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Eric Lefkofskhy Exemplifies American Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

Co-founder and CEO of Tempus, Eric Lefkofskhy has dedicated his professional career to fighting cancer and innovating the health industry. Tempus is a technology company that compiles molecular, genomic and clinical data to distribute to doctors and researchers in the battle against cancer. By providing the most up to date information, physicians can customize their treatment plans for patients to improve an individuals prognosis.Lefkofskhy co-founded Lightbank, which provides venture fund investing in the disruptive technology sector; he is also a co-founder of predictive analytics platform Uptake Technologies and co-founder and chairman of Groupon. Lefkofskhy also founded the non-profit Lefkofskhy Family Foundation with his wife Liz to improve the lives of youth and adults in the Chicago area. His five startup companies are currently worth over $1 Billion.

The success of the companies Eric Lefkofskhy has founded can be attributed in part to his dedication to keep on top of technology, and find ways to move away from old fashioned practices by incorporating electronic records and electronic means into all areas of the cancer research and treatment field.As author of “Accelerated Disruption” Eric Lefkofskhy shares how revolutionary ideas can be all too easily forgotten or outpaced by technology. He outlines how moving with the speed of technology and focusing on the timing and resources involved in innovation can ensure ideas release quickly with reduced investor reluctance and sound capital finance planning.

The Lefkofskhy Family Foundation offers a wide array of services to the communities it supports, including after school programs, funding for health services such as Planned Parenthood, Jewish advocacy (including support of the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Information Center), multiple cancer research organizations, contributions to Chicago Art Museums, and the Steppenwolfe Theater.Eric Lefkofskhy was educated at the University of Michigan, where he received his Juris Doctor in law school. He now serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago, in addition to serving as a trustee at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business of Chicago, and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Adam Milstein has a Message to Share

There is a little bit of history and experience to share when it come to the professional and personal life of Adam Milstein. Starting with his origins and place of birth, he is the son of Eva and Hillel Milstein, followed by Joshua and Dalit. After a few moves here and there with his family, he grows up to be quite the champion for the welfare and wellbeing of Jewish people and the Israeli nation.



In fact, the record for Adam shows his joining the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) and serving in the Yom Kippur War. His fellow countrymen thank him for the service, without a doubt. However, after the fight is through, Adam decides to get his education. To this end, he graduates Cum Laude with a BS (Bachelors of Science) in business and economics from the Israeli Institute of Technology, in 1978.



Post-graduation he works with his father in the family business long enough to move make plans and move to the United States, with a family of his own. There, he receives his MBA (masters of Business Administration) from the University of Southern California. After that, he goes to work in commercial real estate and does his best as a sales agent.



The sales go very well for Adam Milstein and with just a few years of good smart and steady work he and his wife are ready to open their family foundation. This foundation is designed to help keep the Jewish faith and Israeli people alive, well and well connected with a healthy relationship with the United States. It support individuals and organizations that do anything to keep the image and name of Israel positive.



However, Adam Milstein contributes to the world on behalf of the Jewish nation and the state of Israel in more way than one. Besides writing checks that can make anyone’s day, he shares his experience and expertise in medias such as The Jerusalem Post. There, he can post sociopolitical queries designed to be serious food for thought. These subjects can range from installing pride and brotherhood among the community or an examination of living in the Jewish diaspora. It is all about getting a message out into the world about his homeland and nation while keeping that message positive.


Investing For Your Retirement And Future According To Richard Blair

Founder and Executive Director of Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair is one of the leading investment and financial planning advisors in Texas, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Wealth Solutions Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisory firm based in Austin and offers quality services that aim to assist its clients to work towards the attainment if their financial objectives.


Owing to his vast knowledge and expertise, Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions possesses certifications such as CAS, CES, CFS, CIS, CTS, and RICP, which all contribute to bolstering his position in the financial services industry. As a provider of wealth management services, Wealth Solutions assists its clients to formulate a solid financial plan that outlines a particular customer’s strengths, objectives, and the available opportunities for growth.


By creating such a personalized plan for each client, Wealth Solutions can address the unique long-term and short-term objectives and therefore develop a client portfolio that will maximize the profits during favorable market conditions, while reducing the risks during downturns. Richard Blair then ensures that the customer has the proper insurance structure in place, with regards to long-run health and financial security.


About Richard Blair


Richard is a finance professional who specializes in creating customized retirement, wealth preservation and investment plans of action. He formed Wealth Solutions because he had personally witnessed how learning and teaching had a profound effect on knowledge and personal confidence. This coupled with his passion for finance, enabled him to create an independent firm that he could use to advise clients and teach them how to meet their financial objectives.


Richard Blair attended the University of Houston where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, with a specialization in Financial Management Services. He ventured into this field immediately after completing his formal training.


About Wealth Solutions


Wealth Solutions is an investment firm that specializes in Financial Planning, Wealth Management, and Retirement Planning. It was founded in 1994 by Richard Blair to provide objective and unprejudiced financial advice to families, individuals, as well as business entities.


The investment firm is committed to providing dynamic financial solutions that can adapt to an equally dynamic financial market. Wealth Solutions understands that the goal of each of their clients is to preserve their wealth by creating a stable source of income as well as establishing a legacy for their successors.


InnovaCare the Trailblazer of Health Solution.

InnovaCare Health Solutions is a leader in the provision of quality healthcare programs by creating cost efficient models, which are integrated fully with the day’s most advanced technologies. It has a total of 200,000 individuals who are signed up for the membership program that is served by more than 7,500 provides. Based in Puerto Rico, InnovaCare has two healthcare models namely PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare.

It also manages two Medicaid plans in the Government Healthcare Plan that comes with a broad coverage of benefits. InnovaCare also provides the Island only NCQA-accredited health plans and is therefore committed to offering its members with distinctive healthcare by establishing sustainable models of managed care. Rich Shinto is the CEO of the company that was formerly known as Aveta. Dr. Rich together with a strong team of leadership has in a great way contributed to the success that InnovaCare enjoys currently.

Dr. Rich had served as the chief executive officer of PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare before he began working with InnovaCare. He also was the chief medical officer and the chief operations officer at a company called Medical Pathways Management Company. He has also served as the chief medical officer at NAMM a healthcare company based in California. Read more about Innovacare at Crunchbase

He had accumulated more than 20 years of experience in clinical and operational health solutions way before he joined Aveta Inc. several successful projects have been launched during the time that Dr. Rich Shinto has been at InnovaCare. The projects have aided patients that are underserved to get access to proper healthcare. Rick Shinto doesn’t stop at just providing easy access to Medicare and Medicaid. He goes the extra mile of educating his patients on healthcare awareness. He gladly offers support to families during the time their loved ones are in treatment.

Broadly spelled out in his winning formula is hiring a management team that is both experienced and talented to be the pillar of leadership at InnovaCare. He on this note brought an ambitious and talented personnel known as Penelope Kokkinides. Ms. Kokkinides is the chief administration officer at InnovaCare, a position she has held since 2015. Penelope Kokkinides prides in having more than 20 years of experience in healthcare solutions. She has knowledge in managing health care processes focusing on making better the efficiencies and the organizational infrastructure.

Before joining InnovaCare, Ms. Penelope Kokkinides was the executive vice president as well as the chief operating officer for center light healthcare.

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Keith Mann Shows Support To The NYPD

Keith Mann is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dynamics Search Patterns. The company is a premier executive search firm that is committed to sourcing top talents for the private equity and hedge fund industries. Dynamic Search Partners has been very successful. In the past 10 years, the company has paired their clients with some of the leading industry talents across different geographical locations. The firm has been able to build an enduring relationship with its customers and candidates. The strong relationships have been the core foundations of the company and have enabled it to reach new heights regarding service delivery. Under the guidance of Keith Mann, Dynamics Search Partners has emerged as one of the fastest growing private companies in America.
On February 17, 2015, Keith Mann showed his support for the New York Police Department (NYPD). It came in response to the protests and violence that had marred the police force Keith Mann and Keely Mann sent lunch to officers in the 54th Street precinct to show their gratitude, support, and boost their morale as opposed to feeding into the negative vibe.
Keith Mann has always had a special attachment and relationship with the New York Police Department. His wife’s uncle is a detective in Staten Island. Keith Mann felt that the actions of the police department fell close to home for him. There had been attacks on police officers earlier in the year during what was supposed to be peaceful protests in New York. His wife sent lunch to the officers at the precinct on two occasions. The first time was in early January and then again on February 9th.
Keith Mann stated that the law enforcement officers need to be thanked rather than attacked in their attempts to maintain safety. He acknowledged the fact that police officers are people with families just like the ordinary New York resident. However, Keith Mann stated that he would not want to see his or any other family hurt due to careless action against the police department. Keith Mann believes that the citizens should strive to help the cops.