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Famous Beauty Gurus On YouTube

YouTube videos have been popular for a very long time and show no signs of slowing down. Viewers can watch everything from music videos to fashion videos to do it yourself videos. Many YouTube stars created channels that allow viewers to get an in depth look into their lives and the things they do as well as the products they use and buy.

One of the most popular video categories on YouTube is beauty gurus. There are tons and tons of beauty gurus out there that offer hair videos, make up videos, fashion videos and a whole array of other types of videos. Girls and guys from all over the world are creating channels and content to showcase their talent and creativity. One of the biggest YouTube gurus is Wengie, a Chinese girl living in Australia.

Wengie began making YouTube videos a long time ago and has amassed more than seven hundred thousand followers since then. Although she tends to focus on beauty videos she also has a variety of other topics she does videos on. She does skincare videos, hair tutorials, food testing and reviews, fashion videos, makeup hauls, make up tutorials, fitness segments and many other types of videos.

Although she does a large variety of topics Wengies most popular uploads always seem to be her Asian skincare secrets and reviews. Wengie will compare Asian skincare and makeup with other makeup and skincare from around the world and sees which holds up better, which looks better and which feels better on the skin. She gives an honest and helpful review so that all of her viewers can make an informed decision on whether or not to buy a product.

Wengie typically uploads videos at least twice a week for her viewers. Some weeks viewers may even get a bonus video. Although every video is a different topic or idea each video showcases Wengies fun and silly personalty. With so many beauty gurus on YouTube nowadays it can be hard to find ones to trust and enjoy but Wengie certainly sticks out. It is not only her funny and quirky personality that keeps people subscribing and coming back for more but it is also her in depth and honest reviews on products and items that make viewers know they can trust her opinion on anything.