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True Value Hardware Corporation Delivers Quality Services

Kenneth Goodman is described as a successful and an influential businessman. His experience and expertise as an entrepreneur have won him the title of a merchandise concept expert. Kenneth Goodgame is very hardworking and dedicated to every business he undertakes, and for that reason, he is known as a person who takes every task assigned to him regardless of the situation at hand.

Kenneth Goodgame is the Chief Marketing Officer and the Vice President of the famous True Value Hardware Corporation. His office is located in Chicago at the company’s Headquarters. When still working at True Value Hardware Corporation Goodgame led the company to the organization’s inventory purchase of $320 million as well as $2.2 billion.

Kenneth is a Marketing Degree Holder from the University of Tennessee. After his graduation in 1994, Goodgame began his career as an employee at Home Depot where due to his dedication he climbed the career ladder to the position of a Senior Global Product Merchant.

According to Crunchbase, Kenneth Goodgame has also worked at Ace Hardware Corporation as the General Merchandising Manager. Ken is not only a business man, but he is also a writer and a public speaker.

True Value Hardware Corporation was established in 1932 by John Cotter who started his career at the very young age of 12 working in a hardware store. Before the foundation of True Value, John founded Cotter and company that included a total of 25 independent operated stores. Since the foundation of True Value Hardware Corporation, it has been experiencing tremendous growth.

The organization is currently under the leadership of John Hartmann who is the Chief Executive Officer of the firm. Hartmann is responsible for the growth plan of the firm as well as ensuring the firm succeeds in the future and maintains its feature as a family of retailers and associates. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame:

Since its inception, True Value Hardware Corporation has expanded its services to more than 60 countries worldwide, 16 supply regions, and its total retail is estimated to be about $5.5 billion. The company works hand in hand with associates who assist them deliver quality services and products to their clients; the associates are nearly 2500.