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Michael Zomber the American Antique Collector, Writer and Peace Advocate

Michael Zomber is a famous American antique collector and authoritative writer. He prefers to keep his personal life private. Apart from his educational qualifications and the fact that he is married, a father of two, and resides in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland nothing much is known about his personal life. He is a holder of a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in literature.

Michael Zomber the Antique Collector
Zomber is a famous antique collector. With more than forty years experience, he is renowned globally for his history of gathering guns, swords, and other significant arms. As a historian, he is greatly inspired to protect and preserve history through collection and preservation of arms. He works closely with other historians and antique collectors to safeguard history through collection and sale of antiques for preservation.

Michael Zomber’s Love for the Japanese Samurai
He is an ardent fan of Japanese Samurai antiques. For this reason, Samurai firearms, swords, and other arms form the greatest portion of his antique collection. He is the founder and owner of Samurai Arts, An American firm that specializes in collection and sale of ancient Japanese Samurai antiques. Within his forty years of experience as an antique collector, he has managed to collect valuable antiques from Japan. His achievements in the antique collection have seen him appear as a guest historian on several American history channel productions including the programs Guns of the Famous, Million Dollar Guns, Shotguns dueling pistols, Tales of a gun and Automatic pistols. Most of these productions touch on or revolve around the samurai tradition.

Michael Zomber as a Storyteller and Writer
Michael is a talented storyteller and writer. He has authored more than a dozen historical novels which have received global credits. Most of his writings due to their uniqueness have been turned into screenplays. The most famous of these include Jesus and the Samurai, Soul of the Samurai, Shogun Limits, and Sweet Betsy that is me: A child of the civil war. His works have seen him get numerous endorsements from Japanese samurai organizations for his efforts to preserve the Japanese history. His works in literature are to a great extent enhanced by his outstanding academic qualifications in literature.

Efforts in Promotion of Global Peace
Besides his historical, and literature work, as is clear on Facebook, Zomber is also an avid human rights and global peace advocate. He dedicates a lot of his time and effort towards reconciliation of deep-rooted historical conflicts in the different parts of the world. He supports various peace initiatives by organizations such as the United Nations and Amnesty International. He has shown steadfast support for such initiatives throughout his career.