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Capital Group Board Elects Timothy Armour as Chairman

The new Board of Directors at Capital Group recently announced that it had appointed Timothy Armour to become the chairman of the organization. Capital Group is known to many as the home of American Funds and is currently one of the leading investment management agencies in the world. Tim Armour will now be serving the company as the chairman of the management committee.

According to a recent press release from the successful company, Tim is expected to work together with the top members of the institution’s s management committee to bring the much-needed change. Some of these members include Robert Lovelace, the president of the company and Phil Toledo, the serving president of Capital Group. The new team will be expected to set, implement and also communicate the overall business strategies in the company. Team will also be responsible for overseeing the operations in the organizations

The new change in leadership of the firm reflects the succession plan that was put in place several years ago. The program was recently formalized after Jim Rothenberg, the former chairman, passed away.

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Timothy said that the whole team at the Capital Group were deeply mourning the loss of Jim who was a close colleague and friends. Tim also stated that Jim was a purposeful leader who had proved himself to the world by possessing unique talents. Jim was good in making decisions that were beneficial to the associates, clients, and investors in the long-term.

In a statement, Timothy said that Capital Group had proved to the world over the years that its strength did not lie in an individual but in the talents of its associates who had been working hard to make the mission of the organization come true. Although the former chairman has passed away, the new team will continue to deliver its legacy.

Timothy Armour is known to many as the chairman of the renowned Capital Group Companies.

Timothy is also currently the chairman and chief executive officer of the Capital Research and Management Company, which is also part of the Capital Group. Timothy has been in the investment world for more than thirty-two years, and he has all the knowledge needed to take the organization into better and higher levels. Before getting this position, Timothy was working as the Equity investment analyst at Capital Group. The hedge fund manager is looking forward to working with his colleagues to make the dreams of the company come true.

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