved needs of consumers, which span beyond the industry landscape.

OVME is regarded as one of Dr. Mark Mckenna’s best creations. For Dr, Mark Mckenna everything happens for a reason and he is more than excited about his new product. He believes it is his greatest because of the culmination of all his research on combining medical aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. It provides minimally invasive cosmetic services at a high quality. The technology it uses has the potential to redefine elective healthcare.

Dr.Mark Mckenna is a beloved figure in his community. His patients trust him because of his near flawless track record and reputable status as a doctor. He advocates for his patients like few doctors in his field. He is also strongly committed to safety. He makes sure to do things the right way and not cut corners.

With OVME Dr. Mark Mckenna proves he will continue to improve elective healthcare procedures. This was a major reason investors invested in his product. OVME will expose patients to new technology and individualized procedures. Dr. Mark Mckenna couldn’t be more proud of his own creation.

Dr. Rod Rohrich Reshaping Lives

When it comes to plastic surgery its important to realize it is a very personal and important decision. Finding the right doctor to work with on whatever issue you are looking to correct needs to be well researched. Dr. Rod Rohrich is a plastic surgeon based out of Dallas that puts his patients concern to rest with his reputation.Listed as one of the very best plastic surgeons in Dallas, Dr. Rohrich has appeared on such shows as Oprah and Good Morning America. His experience and skill in plastic surgery is looked upon highly outside of Dallas. His office can be a quite busy place but he still treats each case with individual care.Dr. Rohrich is a board certified plastic surgeon that has received distinguished honors by several organizations. He is also the Editor-in-Chief for The Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. His practice and experience is without a doubt his true passion and calling.

Within Dr. Rohrich’s walls there are patients looking for things only plastic and reconstructive surgery can offer. For someone with breathing issues or a crooked nose, rhinoplasty is offered to give that person better health or simply a more appealing look. He is also on the forefront in nasal corrective rhinoplasty reconstruction, helping people who have suffered previous surgeries that did not correct the problem. As chairman of the Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium he has spoken with plastic surgeons throughout the world. His writings have taught many and his work in the Dallas Rhinoplasty: Nasal Surgery by the Masters book is rather reputable.

Face and neck lifts are also offered with Dr. Rohrich. He is very talented and has contributed vast amounts of information in correcting the work of Father Time. Dr. Rohrich continues to look for advancements in procedures and to teach others in this field of plastic surgery.Breast surgery is a very personal decision for women, whether cosmetic or because of breast cancer or irregularities between breasts he has helped plenty of women. This kind of surgery can change the way a woman feels about herself for life. Breast cancer survivors who have had masectomies is one of Dr. Rohrich’s ways of giving back. Through the AIRS Foundation, he found a way to help women receive breast reconstruction after suffering mastectomy. This non-profit organization that he helped found is absolutely enriching women’s lives.

Dr. Rod Rohrich – Giving Back to His Profession and to Texas

Dr. Rod Rohrich is currently on the faculty of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center as professor of plastic surgery. Based in Dallas, Dr. Rohrich is known as one of the top plastic surgeons in the United States. In February and March of this year, Dr. Rohrich will be participating in three conferences. From February 8 – 10, he will be in Miami sharing his expertise at the Baker Gordon Educational Symposium. As a member of the symposium’s faculty, Dr. Rohrich will be moderating panels dealing with Lower Lid Blepharoplasty and Body Contour Surgery. He will also be lecturing and for the live surgery portion of the the symposium, he will be doing a Primary Open Rhinoplasty.Dr. Rohrich will return to Dallas to attend the Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting which will be held from February 28 – March 1. As the chairman and organizer for this event, he brings in an esteemed faculty that will go over all the latest advances in cosmetic surgery techniques. Beginning on March 2, Dr. Rohrich will be involved in the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting, which he also chairs. Experts will be brought in to discuss the latest issues in rhinoplasty surgery. Both conferences will give participants a fresh cadaver lab so they can get involved in actual procedures and techniques. Dr. Rohrich will moderate several panel sessions in each meeting.

In additions to his teaching duties, Dr. Rohrich maintains a practice at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, the Zale Lipshy University Hospital, and the Tom Landry Sports Center/Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. A native of North Dakota, he attended North Dakota State University, the University of North Dakota,and he graduated with honors from the Baylor University College of Medicine. He completed residencies in general and plastic surgery at the University of Michigan Medical Center. He also attended Oxford University in England where he trained in pediatric plastic surgery.Dr. Rohrich has traveled throughout Third World countries, teaching and performing plastic surgery, with an emphasis on helping children with congenital deformities and severe burn issues. Every year he chooses to support a medical student who will go back to North Dakota and be involved in primary care. Dr. Rohrich is active in civic and community affairs and has served on the Board of Directors for the Dallas Chapter of the American Cancer Society, the March of Dimes, and Save the Children-Dallas.

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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Dallas

Ice cream, a coveted favorite, is invariably sold by people who do not necessarily make us think of how good it is! If it were possible, however, to match a person to a profession who would serve to advance the agenda of the business by virtue of the essence of their very presence, that would be perfect. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, a renowned plastic surgeon in the Dallas and Plano, Texas area, does just that. His aesthetics serve to undoubtedly advance his plastic surgery practice. He might well epitomize the very essence of the power of suggestion.


A billboard can only say so much about a business, therefore talent must lie behind any true advertisement. Dr. Jejurikar, having completed both undergraduate studies and medical school at the University of Michigan, has had success because he is a talented plastic surgeon. He did a subspeciality in aesthetic surgery at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat, which undoubtedly shaped his early experience in this field. Some of the toughest clientele in the plastic surgery area are probably found on our East and West Coasts in the United States, so having a start in Manhattan was truly auspicious.


We might not ever know why what we see has such a great impact on us, and it could be a byproduct of our reticular activation system, which filters out unnecessary information and helps us to focus on what matters. It is basically a gateway for the important information. The RAS sifts through all the data we are inundated with and so it works in our favor without us actually doing anything. When one goes to the office of a plastic surgeon, who has a great reputation, our brains will sort through all kinds of information during that visit, thanks to our RAS, and then it will deliver what is important.


As plastic surgery is unequivocally about appearance, our RAS will naturally deliver the highpoints of what we are looking at during any interview with a surgeon of this specialty. That said, a billboard is just that, but a billboard that comes to life as a physical representation of what a customer is aspiring to achieve through procurement of the service the billboard offers, well that just might be capitalistic serendipity if ever there was such a thing.


Understanding the Benefits and Preparing for Lifeline Screenings

The benefits of lifeline screening are endless in dealing with healthcare concerns. Life Line Screening deals with several different types of healthcare screenings whose primary objective is to prevent and detect diseases. Life Line Screening hopes to prevent illnesses from happening and being able to detect them before they occur. However, sometimes the patient requires further help. Life Line Screening has packages that enable patients to improve their health status and look forward to a positive future.

Life Line Screening offers painless and non-invasive screenings. Besides, they also provide blood screenings that just require a couple of blood drops or finger-stick to get a full panel of results. Most of their screenings need a small amount of education to prepare. Some tests and screenings will require the patient to fast for several hours while others don’t require fasting. Life Line Screening insists that it is essential for patients to adhere to the preparation rules so that they get accurate results after the screening.

Patients should understand that each screening is different from the others, and so they need to prepare uniquely for each screening procedure. You need to consult with your healthcare provider to get the full instructions. Patients undergoing artery screening procedures are required to wear loose clothes and avoid interruptions such as watches, cell phones and lotions applied on the skin. You don’t need to fast for such procedures. For diabetic screenings, patients ought to fast for not less than 12 hours to ensure that the results are accurate. Patients who undergo abdominal screenings ought to fast for not less than six hours so that the examinations can indicate the organs. Sometimes the physician gives medications, which a patient needs to take them as prescribed.

About Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening was established in 1993 and is based in Austin, TX. It is a private organization that operates community-based screening services across the US. Life Line Screening has been in the healthcare industry for several years. It has gained experience over the years, which has enabled it to continue offering reputable and exceptional services to its patients. They have a mission of assisting people to prevent certain conditions from occurring and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Life Line Screening offers screening services to over 500,000 people in the United States. Its preventative health screening services were established in the UK in 2007. It also expanded to Australia in 2012, under the name Screen for Life. Some common illnesses that can be detected through these screenings include abdominal aortic aneurysm, peripheral arterial disease, and atrial fibrillation.

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Dr. McKenna’s Career in Medical Practice and Real Estate Investment

For those who keep up with advancements in the medical industry, S. Mark McKenna is a common name. Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor whose passion is in patient advocacy. He is licensed to practise medicine and surgery by the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. Originally from New Orleans, Dr. McKenna graduated from Tulane University Medical School. He started practicing medicine after completing his training. While he started out his practice working with his father, Dr. McKenna launched his own company years later.

Real Estate Interests

He started with his firm called McKenna Venture Investment, before he went on to acquire Universal Mortgage Lending and another firm known as Uptown Title, Inc. Both firms are real estate firms, and they have grown in great lengths. In 2005, McKenna’s businesses were hit hard by Hurricane Katrina. However, he did not give up. Instead, he helped the community in redeveloping a new yet low-moderate income options in respect of housing.

Wellness and Aesthetic-Based Medical Practice

In 2007, McKenna made the move from New Orleans to Atlanta, GA. In 2017, McKenna founded OVME, a medical aesthetic company. He also acts as the company’s CEO.

Daily and Family Life

McKenna is a family man, and he is married to Gianine McKenna. The two have two children, Milana and Ryder. When he is not working, he loves hanging out with his family. He always goes home to have dinner with his family at about six in the evening.

When asked about where he draws his inspiration and motivation from, Dr. Mark McKenna points towards Mark’s ability to set goals and visualize them. He also loves to meditate, and to him, this is one of the best recipes for success. When he is not working or bonding with the family, he reads. One of his recommended reads is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

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Dr. Jennifer L. Walden is Busy Making People Look and Feel Good

Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden is a noted and respected Plastic Surgeon, based in Austin, Texas. Coming from a family of medical practitioners, it was only natural that Jennifer would pursue a career in medicine as well. Her father was dentist and mother was a surgical nurse. Born in Austin, she attended the University of Texas and got her Bachelor’s degree in Biology. After this, she applied at the Medical Branch of the university but found herself waitlisted. Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden eventually got accepted and went on to graduate with an MD, and also as the Salutatorian of her class.

Even though she could have started her practice in Texas, she wanted to spread her wings a bit and moved to New York, after completing her Residency at University of Austin Medical Branch. While there, she practiced under the tutelage of Dr. Sherrell Aston, at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, Throat Hospital. It was while working at this hospital Jennifer got her Fellowship in Aesthetic Surgery. She went on to work at the upper east side for nearly eight years, before moving back to Austin. Once back in Austin, she started her own private practice, Jennifer L. Walden PLLC.

What makes Jennifer’s practice unique is that from the very get-go she has been an advocate of using high-end technology when doing her treatments. She was a pioneer of sorts by introducing technologies such as Vectra, which is a 3-D imaging technology used in visualizing what the patient will look like after surgery. Other tools she uses is ThermiVA along with a few others which she herself designed.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is very busy these days but she still manages to find time to give her expert advice to others. She works as a consultant for several aesthetic companies such as Venus Concept, Thermal Aesthetics, Ideal Implant and Sciton Inc. She also appears on major networks such as ABC and Fox to give he opinion on plastic surgery. Publications such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Health and Bridal Guide has featured her articles and interviews on aesthetic matters. In fact, Harpers Bazaar has named her on their list of 24 best beauty surgeons in 2014.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is Going To Help Shape My Behind

I’m almost ashamed to say it, but I was not happy with my backside. I have three sisters, and they all have the same father, but I have a different father than they do. It looks as if I took my backside from my father’s side of the family, because my behind is nearly flat, while my sisters have voluptuous behinds. I used to be embarrassed to wear clothes, especially tight jeans that showed my figure. I decided that I wanted to get an enhancement in my behind, especially since having a big butt is something that’s been in for many years now.

I couldn’t afford to get surgery, so I went to a chop shop, so to speak, and I sat on someone’s couch while they injected silicone into my buttocks. Not only did the silicone cause me problems, but my butt didn’t look right and looked anything but natural. I felt a lot of pain at times from the silicone injections, and I even thought at one point that I would possibly die. I had to go to the emergency room not long after I had the procedure performed, and I had some permanent damage from the silicone injections.

I learned the hard way that any type of body enhancement should be done by a professional plastic surgeon. Fast-forward to five years later, and now I am successful and have some real money in the bank. I’ve decided to finally fix my buttocks, and I wanted the best plastic surgeon for the job. I consulted with a surgeon named Dr. Jennifer Walden about giving me a fat transfer to shape out my behind, but I also needed to repair the damage that the silicone had done to my butt as well as take out the silicone that was in it.

It was only after doing a lot of research that I found that it was possible for me to have a normal shaped behind again. After consulting with Dr. Jennifer Walden’s website, I had some hope about how my surgery would turn out. I was told that the silicone could be taken out, and a fat transfer would help me to give a lovely shape, and I very much look forward to my surgery. I have my surgery scheduled in the near future, and I’m very confident that Dr. Jennifer Walden will be able to help me fix the mistake I made when I chose silicone injections for my behind.