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Michael Hagele on Making your Presence Known in Business

Michael Hagele has established his career as an investor and a corporate counsel. He is currently serving as an outside general counsel of several companies in the tech sector, working in defense, aerospace, internet and the biotech industries.

Oher than providing his advisory services, Michael Hagele is also a regular investor in several early-stage tech businesses. He is also the founder of a few companies working in hospitality and a couple of restaurants.

Over the course of his career, this investor and company founder has amassed tears of experience in the spheres of negotiating, licensing distribution, drafting and closing tech contracts, and much more. Before he took on his current career direction, Micheal Michael Hagele used to manage the legal affairs of a handful of companies working in Internet. His work included taking care of legal matters such as intellectual property, employment issues, corporate governance, acquisition activity, stock options, strategy, and more. Visit at to learn more

According to Micheal Hagele, his direction in business today has stemmed from his experience in outside and in-house counseling. That has shown him that smaller firms, as well as sole practitioners, can often provide a higher quality of service that is also a lot more cost-effective. Hagele also says that bringing ideas to life in his line of work depends mostly on precisely those types of clients that have a fresher approach and are focused on providing quality for their own costumes.

One of the things that have allowed Hagele to grow his business was social media. As a corporate counsel, he believes that a social media presence that is memorable and offers something unique is one of the most straightforward ways of assessing an audience and potential clients that will keep up with your business seamlessly.

Hagele also believes that with the rise of artificial intelligence, business and potential clients will find each other a lot more easily in the future. Social media platforms and other means of marketing will be utilizing that advancement in order to help both businesses and consumers find what they are looking for. That is one of the trends in the industry that excites Hagele about the future. View:


Bruno Fagali, Founder Fagali Advocacia

Bruno Fagali Provides High Quality Legal Representation

Bruno Fagali is a well known attorney in the legal community in Brazil. Bruno Fagali has been in practice for years and has a good understanding of the legal field. Bruno Fagali has advised and guided clients from a wide variety of industries and comes highly recommended. Bruno Fagali is a clear choice for anyone looking for quality legal service in Brazil.

Before entrusting your case to someone it is always a good idea to check out their track record in the industry. You’ll want to be sure that the lawyer is well versed in the area of law you need help with.

Although there are many good lawyers in Brazil, it is important to keep in mind that not all of them will be capable of handling your case.

Finding a law firm or lawyer with a good reputation will reassure you that you’re heading down the right path. It is important to take the time to research several lawyers before deciding on the best one for your situation.

In many cases, people who hire top-rated lawyers or law firms feel more confident and have peace of mind in knowing that their legal matter will be handled appropriately. By having a competent attorney like Bruno Fagali by your side you can rest assured that your case is in good hands.

Bruno Fagali is a highly knowledgeable attorney with great expertise in a variety of legal field. Bruno Fagali focuses on Regulatory Law, Ethics, Urban Law, Administrative Law and Compliance.

Bruno Fagali has represented many enterprises, business owners, organizations and high-profile individuals throughout Brazil. Bruno Fagali understands what businesses and corporations need to satisfy the rules and regulations affect their operation. Bruno Fagali takes the time to review his clients’ case and work closely with them to resolve their legal issues.

Karl Heideck: A Reputable Litigator In The Legal Field

Karl Heideck is a reputable litigator
Karl Heideck is a reputable litigator

Litigators are trial attorneys who negotiate disputes in a law court. They specialize in issues like personal injury or real estate. Litigators work in law firms, businesses, and government agencies. For instance, Karl Heideck is a renowned attorney who has skills in commercial litigation and product litigation.

Academic Requirements
Litigators require a sound educational background to practice law. First, they should have a degree in law from a recognized institution. They should also have majors like history, English, and economic. Further, general education assists students in developing skills such as public speaking, writing, and research.

The undergraduate students proceed to undertake the Law School Admission Council Test before attending an American Bar Association (ABA) law school. Moreover, Law School Admission Council (LSAC) administers the test. Further, students who pass the test enroll in a law school, which lasts for three years. The first year encompasses learning general legal topics like ethics, civil procedure, and legal writing. For the subsequent two years, students focus on a specific legal specialty like litigation. Students are required to pass the bar exam. Successful students receive a license to practice law.

A Closer Focus on Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck is an excellent attorney from the Great Philadelphia. He has experience in compliance practices and risk management. Karl has outstanding skills in legal writing, product liability, corporate law, and commercial litigation. Karl Heideck studied at Swarthmore College where he majored in English and Literature. He also graduated with honors from the Tempe University Beasley School of Law.

Career Experiences
Karl Heideck began his career as an associate at Conrad O’Brien. His duties entailed writing analytical memoranda, drafting and filing pleadings, as well as representing clients in complex and commercial litigation. Karl Heideck relocated to Pepper Hamilton LLP where he served as a project attorney. He established quality control review for compliance with professional standards. Currently, Karl is a contract attorney at Hire Counsel. He reviews materials for banking litigation and complex securities fraud. Go Here for More Info on Heideck.


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Karl Heideck – The Litigation Attorney

Karl Heideck - The Litigation AttorneyA litigator is a trial attorney who is in charge of the negotiation of disputes that are presented before the court. An individual who aspires to be a litigator may choose to specialize in issues relating to real estate, contracts, personal injury, or become a generalist. He or she can work for government agencies, business, law firms, or establish a private practice. Litigators can also supervise legal assistants or paralegals.

The career requirements for a litigator is the completion of the undergraduate degree in law, becoming Juris Doctor, and successfully passing the bar exam. However, job experience varies from one employer to the other. Some employers request for a job experience between two and five years. Essential skills to becoming an excellent litigator include good verbal and written communications, critical thinking, organization, having good attention to details, legal research, responsibility, and honesty.

Mr. Karl Heideck is a Philadelphia-based attorneyOne of the best litigators is Mr. Karl Heideck who is a Philadelphia-based attorney. Karl specializes in compliance, litigation, and risk management. Before settling as a litigator, Karl Heideck graduated with a Bachelor Degree in English Arts and Literature from Swarthmore College. Between 2006 and 2009, Heideck attended the Law School at Temple University-James E. He also practiced law in several institutions. In 2010, Heideck was a lawyer at Conrad O’Brien, where he was given the responsibility of representing both corporate clients and individuals. During his job tenure at Conrad O’Brien, Karl was involved in commercial and complex litigations. Karl Heideck also worked with Pepper Hamilton LLP as one of the project attorneys.

Presently, Karl Heideck is working with Hire Counsel, where he practices as the contract attorney. As a litigator, Karl has many skills, including legal research, legal writing, litigation, civil litigation, corporate law, mediation, employment law, and intellectual property.

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Geoffrey Cone Knows About Taxes

Geoffrey Cone is an expert at taxes. He has worked hard for this title and he works hard for the clients that he has. As a global attorney, he has been confident in his ability to make things work for people who are planning to make the move to a different country. This has given him a lot of opportunities to learn about taxes.


As a global attorney, he often runs across people who are looking for places where they do not have to pay taxes. These people are usually ones who make a lot of money and who do not want to be burdened with extremely high taxes. This is a problem and one that Geoffrey Cone is usually able to solve by letting people know that they can live in a tax haven. These havens are places where taxes are either really low or there are no taxes at all that people have to pay.


Some people think that moving to New Zealand will solve their tax problems but this is not a good idea. New Zealand is not a tax haven. It actually has around average taxes for a developed country and can even sometimes teeter on having higher than average tax prices for a country of that caliber. While there are many great reasons that people can move to New Zealand for, they should not consider moving there for the low taxes because there are no low taxes in New Zealand. Geoffrey Cone lets people know all of this so that they will not be disappointed.


Following the advice that he often gives his clients, Geoffrey Cone moved to a tax haven. He made a lot of money and was having to pay a lot of high taxes. He was tired of it and made the decision to move to a different country. He knew that he could do that and could avoid very high taxes. This was a great option for Geoffrey Cone. He now lives in a country that is a tax haven and it has saved him a lot of money that he would have had to pay in taxes somewhere else.


People who are planning to move to a different country should consider every aspect of moving before they make the actual move. Moving to a different country isn’t always the best option and can actually make things harder for them. People who Geoffrey Cone works with are always encouraged to look at tax havens carefully before they make the decision of moving to one of the places. While not having to pay taxes is a great benefit that all of these countries have to offer, there are some things that can be bad about the countries.




Hire A SEC Attorney To Win Your Legal Claim

There are laws created through the Dodd-Frank act that are designed to protect you as a whistleblower. These laws ensure that you get 10-30% any sanctions collected estimated over a million dollars. It is also possible for you to collect from other agencies that have used your information to prosecute and collected on a SEC fraud case. Attorneys for the SEC claim that investors are being short changed and need reliable representation to repair the trust in the community when someone has the courage to come forward. Furthermore, it is just as important for you to protect your employment rights.

A SEC whistleblower attorney is there to ensure that you have a fighting chance against a big financial corporation. In fact, Labaton Sucharow has won the largest paid settlement in any SEC fraud case in history and was named attorney of the year in a recent PR Newswire article. He has dedicated his entire firm exclusively to SEC laws to protect whistleblower’s and investors. There has been a distrust in the investment community that has enabled investors from putting finances towards stocks and even their retirement. You don’t pay unless the SEC whistleblower lawyer working on your case collects.

Your information has saved the SEC thousands of dollars that they would have had to accomplish on their by doing extensive research. They also would have utilized many resources that can be time consuming. For this reason, you are entitled to a portion of all of the money that is collected over a million dollars when it was your information that lead to the conviction. Your privacy is important to avoid being blacklisted. After revealing information that may have lead to your employer being prosecuted it may be hard for you to find another job if you don’t hire an attorney to maintain your anonymity.

You can trust that you have a legal professional that is experienced and knowledgeable in the laws of the SEC and can fight for you when you can’t fight for yourself. A big corporation will have legal representation that can’t be matched by your representing yourself. Each year individuals across the financial industry want to speak out about financial fraud, but are scared to do so and the investors suffer the most in the long run. A legal professional will ensure that you have someone to talk to and your information is protected under the client-attorney privilege agreement. Contact a SEC attorney in your area to learn more today

Big Payout for Whistleblower

SEC Whistleblowers have become more and more prominent over the last few years, which has been a direct result of programs that have been implemented, which have created an easier path for people to come forward. In the past, if you did come forward with information in regards to some type of wrongdoing, there was a good chance that a person would be completely blacklisted, meaning they likely would not ever be able to become employed in the same field or industry. However, major cases have developed over the last few years that have not only provided the ground work for a means of protection for these individuals, but really have opened the flood gates.

In a recent case, a whistle blower that decided they wanted to come forward was awarded seventeen million dollars for doing so. This has been the second largest case to date and is truly a great thing, as these types of penalties, which come in the form of sanctions against one or more businesses, are a major reason for companies not to engage in illegal activities. The more mainstream these types of cases become and the more that companies are caught with their hand in the cookie jar, the less this type of thing is likely going to happen. Another great benefit of this case is the fact that the individual that blew the whistle remained totally anonymous, which means they are not going to get blacklisted from their industry. This is a huge thing, as in the past, when a whistle blower decided to come forward, even if they received any type of monetary sum for their testimony, they likely were not going to be able to work again. The actions that have been taken to create protection for whistle blowers truly is a great thing, as a person that knows something wrong is going on does not have to decide between exposing it and losing their job, or simply holding their tongue anymore.

One of the reasons why this works so well is the fact that it really is a win-win situation. The whistle blower remains fully anonymous and receives between ten and thirty percent of the sanctions that came against anyone they blew the whistle on. Essentially, the whistle blower gets a portion of the sanctions, the business gets penalized and everything starts to get a little bit cleaner in the business world. If you think you are going to come forward, it is important to get an SEC whistleblower attorney, as a lawyer is going to give you the best shot at winning your case and remaining as protected as possible.

What Everyone Should Understand About the SEC Whistleblower Program

Many people have wanted to report securities violations but this has not been possible owing to the many fallacies surrounding the concept. Before the SEC Whistleblower Program came into place, violations would go unreported even when this information was visible to everyone. Most of those who wanted to share the information with the SEC feared for their lives and others were not certain whether they had sufficient rights to engage in the fight against securities fraud.

This lack of understanding has been eliminated since the SEC Whistleblower Program was passed because whistleblowers have now been made to understand their rights and what they should do while reporting securities violations. Below is an elaborate description of what the program entails and why everyone should share vital information about violations.

Who can report to the SEC?
According to the SEC, anyone who comes forward with vital information exposing possible or actual violations of federal securities laws is considered a whistleblower. Virtually any person can report to the SEC, citizenship notwithstanding. Whistleblowers are expected to submit the data they gather from their observation and experiences about violations of securities laws and these details are scrutinized to obtain substance and to gauge the level of relevance.

Since the rules surrounding eligibility for monetary rewards are complex, whistleblowers are advised to consult with professional attorneys for advice on such matters before presenting their case to the SEC.

Is there identity protection on reporting?
It emerged that over 76 percent of Americans had crucial information about investors and companies but they could not risk reporting for fear they would be victimized if the perpetrator learns about their actions. This should not be a worry anymore since the SEC Whistleblower Program has come up with the anonymity guarantee provision, which ensures the identity of the whistleblower is not revealed.

Motivation and appreciation
Sharing information with the SEC could be a big step to earning an awesome reward since the body values the efforts people put into ensuring securities laws are protected. The SEC Whistleblower Program offers an appreciation package to those whistleblowers who share factual information about violations perpetrated by investors and businesses. The program rewards whistleblowers more than 30 percent of what is collected as sanction and fines, and those who share crucial details that could not be unearthed easily might also receive a bonus package that includes a whopping $4 to $5 million depending on the nature of the case and duration taken before reporting.

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