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Success Academy- Excellence at its Best

Success academy is a network of charter schools nationally recognized for the strikingly impressive test scores achieved by students. Just last year, it was reported that more than a quarter percentage of New York city children were considered proficient in English and about thirty five percent in mathematics during the state’s challenging common examination. Success students had a proficiency of a shocking ninety four percent in mathematics and a sixty four percent in English.


Success Academy is an initiative that began in Harlem about a decade ago .The network currently has 32 schools serving over 9,000 students: 24 elementary schools , 7 middle schools , a high school and it is rumored to adding 13 additional schools in the future.. Success could soon be offering education to 2% of the million children in New York City public schools.


At Success Academy, content is everything. Kindergartners everywhere are known to play with wooden blocks; however Success applies an alternative procedure with their kindergartners. Children are made to work together in divided groups on a crude architectural sketch prior to devising their project..A student from each group then takes the responsibility of elaborating on what they’ve built to the other students. Bookcases are filled with informative and innovative books that expose children to great buildings both old and modern from all over the globe.


Eva Moskowitz- founder and CEO of Success Academy believes that academic success in kids is brought about by strong and effective teachers coupled with a heavily built curriculum that challenges them to excel. She adds that they need to know that their elders think highly of them and believe they can succeed academically. At Success Academy schools, they don’t just focus on Math and English language arts, but also Sciences, Art , Chess and Sports.


The teachers at Success Academy have to go through serious training, and maintain a close relationship with their peers in order to get constant feedback and receive regular, detailed professional development. The school is also pretty receptive to parents and the teachers are sure to return parent phone calls in no longer than 24 hours.