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Dr. Mark Mckenna is a Medical Maverick

Dr. Mark Mckenna is ready to improve the self confidence of Buckhead residents. Buckhead is an upscale suburb in the city of Atlanta. Many consider the area to be the jewel of the city. Dr. Marks’ new medical aesthetic company OVME will provide residents with a new medical experience and change their outlook on their bodies. OVME is a mobile application that connects both members of the opposite sex to skilled health care providers. Its unique and innovative direct to consumer approach is revolutionizing the medical aesthetic experience. OVME plans to meet the evolved needs of consumers, which span beyond the industry landscape.

OVME is regarded as one of Dr. Mark Mckenna’s best creations. No one knew what was next for the medical maverick after he sold his ShapeMed concept to LifeTime Fitness. ShapeMed was an Atlanta-based wellness and non-surgical aesthetics clinic. For Dr, Mark Mckenna everything happens for a reason and he is more than excited about his new product. He believes it is his greatest because of the culmination of all his research on combining medical aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. It provides minimally invasive cosmetic services at a high quality. The technology it uses has the potential to redefine elective healthcare.

Dr.Mark Mckenna is a beloved figure in his community. His patients trust him because of his near flawless track record and reputable status as a doctor. He advocates for his patients like few doctors in his field. He is also strongly committed to safety. He makes sure to do things the right way and not cut corners.

With OVME Dr. Mark Mckenna proves he will continue to improve elective healthcare procedures. This was a major reason investors invested in his product. OVME will expose patients to new technology and individualized procedures. Dr. Mark Mckenna couldn’t be more proud of his own creation.

Brazilian Butt Lift in the Dallas Area

Are you happy with the appearance, position or shape of your butt? The Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that surgically improves the imperfections that may trouble you about the appearance of your butt. If you have sagging skin due to a weight loss or if you feel that your buttocks sit too low, a Brazilian Butt Lift may be your answer. You may want a larger or smaller butt. There are top locations in Dallas that can complete this procedure for you.


The Brazilian Butt Lift is considered plastic surgery. It can be combined with other types of plastic surgery for that maximum body fix.


North Texas Plastic Surgery is among the top locations in Dallas to get the Brazilian Butt Lift done. They have two locations. One location is located in Southlake, TX and their other is located in Plano, TX. Their website is North Texas Plastic Surgery.


Also among the top to complete this procedure in Dallas is Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery located in Mansfield, TX. Their website and the link that directs you specifically to their butt lift procedure is Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery.


Who are The Best Candidates for This Procedure?


How do I Maintain the Surgical Results and Protect My Investment?

  • Your overall health must be good. Anesthesia is used and only those in good heath should consider the surgery for proper recovery.
  • You must not smoke as smoking can hinder the ability to heal from the surgery. If you do smoke, the surgery is still possible if you can sustain from smoking for the length of time prescribed by the doctor before the surgery.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption.
  • For those that do not meet the requirements for the Brazilian butt lift, the conventional butt lift may be for you that will remove excess skin, tissue and fat from your buttocks.



What is The Procedure Like?

  • Ensure that the skin stays tight by taking care of yourself.
  • Make sure that you maintain your body weight after the surgery. When we loose or gain weight, we stretch the skin naturally.



Your surgeon will perform liposuction from other parts of the body. These fat deposits that are removed are made pure then transferred. For example, if you have too much fat around your waist the surgeon may transfer the fat from that location to the buttock area. The fat will shrink during the purification process so you will have to have enough fat elsewhere to be drawn.


It is recommended that one try reshaping one’s butt by consuming a proper diet and by leading an active lifestyle initially before considering surgery. Contact a Dallas surgeon for a more in-depth explanation.


What does the Brazilian butt lift procedure cost?


The investment for the Brazilian butt lift in Dallas can range from $2000 to $12,000. The price is largely affected by the amount of work and detail that your doctor will have to perform during your procedure. Surgeons with higher qualifications tend to command a larger rate. Your medical insurance may not cover the cost of this procedure. An exception to this rule is if you have an issue that this surgery can fix that may lead to any medical complication. Ask your Dallas surgeon for more information. Payment plans and financing may be available.


Should I consult several doctors before I consider having the surgery?


Yes, you should personally talk to each doctor and ask questions. Start with calling North Texas Plastic Surgery at 877-594-6233 or Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery at 817-477-9000 to speak with a Brazilian butt lift surgeon in Dallas today.