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Sanjay Shah GoFundMe Plan

Sanjay Shah is a British born philanthropist that knows personally about autism. His son was diagnosed with the condition. His personal connection with autism inspired him to get involved with causes that support work in the field. Sanjay is one man that is on a personal mission to raise funds for autism research. The fact is that a lot of people do not know that much about autism. Hopefully, the GoFundMe fundraiser will bring more light to the subject. Autism Rocks is his personal idea. The idea is to raise funds for more autism research in the future. Hopefully, to identify the causes for autism.

Sanjay Shah
Sanjay Shah could sit back and let others work on autism and its cause. However, this millionaire is a man of action. He started a charity called Autism Rocks. The focus of the charity is to bring more awareness to the condition and to raise funds for further research. The philanthropist has always supported various charities. For example, the philanthropist has actively supported and sponsored various charities in India.

Sanjay Shaw had a very interesting beginning. His parents immigrated from Kenya to London. He grew up in an exclusive neighborhood in London. He studied medicine at Kings College and had plans to become a doctor. Later on, he discovered that he no longer held an interest in joining the medical profession. He decided to turn his career to a business direction and become an accountant. Later on, he started a brokerage firm. That was the beginning of Solar Capital and a great success story.

Autism Rocks
In 2011 his son was diagnosed with Autism. The diagnosis caused Sanjay to take a very close look at a way to help fund research for the condition. He started Autism Rocks to fund research on autism. Autism Rocks raises money through musical events. Sanjay Shah likes being in charge of his own charity and able to send money to the autism research program.