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Lip Balm Sales Soar for the Fall

Lip balm products are becoming quite popular and there is a reason for that. It all has to do with the fall season. More than a few ads have started to appear as people enter the fall season and face the possibility of chapped lips.
Fortunately, EOS lip balm – commonly known as the Evolution of Smooth – is a company that has consumers covered. This is the company that has become known for making products that are smooth on the lips. The brand has been trusted, and that is why the Evolution of Smooth is gaining a lot of customers as the fall season nears.

What this company has managed to do is establish itself one of the premier companies for customers that are looking for lip chap products. Lip Chap is something that people are not going to agonize over. It is a small purchase. That is why the Evolution of Smooth had to work hard to become the leader. Lip chap from this company is now a purchase that consumers make without thinking about it. They already know that this is a great product. They don’t have to research. EOS has already promoted the product well so customers known what they are getting.

The lip balm from this company has vitamins and Shea Butter. The ingredients also avoid many of the chemicals that would cause skin irritation. That is why the product has managed to sell well. It caters to people that want a product that is going to protect their lips. They don’t even have to think about it. They just know because the fact sheet for EOS lip balm is clearly visible on the website. This is a company that cuts right to the chase. This is the type of company that people feel they can trust. Check out their products on Ulta.
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Watch Out Fine Haired Ladies: WEN By Chaz Will Blow Your Mind

No one ever dreams of fine, thin, dull hair. Seriously, who wants that kind of boring mane that won’t take home any prizes?
What if you feel cursed, and there’s nothing you can do about a flat head of hair?

Well, you are not alone, because many women have unmanageable limp locks and found the ideal solution.

It’s called WEN by Chaz, and there’s nothing else quite like it on the planet. It’s the original no lather shampoo system that was developed by the famous LA stylist to the stars Chaz Dean. It is full of plant-based botanical ingredients that nourish, cleanse, condition and add extreme body and shine to every hair type known to man. It is available on Amazon. writer Emily McClure was one of the cursed fine heads of hair hoping for a major WEN by Chaz transformation. She embarked on a personal 7-day hair journey using nothing but WEN.

Emily kept a daily hair log and posted daily hair photos to show readers her progress.

Emily discovered that Wen by Chaz works like a dream if you keep your hair on a daily morning wash. If you follow the cleanse with blow-drying and styling, you will see the huge shine, softness and manageability that WEN is all about.

Emily liked how the system was working, and her close girlfriends immediately noticed that Emily had “new” hair and glossy gorgeous. Her selfies show big, bouncy hair with shine and a confident young woman.

Emily admits that using the WEN by Chaz system requires some time and effort to achieve a great style and being lazy won’t cut it. If you alter your morning routine, your results might not be as voluminous.

Otherwise, WEN’s one-bottle formula is easy to get used to, and the system will create an amazing hair transformation. Check out Wen’s channel on YouTube for more info. Learn more about the amazing Wen formula, see

Lime Crime is What the Youth Desire

When it comes to makeup, teens do not want to be associated with what their parents are buying. They want their own style. Young adults don’t want to wear the makeup that they dub as makeup for “old folks.” They want a style that is hot and trendy. They want a youthful style of makeup. The cosmetics industry has Doe Deere to thank for her vision. She knows what the youth want, and she has created a youth cosmetics brand with Lime Crime that has really exploded since their inclusion at UrbanOutfitters.

The main reason that the young people stay connected to the brand has a lot to do with the colors. These colors are alarmingly bright at times. There are some other darker shades that are not quite Gothic, but the colors are dark. All of these different bold colors give teens the ability to pick a host of shades for different looks.

The Lime Crime brand, in essence, represents what it means to be young. There are an assortment of colors for women to change up their style and experiment. Older women will typically stay with one particular shade. They may go a little darker or a little lighter at times, but most older women stay within their lane. Young women don’t have a pre-defined lane. One day that may want to rock a Lime Crime shade like Lime Crime Squash. The next day – or possibly later within the same day – young girls may switch to a darker shade like the Lime Crime Teddy Bear color. This is what young girls do.

Lime Crime is plastered all over the Internet, from Twitter @limecrime to their Facebook fan page. There are different girls with various shades on the website. There are also quite a few girls that are posting their Lime Crime look on the web. Social media is how people discover Lime Crime.