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Desiree Perez in Rocking Roc Nation

Des Perez, born Desiree Perez, is the current chief operating officer at Jay-zs Roc Nation where she has held the position for the past eight years, that is from 2008. She is said to be the company’s ingredient to celebrity success. Being a woman, the journey to penetrate the male-based music industry has not been easy. However, her leadership skills as a producer, talent manager and also as an entrepreneur have been a key factor in driving her forward and make the seemingly impossible mission possible.

She has worked with Shawn Carter popularly known as Jay-z for the past twenty-two years. Desiree Perez has been critical in ensuring the growth of young talent in Roc Nation. She has also been vital in music production and organizing concert tours. This has led to the expansion of Roc Nation both profit and entertainment-wise.

One of the popular artistes she has helped grow is Robyn Rihanna Fenty popularly known as Rihanna. For instance, she helped Rihanna secure a deal with Samsung, a deal which was to later place Rihanna as a highly bankable performing artist. Rihanna’s star is not about to stop glowing soon; she has ventured into acting and commercial modeling business. With Des Perez by her side, her star will continue shining. This is because of the financial and business advice offered to her by the genius Des Perez.

One of the transactions that Des Perez was involved with during her tenure as the chief operating officer at Roc Nation is the $150-million deal with another business stars, Live Nation. This deal was to last for ten years and is about to come to an end in the coming months. Reports indicate that the lucrative deal will not be extended. However, the partnership between the two companies continues only to be based on tours and not the purchase of recorded music. For this reason, Roc Nation with the help of Des Perez is out on a hunt for other business partnerships. Universal Music Group (UMG) is rumored to be among those companies interested in the partnership. Let us wait and see whether Des Perez will continue rocking Roc Nation.