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Securus Technologies achievements and timely exposé on Global Tel Link GTL

People tend to choose the services of a company that has been in existence for long, leaving out new businesses. Trust is the main reason here. The clients, having tried and enjoyed their services over time will find it a little difficult to turn their focus on the new kids on the block. Securus Technologies is one such company that has been in existence for long, having its services reaching throughout the United States. Using technology, the company has always been the leader in bringing solutions in the civil and criminal justice, for public safety, corrections and monitoring. It first started its operations as T-Netix Inc, under the name Tele – Matix Corporation, which would later merge with Star, Ventures Inc in 1988.

In 1992, T-Netix Inc would then acquire assets of some two companies, alongside obtaining some eight firms that were also associated with inmate telecommunication. His endeavors of acquiring affiliated companies and the need to become the leading inmate telecommunication top dog in the entire US, would not stop there, as it soon obtains some other firms, Evercom Systems Inc included. However, the company wasn’t so big to be enveloped by the giant H.I.G Capital, a Miami-based Equity Firm, and formed the now Securus Technologies. Since then, the company has flourished, thanks to the hard work and dedication of its employees.
In a statement published on PR Newswire, Chief Executive Officer of Securus America Technology Richard A. Smith “Rick” said that referring to each other as associate other than boss and subordinate relationship has greatly influenced the flow of ideas from bottoms up and forth, and a sense of ownership of the organization. As one of its achievements recently in June 2016, on behalf of Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC) did an exposé against another inmate telecommunication provider Global Tel link (GTL), representing the first in a series of other offences the company continues to do.
According to the PR Newswire article, it found GTL culpable of
1. Unauthorized programming their telephone clocks, adding up to 36 sec after the actual end of a call
2. Overrating the call costs, against the PSC rate caps
3. Billing single calls twice
4. Deliberate and unlawful overcharging clients

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